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UPDATED: Michal Repik on Fourth Line ... Richard Zedik's Return to Buffalo

NIAGARA FALLS - Just got word that Michal Repik was recalled from Rochester and will be at the morning skate at Marine Midland Bank Arena later this morning. Don't know any more. I do know Tim Hortons coffee is awesome. But that's about it. More soon... ** Now in Buffalo, thank you very little. Looks like Kamil Kreps is taking over at center of the Nathan Horton line with Brett McLean centering the fourth where Repik appears to be playing. Don't know who is out Anthony or Nasty. - A few camera crews here to document Richard Zedik's return to the Buffalo rink. The second player on the ice after Kreps, Zenik went right to the spot where the accident with Olli happened, slammed on the brakes and took off toward the Florida bench. Lake Eerie. It is strange being back in this barn. Lot of strange memories. Just very thankful it all worked out. More, I assure you, later...