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Gary Bettman: One is OK, One is Not. Must be the Money! ... ShamWhoa!

Bettman DALLAS -- I missed NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's weekly radio show on Sirius XM Radio on Thursday because I was stuck traveling to Philadelphia.

Luckily, they replayed it as I was driving to the arena Saturday afternoon.

One thing I found interesting was a caller who said he doesn't like letting his young children watch games on Versus because the network runs certain ads that talk about making that certain part of the male anatomy, well, you get the picture.

Versus apparently runs them all the time during their Monday and Tuesday night games (I must admit, I don't get a chance to watch the Versus games all that much).

Bettman, who I give major props to for having this radio show once a week to speak to the fans, said there wasn't anything he could do but relay to Versus that people have complained about the male enhancement ads.

Then, he basically told the guy to suck it up. I agree with Bettman's assertion that those ads are all over the place, including the infomercial one on Fox Sports Net in Florida.

The best part was the caller's comment: "I have to explain what that means to my 10-year-old.''

Elisha2 It was very similar to a comment the commish made regarding Sean Avery a few months ago. When Avery, playing for the Stars, made a comment about his ex-girlfriend's propensity to date other hockey players and called it ''sloppy seconds,'' Bettman and the league completely overreacted.

And here's where Bettman flipflops on the whole 'what is appropriate, what isn't' deal.

"To be perfectly honest,'' Bettman said then, ''I wouldn't want to have to explain to my 12-year-old daughter what he said.''

Avery was suspended six games, sent to anger management (I didn't see anything angry in his comments) and banished from the Stars. He was sent to the Rangers' minor league affiliate in Hartford. He now plays for the Rangers and all is well with the world.

I think the NHL should step in and tell Versus that running second-rate sexual enhancement ads during their prime game time shouldn't happen. Same goes for any regional network broadcasting NHL games. Is Versus so desperate for ad cash that they couldn't tell these folks to save it for later in the night? Well, probably. But still.

And Bettman's claim that there is ''freedom of speech'' and advertising legitimate products obviously hasn't seen this commercial. I don't think you can walk into Publix and pick some of this stuff up off the shelf.

Commericalgirl I'm no prude, but I wouldn't want to be watching a game with my niece in the middle of family viewing time and have to explain to her what the pretty attractive pitchwoman with the come-hither look is talking about (yeah, I've seen the spot more than once).

This is just another example of the NHL turning a blind eye to something they probably ought to deal with but won't because money is involved.

I still can't believe the league allows one of its players (Mats Sundin) to endorse an online poker site only because there is no gambling involved. That, if you click here, is obviously not the case. Thanks to Puck Daddy for originally linking to that story.

Shamwow I also think if the NHL is going to allow Only On TV commercials and infomercials during its games, they should only allow those products being hawked by the ShamWow guy.

He's a pretty straight shooter. Nothing offensive there.