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It's St. Patrick's Day in Sunrise ... The Dancers Are Ready. Are You?... Fun with Alex O'Vechkin ... Billboard Advertising Historic Moment?

Irishhockey Greetings from the Irish-American Capital of the World: Sunrise, Florida.

Did you know that Sunrise has the biggest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the United States? Truth.

I went out on Sunrise Boulevard today to watch it, but there were only cars. I guess they had it on the weekend.

The Panthers are playing tonight in Sunrise, and there is much excitement over the team breaking out their traditional green jerseys tonight.

Little known fact: Florida's original colors were green and orange, but some local university (Barry, I think) said it owned the rights to those colors and the new hockey team decided not to fight it. But, once a year, they break out their original gear. Quite cool.

Snlscots The Ice Dancers are apparently ready for tonight's celebration of all things Irish and hockey (if it's not Irish and hockey, it's crap!) as they have broke out their special black halter top/bras and are doing a special jig to the Dropkick Murphys.

It is quite special, and I'm glad I got to see them do their pregame routine.

Twice. They are getting away with not wearing green by using green lights (green lanterns?) instead.

-- On a serious note, the Panthers are honoring Tomas Vokoun tonight for playing in 500 NHL games. The team was going to do it Saturday, but Tomas asked them to wait until his family was here. Tomas' wife and two daughters will be here, with the team honoring him with a Tiffany crystal as well as a two night stay at the Fountainbleu in Miami.

-- After the game, I'm planning on heading to the Cloverleaf Lanes in Miami. Anyone want to come with?

-- Everyone knows the Billboard never met an ad it never liked. But advertising something at a rival arena? It happened tonight during the first intermission as an ad for the opening round of the NCAA basketball tournament aired. That tournament, one might remember, is being held down the road at the AAA Miami Arena.

Of course, the NCAA tourny -- at least this round -- doesn't conflict with the Panthers. Those games -- which include your Cleveland State Vikings -- are being held on Friday and Sunday. The Panthers play on Saturday and Monday.

Just found it strange is all.

-- The NHL's favorite Irish player -- Alex O'Vechkin -- is in town tonight with the Washington O'Capitals. Thanks to astute OFP reader Phoebe F. for passing this link my way. This Alex fellow is quite funny, outgoing and engaging. Who knew? Enjoy.

Alex Tries To Sell Cars


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GR...a couple of us in northern Palm Beach County (Comcast) are stuck waiting for some C-list boxing show currently running (as of 8pm) on FSN to be replaced by the advertised Panthers game.

Any word from the local Fox staff as to why they're not on?

Big thanks, George

You're a miracle worker...just came on with 7:30 remaining in the first. Kudos.

the fox guys here never know whats going on outside of the game...probably just comcas@ being comcas$...

After watching the first period, I am convinced the Panthers are just playing out the rest of the schedule and getting their golf clubs shined up.

Seriously. There is no urgency, no heart, no balls to the way they are playing. There is a sit back and try to create the odd breakaway mindset (which is g-dd-mned goofy seeing as how a shootout is essentially a breakaway and we all know how good this team is at those....)

No sir, the playoff ship cast off of the dock at Port Everglades 3 games ago and they Cats are not on it.

See you at the bar, tough guy. ;)

Abraham: I just think they are playing very tenative...they know they have lost three straight and know how explosive this Wash team can be...

Once again, Panthers choke in a pivotal game and hopefully this is not more to come for the season. THey are not playing hungry. I really think they need to shake up the lines already, bring back Repik to play on the 4th instead of Oslez. Oslez does not look like he should be playing yet.

From a sidelines quarterback's perspective, the only thing I saw explode tonight were the remnants of Panthers playoff hopes.

Ah f-it, who cares....it's St. Pats day so lets get hammered and thank the Panthers for not making us hold out hope till the bitter end.

Great win for my Caps. Place was a morgue. No wonder Jay can't wait to leave.

i saw jaybo play...he left already...

a capitals fan mocking our crowds? wasn't it just last year you could hear three fans chanting "fire hanlon!" as lower bowl sections were completely empty?

how quickly that bandwagon must fill, eric.

It's a shame how pathetic the crowd was tonight. No energy in the crowd, no nothing. Bouwmeester will be glad to pack his bags and leave once the regular season ends.

This team is a joke. 0 shots in the 3rd period at home in a playoff race.

Nothing else can be said, the team is choking the season away. Remember those 6-7 game win streaks in March every year? Well, this is the year we have a 7 game losing streak. 4 already, 3 more to go.

Same old cats, different season.

Hey brian, i was there, dont blame the crowds. The first period there was plenty of life until a sorty sucked the life out of us. What should we cheer no shots on goal?

they are lucky it wasnt a Northeastern arena the fans would have booed them off.

Ad Bo? Have you seen him play? hes packed and gone Brian. Wiat till canadian fans boo his vut for his soft play.

GR...can you write an article calling Jay out to not mail it in here?

you have to blame the GM for not improving the team at the trade deadline like the other teams did.

Most teams bring it up a notch, this team has been playing at such a high level for so long that they have run out of gas they just don't have that notch.

the schedule doesn't get any easier for us either we have to when 7 or 8 games and we must beat Buffalo and Carolina in regulation to have any chance.

As far as Bouwmeester he is holding his stick so tight I am surprised that it has not turned to sand dust.

No I don't think he has packed his bags, I think the pressure of keeping him to make the playoff run has made him and the rest of the team tenative.

I don't want to hear about injuries either because all of the other teams have had players injured as well and they keep winning.

The problem is that we do not have the talent up front and the GM did not address the weakness.

No playoffs and no assets for Jay Bo fire Martin chants will start up again

The organization needs to be concerned because there is no booing, apathy is worse then booing because if no one cares then they are not going to draw the fans.

9 years no playoffs and counting as I don't see 7 or 8 wins in the remaining 12 games for this team.

Oh i booed sthsdo. I booed them off the ice. and I agree the number one responsiblity wqas JM's to improve the team and he failed. PD who i love needs to get over his personal issue and play Boyton. bring Repik back up for some life. Maybe even sit Jaybo down for a period or more. Even if your right and hes tense, throw a bodycheck thatll loosen you up...

Am I the only one who sees this? The only explanation the coaching staff can come up with is "lack of intensity from the players and yet the one player who undisputedly leads the team in intensity is sitting on the sidelines for no other reason than getting too intense in one game and having the nerve to question the coaching methods. The feeling seems to be a -13 defensemen will contribute more to their winning. I'm not sure what I'm missing here?

your missing a young albeit talented coach letting his ego get in his way and play a factor in our playoff run....

Im glad to see my Caps win but I actually thought J-Bo did a good job on AO. Other than his assist he didnt do all that much.

If not for secondary scoring and our PK (both preventing goals and Brooksie's SHG), this might have been a different game.

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