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Chil-lanta ... Florida Panthers @ Atlanta Thrashers ... Jassen Cullimore, Jay Bouwmeester HERE

Bigpeach ATLANTA -- Welcome to the town where every street, it seems, is named after a Peach or a tree or a Peachtree.

You know the game of hockey was started by Dr. John Naismith, who had his kids at a local YMCA shoot pucks into peach baskets didn't you? Of course you did. That's common knowledge.

Anyway, the Panthers are on the ice, with Jassen Cullimore apparently in the lineup as he is down there for warmups. Jay Bouwmeester is out there as well, so no trade as of yet.

Don't see Keaton Ellerby so his NHL debut is going to have to wait until another day. He seemed just happy to be here and said if he didn't play, it was cool just to be up and see how things work at this level. He's going to get the shot to play next year in training camp.

-- Bryan McCabe just made a new friend. He saw a guy in a Florida jersey down by the glass holding a little kid, knocked on the glass to get the guy's attention then flipped a puck over for the kid. That's cool. Actually see a few fans in Florida gear today. Don't see that very often.

Philips -- Ran into the UM men's basketball team at my hotel today. Big game for your Canes tomorrow at Georgia Tech.

-- Got to play my harmonica a little today. Getting better at it. Not really.

-- Thrash are wearing their hideous brick-colored jerseys with not only the team's name on front, but number too. U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi...

-- Great seats (rows, sections) still available...

Today's Schedule (and who the Panthers would be rooting for if they weren't so busy eating boiled peanuts)

Flyers @ Bruins, 7: Cats ain't catching Bs so might as well root them on and hope to get closer to fourth.

Canes @ Caps, 7: Cats ain't catching Caps so need a Wash win to keep the Hurricanes at bay.

Cats @ Thrash, 7: Florida likes the way ATL is playing these days so would naturally root for them.

Pens @ Lightning, 7:30: Panthers have a special relationship with Bolts since both are from Florida.

The Standings (presented by The Varsity and courtesy of TSN.ca/NHL)


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1Boston63421299321514221-4-521-8-43-4-3Lost 1
2New Jersey63411938519615322-10-119-9-28-2-0Won 3
3Washington64401958521318825-7-115-12-46-3-1Lost 1
4Philadelphia613318107619817818-8-415-10-66-3-1Lost 2
5Montreal63342277519418920-6-414-16-35-4-1Won 4
6Florida63322387217717517-8-515-15-36-4-0Won 1
7NY Rangers64322487215917519-10-413-14-43-4-3Won 1
8Pittsburgh64322667019519617-12-215-14-46-3-1Won 3
9Buffalo63312576918217517-12-214-13-53-5-2Lost 3
10Carolina64322756916918617-13-115-14-45-5-0Lost 1
11Toronto632526126219122711-11-814-15-45-2-3Won 4
12Ottawa612328105615217613-11-610-17-45-3-2Lost 2
13Tampa Bay632130125416420411-12-810-18-43-6-1Won 1
14Atlanta63233465218822111-17-212-17-45-4-1Won 1
15NY Islanders63203674715420614-13-56-23-24-5-1Won 2


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1San Jose61421099320514826-2-316-8-65-3-2Lost 1
2Detroit63411489023418724-4-317-10-56-3-1Lost 1
3Calgary62371968020118322-8-415-11-27-1-2Lost 1
4Chicago61351797920515516-5-619-12-36-3-1Won 1
5Vancouver62322287218617516-11-416-11-48-2-0Won 2
6Columbus63312666816817619-10-212-16-46-3-1Lost 1
7Edmonton62312656717318815-12-416-14-15-3-2Won 1
8Anaheim64312856718018815-13-316-15-25-5-0Won 1
9Nashville63312846615917219-11-212-17-26-3-1Won 4
10Minnesota61302656515514418-11-512-15-04-4-2Lost 3
11Dallas62292676517919117-12-412-14-33-7-0Lost 5
12St. Louis62282686417318116-11-512-15-36-2-2Won 3
13Los Angeles62262796116017913-13-813-14-12-6-2Lost 3
14Phoenix63273155915919317-13-210-18-33-7-0Lost 3
15Colorado64283515717120417-14-011-21-13-7-0Lost 5


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A couple of sth made the drive . Mcabes great spirit guy, and not a Bad choice for captain.

None of the Panthers' picks won. Too bad. But, have to love the Wildcats reference. I hope the Cats' third jerseys next year aren't as ugly and the Threashers' and Lightning's.

Going back to red for our third jersey is mandatory. We also need to lose those superfluous stripes running down the front and back of the jerseys. When the captains C gets placed over a silly line of piping, the jersey designer does not know what a hockey jersey is.

"U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi..." Niiice, a Fishbone song reference. Very cool, GR.

We survived Atlanta, which has come on strong in recent games. Hopefully, we'll survive today's trade deadline, too.

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