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UPDATED: Michal Repik on Fourth Line ... Richard Zedik's Return to Buffalo

NIAGARA FALLS - Just got word that Michal Repik was recalled from Rochester and will be at the morning skate at Marine Midland Bank Arena later this morning. Don't know any more. I do know Tim Hortons coffee is awesome. But that's about it. More soon... ** Now in Buffalo, thank you very little. Looks like Kamil Kreps is taking over at center of the Nathan Horton line with Brett McLean centering the fourth where Repik appears to be playing. Don't know who is out Anthony or Nasty. - A few camera crews here to document Richard Zedik's return to the Buffalo rink. The second player on the ice after Kreps, Zenik went right to the spot where the accident with Olli happened, slammed on the brakes and took off toward the Florida bench. Lake Eerie. It is strange being back in this barn. Lot of strange memories. Just very thankful it all worked out. More, I assure you, later...


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Glad Repik got the call. He deserves it.

Great! Mclean is a solid 3rd/4th liner... and thats it. rather take risks with youngns...

Clarifying my post yesterday, I think the Herald should charge, say 5-10 cents for daily acccess o the paper. Not just GR's site (although well worth it )

My concern is great about newspapaers going under. The job loss issue is of course horrific. But newspapers are vital in the workings of Democracy. TV itself does soundbites, not digging. Imagine if Woodward and Bernstien were unemployed in the 70s...Nixon would be president.

Sorry to go off topic. Gr we are happy to see you working!!!! Dig up stories my friend!!!!

GR - one word...legend: what would panther fans do without you?!

why are they bringing Repik up instead of Matthias? I know Matthias hasn't put up the numbers that were expected, but i picture him as more of an NHL player than Repik... I'd say Nasty will be out of the line up tonight

GR, glad to see you weren't the guy who went over Niagara Falls yesterday!!!

jh - Lets keep this hockey talk. You can make your posts for the other here.


It is good the Panthers return to Buffalo with a healthy Zednik. Hoping Zednik gets a goal just to hear how the Buffalo fans react. I have a hunch they would cheer an annnounced Zednik goal.

PS GR your Zednik spelling?

D-man... Mathias out injured...

I think repik is gonna be a great nhl player. If you can somehow get him and frolik together o man watchout.

Bo..thus my apology in my post? geez..

Repik up, no big deal.

Hope we have a lead bigger than 2 going into the 3rd tonight. Don't wanna keep blowing away these games. Not like I'm surprised or anything like that.

Get ZednIK, RepIK and FrolIK on a line together and call it the ICKY line--sounds cooler than Sunrise Express!

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