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Capital Gains? Washington Capitals @ Florida Panthers ... Bryan McCabe IN ... Nick Boynton, Anthony Stewart OUT


SUNRISE -- The Capitals are in town, and we could call them the big, bad Capitals, although they haven't been playing all that well of late.

Washington had won three straight before being beat 5-1 in Atlanta on Monday night. Pete DeBoer was asked about that, and as expected, he said he had hoped the Capitals had won 8-0 ''and put their feet up a bit.''

Florida could be getting a pretty cranky Capitals team tonight. And that ain't good.

The Panthers, you may have heard, have lost three straight.

-- Bryan McCabe is back in the lineup tonight and will do so wearing a full plastic shield. He has to hate that. With McCabe in, Nick Boynton is back out.

-- Anthony Stewart will also take tonight's game off. Nick Tarnasky is back in.

-- Today's Games (and who the Panthers would be rooting for if they weren't so busy watching the World Baseball Classic)

Thrashers @ Penguins, 7:30: Can Atlanta keep up its winning ways? Florida sure would like it if the Thrash could. ATL has won six straight.

Capitals @ Panthers, 7:30: Florida sure does love watching this Ovechkin fella.

Rangers @ Canadiens, 7:30: Both teams are tied for sixth with 80 points. Rooting for a regulation win one way or another. No overtime here.

Sabres @ Senators, 7:30: Buffalo is still behind Florida, and I'm thinking the Panthers want to keep it that way.

-- The Standings (presented by the Greene Turtle and courtesy of tsn.ca/nhl)


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1Boston71451799923716724-6-521-11-44-5-1Lost 1
2New Jersey68452039321316724-10-121-10-28-2-0Won 3
3Washington71432269222921026-9-217-13-45-4-1Lost 1
4Philadelphia683721108421819621-10-416-11-65-4-1Lost 1
5Pittsburgh71372688222221619-12-318-14-58-0-2Won 1
6Montreal69362588020520621-7-515-18-36-3-1Lost 2
7NY Rangers70362688017719021-10-415-16-45-3-2Won 1
8Carolina71362877920020319-13-117-15-65-3-2Lost 3
9Florida693425107819419618-9-616-16-44-4-2Lost 3
10Buffalo69342787620319320-12-314-15-54-4-2Lost 1
11Toronto702829136920924913-13-915-16-46-3-1Won 1
12Ottawa682830106617719817-12-611-18-46-3-1Won 1
13Atlanta70293566421423414-18-215-17-48-2-0Won 6
14Tampa Bay692332146018122711-14-912-18-54-4-2Won 2
15NY Islanders70243885617622416-14-58-24-36-2-2Won 1


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1x-Detroit704615910126120725-5-421-10-57-2-1Won 2
2x-San Jose6845131010021916727-3-418-10-64-5-1Won 2
3Calgary69402368622921422-8-418-15-25-5-0Lost 1
4Chicago67372198322017818-8-619-13-33-6-1Lost 2
5Vancouver68362398120618920-11-416-12-57-2-1Won 2
6Columbus70362867819419622-11-214-17-46-4-0Lost 1
7Nashville70353057517919221-12-314-18-27-2-1Won 2
8Dallas69332887419921119-13-414-15-44-5-1Won 2
9Edmonton68322797319221015-12-617-15-33-2-5Lost 3
10St. Louis69322987219520519-13-513-16-37-3-0Won 1
11Minnesota69322987217717218-11-614-18-22-5-3Lost 4
12Anaheim69323167019020116-16-316-15-34-5-1Lost 1
13Los Angeles692930106818220316-14-813-16-23-6-1Lost 3
14Colorado70313816318521818-16-013-22-13-7-0Lost 1
15Phoenix69283566216821217-14-211-21-42-7-1Lost 5


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Boynton over Eminger for tonights game? I don't know if i like that... Boynton has played better since his dispute with DeBoer

Why not go with 7 D to make sure McCabe can play tonight?

It is not like Tarnasky is going to play all that much anyway!!!!

How in your right mind do you sit down Nick boyton +3, vs Eminger -3??????? What say you GR, why o why?

he obviously digs eminger and is not a boynton fan...let's see what happens tonight...

Thanks GR....I wish he could put personal feelings aside and dress the best performers, as wasnt that his battlecry?
Im at a loss. I respect him so much, but here i think PD is making a rookie error.

If Eminger sucks tonight, we may not see him in the lineup for awhile, but he has not been that bad. The +/- is deceiving for both players. I like the comment about dressing 7 dmen. Eminger could even play wing on the 4th line.

We should root for a Rangers regulation win since they have more games played.

Panthers better win tonight!!! theY need this game. we need TWO POINTS!!

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