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Hello Keaton Ellerby ... Tomas Vokoun IN

ATLANTA - Defenseman Keaton Ellerby could make his NHL debut tonight as the 20-year-old was called up from Rochester. Ellerby is apparently insurance in case Jassen Cullimore has to rush home. Cullimore's wife is expecting. Cullimore is here at the morning skate. As is Jay Bouwmeester, FYI... More later.


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Hmmmm.....they are bringing up J-Bo Jr......interesting.

I do find it interesting that they brought him up and not garrison.

I just read that phily offered us Joeffery luopol( or however you spell it) who btw if we got him would instantly become the third highest scorer on the team. One of there 19year old top prospects and possibly a defenseman for bouw. I mean if your JM why not make that deal. You instantly i think make yourself better. Yes it might hurt a little to lose bouw but i think we have plenty of guys who can step in and do a great job. Get something for bouw now. Don't get me wrong i want him to stay but at the same time your not gonna get many amazing offers since he will be a free agent in the summer.

Keaton has been progressing quite well down here as have Garrison, Caruso and Henry. Panther defense has a very bright future.

I wonder if this is an audition for Ellerby? Possibly a trade involving Ellerby and Matthias to Toronto for Kaberle?

Stephen- the salary cap is expected to go down next year and the following season. I don't know if JM has been given permission by ownership or if he himself wants to tie his hands in acquiring another $4M a year player (Lupul) who is signed to a multi-year deal. Next year, Lupul would earn as much money as our own Nate Horton; problem is, he's not as good as Nate and Nate is underperforming this year!

We should not trade for Lupal. He is a party boy and starting next year an overpaid party boy. Flyers are in cap trouble they want to pawn their bad contracts on us. JM should resist. We don't need Kaberle.

Why not Garrison over him? Because Ellerby is a 1st round 10th overall pick. We are currently in a playoff race and we need the best that we have. Obviously we can't say Garrison is better because we honestly don't know. As of right now, Ellerby is our next best Damn (maybe Robak) and he might play tonight.

Lets see what this kid has. Hope it's better than what Welch has shown, YIKES.

GR is Jaybo a scratch tonight?

Cant wait for Robak to make the big show

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