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LIVE! From Sunrise: Jay Bouwmeester STAYS ... Panthers Get Steve Eminger for Noah Welch ... Olli Jokinen Traded to Calgary ... Steve Montador to Boston ... David Booth Speaks

Jaybo6 Welcome to Miami Herald Hockey Central where all we're talking about today is the trade deadline.

And where one can get harmonica lessons somewhere in the Greater Sunrise area at a decent price.

We're also talking about spring training, Don La Greca's pimp suit and anything else you want to talk about. And Manny Ramirez signing with the Trolley Dodgers.

On a side note: I don't fly Delta much, but they have been very nice to me every time I have over the past year. So kudos to them. Used to hate flying Delta. But I don't anymore. So there's that.

Got NHL Network going on at Casa de Jorge; also have TSN's Trade Centre humming along on the laptop. Here's what we have so far. As of 12:03 MT (Miami Time), there have been four trades.

Nothing huge, although Toronto just picked up Martin Gerber off waivers so you have to figure Vesa Toskala may be done for the year. Again, nothing huge since Toronto is out of it. But Gerber? Maybe this will get him on track. Hope so. Good dude.

Here are the deals we gots:

-- Ottawa sends Antoine Vermette to Columbus for Pascal Leclaire and a second round pick;

-- Calgary gets Jordan Leopold from Colorado for Lawrence Nycholat, Ryan Wilson and a second;

-- Pittsburgh gets Andy Wozniewski from St. Louis for Danny Richmond;

-- Buffalo gets some goalie help with Ryan Miller hurt by acquiring Mikael Tellqvist from Phoenix for a fourth round pick.

Right now that's all we've got. I'm hearing the talks between a number of teams and JM are heating up, but nothing so far.

-- As expected, Gary Roberts clears waivers (it's a money issue as much as anything else) but TSN is saying Brendan Morrison is claimed off waivers by Dallas.

-- Buffalo signs Tim Connolly to a two-year contract extension. Filip Kuba also signs with Ottawa for three years.

-- Love how TSN lures me into a curling commercial by playing the 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia' theme. That show cracks me up. Even the song makes me laugh.

Olli2 -- ESPN's E.J. Hradek says Olli Jokinen is very close to joining the Calgary Keenans. No real surprise there. Good for Olli. If that happens, his playoff streak ends. He's the record holder right now at 780 games and counting, although if he goes to Calgary, that goes back to good friend Guy Charron.

Olli's numbers this year: 21 goals, 21 assists in 57 games this year; minus-5. Since Feb. 12 (eight games): four goals, four assists, minus-5.

-- UPDATE: Coyotes get a first round pick, Matthew Lombardi and Brandon Prust for Olli.

What do you think? I think it's a good deal for the Flames although there is going to be quite a bit of pressure on Olli now.

And I don't think his family is going to like Calgary all that much (no offense to Calgary, but it isn't Florida or Arizona).

-- Also, Steve Montador headed from Anaheim to Boston.

-- Stephen: I have talked to a few people inside the organization and nothing going with Boynton right now. But that could change at any time. 

-- Holy: I know there is less pressure because there are veteran guys there, but he's coming in with a lot of expectations. And he's going to a hockey crazed market for the first time in his pro career. I wish him the best, always liked Olli. But there is pressure here, no doubt about it.

Knights -- Digging the TSN music. Think they stole it from Monty Python....

-- OK, heading out to grab some lunch then off to the arena; if anything happens will update on cellphone...

-- LIVE! from the Billboard...Mark Recchi headed to Boston.

-- Bill Guerin is traded to the Penguins, who play here tomorrow. Penguins practiced at the Billboard today, but alas, they are gone now.

-- UPDATE (2:12 p.m. MT): Jay Bouwmeester is still with the Panthers....

-- UPDATE (2:13 p.m. MT): Brian Y is here today...

-- Big day for On Frozen Pond yesterday; cracked the Miami Herald top 5 for views in the day. Not too shabby...thanks kids....

-- Chris Neil coming to the Panthers? That's the newest rumor (E -4)....

Chrisneil Neil is a UFA after this season, so if Florida did pick him up it's probably for a low level draft pick. Neil is a physical presence but doesn't add a whole lot of scoring.

He's making $1.2 million this season and wants to double that. Ottawa doesn't want to go there obviously. Neil's been out since the beginning of Feb. with a calf injury and probably couldn't join the Panthers for a week anyway because of visa concerns.

Neil has two goals and four assists in 44 games this season. He's also a minus-12.

-- Apparently a couple of places are reporting this, although I'm watching TSN and haven't heard it there yet.

-- TSN saying second round picks offered to Toronto for Antropov and Moore...have to think the Panthers are one of those teams offering at least that...

-- Antropov to the Rangers...

-- It's 3 p.m. and Jay Bouwmeester has not been traded...will be talking to JM in about 15-30 minutes and see what went down, why things didn't go down.

-- Panthers trade Noah Welch (three shifts for 2:21 last night) to Tampa Bay for Steve Eminger. Florida also sends a third round to Tampa for the honor. Eminger has four goals and 21 assists in 62 games this season with the Bolts and Flyers.

Eminger, a former Capital, makes $1.2 million and is a restricted free agent after this season.

I think this is a pretty good move. Adds defensive depth and now you're going to see Steve and Nick splitting time I would bet. Noah is a good guy but for some reason it didn't work out for him here even though both sides wanted it to. Look at Cory Murphy; he's getting good time in Tampa and is really contributing there. I'm sure Noah hopes to get that same chance and runs with it.

-- Eminger played for DeBoer with the Kitchener Rangers of the OHL earlier this decade. Gregory Campbell was on that team as well.

-- David Booth on the team staying together:

''I think it's awesome. All the talk was about whether Bo was going to stay with us and I'm really glad he is. He is such a big part of our team. We need a guy like that for our run to the playoffs. Before today, I don't how much we spoke about the trade deadline. We have no control over such things.

''But now we know this is our team. This is the group that's going to the end. It's good. We're pretty close, and we know our coaches and staff believe in us. Believe in us enough to let us do what we can. What we're doing is working. We just have to keep bringing it the best we can each and every night.''



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I can't believe there is 4 guys covering this on NHL Live and Lagreca always looks like he should have been in one of the godfather movies or in the sopranos.

I think there's less pressure on olli, which is good for him.

But the flames didn't want a big chemistry change, and this does that. So we'll see hwo they react.

JM looks like a genius when it comes to getting rid of jokinen and getting ballard and boyton. Any news on boyton maybe being shipped?

Montador is on the move too

hey GR any word if we are thinking of shipping horton or t-vo?

What are the odds the Panthers add a forward (like a Dominic More or a Antropov) with only losing a draft pick?

by the way, that Curling commercial with the It's Always Sunny music is getting on my nerves because I keep getting hopeful for some funny clips.

Any word on these two guys Nik Antropov and Dominic Moore? Leafs have not been active today except on the waivers...

I personally would love to have antropov here he's a great player

from espn.com--Just heard from inside the Panthers' war room and they're still no closer to making a call on Bouwmeester. We're told Vancouver and Philadelphia charging hard on Bouwmeester.

Canucks might be shopping: Ohlund or Grabner, Raymond, Van 1st; to JM

Congrats to Olli. Will he play on their 2nd line?

If we can get a kid like mason raymond and ohlund and a first pick god that be heaven for us

I can't believe we haven't made a move yet.

Don't be surprised if we don't. i know jm said he really doesn't wanna mess too much with the chemistry with this team

We miss the playoffs and lose bouw for nothing.

That would be the end to this horrible organization!

Great. Bill Guerin is now a Penguin. Panthers play him tomorrow.

Pathetic. JM has not made a move. All it took was a 5th, 4th, or 3rd pick for Guerin. Why didn't we pick him up? WE NEED A CENTER


JM will be known as a chicken if we miss the playoffs and lose Bou. I think that will really be the end of his job here in FLA

Brian from CT to answer your question why we didn't pick up guerin the answer is simple SALARY Cap the Panthers have no room to take on a contract thats according to tsn's bob mackenzie and Darren Dregger

tsn reporting niel coming here!!

if the deal is bieksa raymond and a 1st you sell u have bieksa 4 2 more years at a good price. he is also tough. raymond plays on the 3rd line next year when dvo pelt and zednik are gone. and the first gives us 2 good prospects for our system next year.

make the move!

RDS is saying Ottawa's Neil to the panthers...

Looks like that Neil deal has been retracted for now... Who started that, RDS? hmmm...

They may be just waiting a few to confirm.

Sounds like Philly's just did a trade but not for a Panther.

LeBrun (2:51 p.m. ET): We just confirmed the Coyoytes traded Daniel Carcillo to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for Scottie Upshall and a second-round draft pick. Great deal for Phoenix in my mind. Philly has cleared up some cap space with this deal. So will they get Derek Morris or Jay Bouwmeester? Just got a note from Panthers' war room on Bouwmeester and they're still debating their options.

Gotta think this is for Bouw

Well, I hope the Panthers did something besides Neil today..

Rangers get Antropov and Morris. They'll be chasing us down in the East now.

Jaybo stays!

full steam ahead for the playoffs!

If we keep Jay why didn't JM add anything to the roster? Surely would could have beat the NYR offer for Antropov!

tsn reports the sens are keeping neil

We did nothing!!!

Maybe JM was playing golf today or had an extended breakfeast.

If we keep Bouw we should have made our team stronger. NYR and Buffalo get better while we stay the same! Not even a d-man for depth?!

I forgot Pitt also gets better with Guerin! The teams that are chasing us improved!

everyteam in the race got big players we didn't do anything.we need a center.why will jm want to go to the playoffs a lose in 4 games i thinks thats whats going to happen.and to make things more bad.jay is leaving.

Hopefully they get a boost from this. They're going to need it since the three teams directly behind have all made roster additions..

I'm glad we kept Jay. I'm not upset we didn't add much because we have a real good chemistry right now with all the players on this team having bought into DeBo's system. All the comebacks speak to that. I think with a little luck we could keep the 6th and maybe even get the 5th seed in the playoffs. And if we have to play Washington, Philly or Montreal. I think we could give any of them a hell of a series and maybe even win. I think that, plus a non-lowball offer to Jay would be enough to resign him next year.

We traded for D Steve Eminger. No word on what we gave up.

Why is there complaining? Most teams that trade for players at the deadline end up doing nothing except in the rarest of cases (I.E. Marian Hossa). Usually, and there is a proven track record, any movement from trade deadline trades isn't any guarantee of success. In fact the Panthers made more of a statement today by not trading JayBo! I think that in of itself is extremely important.

All the teams in the East did SOMETHING today except the Panthers and the Caps. Not a smart move by the Panthers.

I think JM dropped the ball today, er I mean puck.




we did well keeping Jaybo, think of it as a pickup, but boy did every team especially rangers and Pitt improve themselves...will be wild 18 games left...

Lets go out there and fill the arena, when is the last time we were 6th with 18 left...finally deserve our support...long way from the days of dumping Bure at deadline

If we keep Bouw, fine, there is a strong argument to made for that. But if we do keep him we need to at least add to what we have. We saw three teams that are behind us in the standings improve today. Keeping Bouw is only a good decision if we make the playoffs and that just got a bit harder.

The teams below us got additions because some were struggling. The Panthers haven't really been struggling at all since the New year. Why mess up the chemistry that the team already has? I think the way the team is currently is enough to get us into the playoffs. One player alone is not enough to change a whole team into a stronger contender. So chill the **** out.






Eminger to Florida for Welch and a 3rd round pick



Brian have you not realized we couldn't afford to have guerin. Your not playing a video game here we are right up against the cap and guerin would have put us over it.

we get eminger and tampa get noah welch and a 3rd pick

Brian get a effing hold of yourself.

This team made more then a big statement by keeping Bouwmeester. Ballard sent a txt to Pang and all it said was "Perfect!" when he found out that Jay is staying.

I can't say I really agree with the Eminger trade, but man you're acting like a little girl. You really think Guerin is going to light it up in Pittsburgh? A million Guerin's won't change the fact that their defense is terrible.

Guerin had a choice of where he wanted to go. Antropov is the player we should have been after. Eminger is a solid pickup since welch has been disapointing.

Very well said Matthiasitchy!!!

If Guerin would even come to Florida...

Look, we have a good team here now. We kept Bo, and we have every shot of making the playoffs. More importantly, we've not screwed around with team chemistry. Chemistry that has developed to the extent that we can bounce right back after a loss, and apart from a couple of horrid blow outs against the best team in the league, chemistry that means no game is out of reach.

ok I will relax, but at the same time, we have Bouw for what? 20 more games? and if playoffs another 4 guaranteed.

so basically we have him for 24 max games. Yea that sounds PERFECT. When will he sign with a Canadian team? July 2nd? July 3rd? 4ht? or maybe on the day he is FREE the 1st?

The future of this organization now is all on Bouwmeester. JM now cannot do anything. Yea at the draft maybe we get a pick but thats about all we are getting now for him.

Does he resign with us? If he does, then all of my screeming is for nothing because with him signed here long term, that is ALL I WANT.

It's not going to happen though, we all know he wants to leave.

somebody compare eminger to welch pls

I think us keeping bow was the smartest thing. We keep him for the run then if he doesn't sign we have a lot of cap space to get more players next season. We already have some vets on our team...i don't think a guerrin would help us out at all.

i think we are good enough to get in.the panthers are good the way they are who did u wanna trade off to get someone.if we couldnt get anyone for are draft picks i firgured nothing would happen.the pick up of Eminger just means boyton prob will be wavied.keep bo i really do think if they make the playoffs he signs

What's wrong with the Eminger trade? He's younger than Welch and he's pretty good. He's an RFA and with Boynton, Skrastins and Bouwmeester all unrestricted, it gives us good cap flexibility moving forward.

Not to mention that he's yet another player that DeBoer coached in the OHL.

On the Frozen Pond Fans i believe we need to thank GEORGE RICHARDS FOR HIS INCREDIBLE HARD WORK AND KEEPING US Update all day long on what was going on in pantherland unlike certain florida panthers writers i.e steve X who bitched and complained that we complain that we were asking him what was going on wit jbo but when we as our man GR he gives an update in like 10min so i want to thank you GR for being the TSN of canada to the panther fans and tell your buddy steve X to get another job as he shouldn't even be able to cover the paanthers after his really bad work done on the deadline today

Why Eminger? Is Boynton done or something? Doesn't make too much sense to me to give up a 3rd round pick...

I would like to hear what JM has to say. Adding another dman to our ranked 6th D in the league really makes 0 sense.

Ballard saying "Perfect" means what? Of course they are all glad he is there. If he was traded, Ballard would be the #1 and I doubt he wanted that on his shoulders. He is prob dancing around and glad Bouw is still there.

JM now needs to over pay for Bouw. Keep him here at 7+ million a season. Thats what has to happen for him to stay.

Wait, to expand on that a bit: Eminger and Campbell were teammates in 2002-2003 when DeBoer coached them to a Memorial Cup.

Good move Welch was shaky and seldom used. Eminger adds depth to the blueline which you need in the playoffs.

last time we gave away a young defenseman to Tampa was when we handed them Dan Boyle, hope Noah Welch doesn't become the next Dan Boyle

Guerin would have been a terrible trade. The guy is old and used up.

Brian do you think you sound rational to someone reading your posts?

I like the eminger deal. He's 25 years old (younger then Welch), I believe a former first round pick, and after looking over several of the local Tampa papers, he apparently has been their best Dman this year. I know thats not saying much but I think he will contribute more then Welch this year and in the future if we keep him. And I'm not going to get upset about a 3rd round pick who ends up being some 18 year old kid from someplace I never heard of that more then likely will never skate in Sunrise.

Eminger is better than Welch but I'm nervous because it appears that the teams behind us just got a little better. Also, it apparent that JayBo doesn't want to be here next year (by his unwillingness to sign an extension) and its a real pisser to just let him leave without obtaining any assets in return. It's good for us in the short term but bad for us in the long term (if he departs via free agency).

EJ, I have to think the Panthers will try to get an advance on Bouwmeester's free agency by dealing his negotation rights after the season. Maybe we can pick up a conditional pick and still make out alright when all is said and done.

I agree with brett! Great reporting here @ the Herald. At least one newspaper cares about hockey here in S. Florida!

Agree with Matthiasitchy, get ahold of yourself Brian, those guys all have to fit in chemistry-wise still. Not all deadline deal trades work.

On top of that, where would Guerin fit? Where? Chemistry is very important to this team and Martin did good not to interrupt it.

Calm down, geez.

Whatever. All of you will be crying once we miss the playoffs and Bouw turns his back on all of us.

just wait and see. This is the problem with fans in Florida. They put no pressure on this organization to do anything. I bet all of you were just dandy when Bure was traded for Novak and ulanof.

Good for you Floridians! It's not in ur nature to get uptight and aggravated with a organization committed to losing! GOOD FOR ALL OF YOU!

I would rather play the guys we have than Guerin. Five years ago Guerin would have been good but now forgetaboutit.

last time we traded a young d-man to Tampa for next to nothing was when we traded Dan Boyle.

Here is hoping that Welch is not the next Dan Boyle then we lose 2 young d-men next year assuming that Boumeester does not sign

Brian From CT you are a moron. This Floridian grew up in Canada just because we live in Florida you think you know more. From your posts you know nothing about hockey. People are making smart posts but you post like a spoil child. Grow up.

"Chemistry is very important to this team and Martin did good not to interrupt it." - Laus723


i hate when one of our boys gets traded to somewhere in the EAST--ESPECIALLY stinkin' Tampa!

His play was meh, but I have to say Noah was a good guy off the ice--but that doesn't get you a cup.

Best of luck, Noah......Jay, will you reconsider hanging around for a few years??????

Guerin is not good anymore and we already have Stillman as our experienced vet on the forward side. If anything I would have liked to have seen Antropov come here to play the top 2 lines at center.

Deadline deals are overrated - this whole day is overrated. Our team is playing well together so I understand making a minor move like Eminger who can basically push Boyton down to an extra defenseman.

I am a little disappointed with the Jay thing because I believe he will walk after the season. That's the kind of deal u make - someone u r going to lose, get something in return. But hey, we've gotten this far under Martin and we're in a pretty good position. So I'll not be upset about it and enjoy watching Jay for 2 more months...

Hey Brian, noone goes to the games, look at the team when they went to the Finals and the playoffs. They speak with their wallets here.

Boy, we should be more like Toronto's fans, cause they're juggernauts for sure.


They say Eminger used to play for DeBoer. So maybe JM is listening to his coach for players that will fit the system.

I'm not thrilled with this deadline. I think the Panthers could have made themselves better and also cushioned the loss of Bouw's services. If the Panthers make the playoffs I'll be satisfied, I guess, especially since defense makes championships.

I'm wondering if Brian From CT is related to Brian in Ohio (gotta be a Dolphins fan to know what I'm talkin' about).

Thanks for the timely updates, George! YOU ROCK!

I think JayBo should have been dealt, there's going to be a lot of pissed off people once he walks out the door on July 1...

My big question is if JayBo has been using the excuse of "I'm waiting to see the direction the team is headed" what is the excuse now? And the bigger question is will the other guys think if he walks after making the playoffs?

I really like JayBo but if he walks after he has seen success, my opinion of him will certainly change. Seems a bit confusing for me. If you want to be somewhere else, just say that, don't think of excuses.

"Its not you... its me", or actually "It is you (at least was you), and not me.

Why would we(I) be pissed off? We make the playoffs with him, do what we do there and that's not going to be a great thing?

As I've said before, I'll say again, Bouw can be moved for picks before FA, other guys can be had via trade and since we've made the playoffs Free Agency, Ellerby and Garrison are both doing well in the AHL as well. It's also still possible that Bouw re-signs.

What's there to be "pissed" about?

Maybe all the J-Bo HYPE was over-inflated...I wouldn't give much more if I was the other GMs either. I would've ditched him a while back. We'll never know what the best offers were, but we probably waited too long...Now we have to hope we make a decent playoff run, and best case scenario is probably that he signs on for another 1 yr deal. If not, you trade him before July 1st for a pick for his rights...

Also, I think it's disappointing we didn't try for one of the forwards. We could've waived someone to make Guerin's salary work for a pick. Also I agree that either Antropov or Moore for a 2nd would be worth the risk...

Overall, Phoenix got the worst of the Olli deal. Calgary essentially gets Olli for Lombardi, prospect, and a swap of 1st and a 3rd....I'm sure they offered JM more than that. Now they lead their division, saved salary, and have Olli for the playoffs and next year...

Didn't know Eminger played for DeBoer in the minors...

the eminger trade is for the future. after this season boynton, bouw skrats and cully are all UFA and assuming bouw leaves we know we won't be resigning cully or boynton i think skrats could stay espically if bouw walks.

as of right now the only D-men under contract for next year are ballard, mccabe and allen now add eminger at least u have 3 4ths of a top 4 and a good bottom pairing guy in eminger.

i just hope we can resign bouw or i think today was a total failure regardless if we get into the playoffs

I'm very happy with what we did today. Eminger is underrated, has 25 pts. this season and can play on the PP. He has 3 times as many PP points as Ballard and only 4 less than Bouw. I'm glad for Noah, he'll finally get some playing time on that abortion of a defense they have over there. This pushes Boynton to the 7th spot which is good. We didn't give up a whole lot and strengthen our roster and PP.

We had to keep Bouw if we want to make the playoffs, look at what everybody below us did. Nothing we got back would have kept us as good a team as we are now. Even if we lose him to free agency, it was still a good move. We didn't really have to add a whole lot to keep pace, but we definitely could not have traded Bouw today.

Brian from CT...What the hell is your major malfunction in life? Bill Guerin? Big deal, what the f did he ever win. The Captain of the New York Islanders? where are they going..Get a grip, the team made the best move today, which was no move.

Why load up on other peoples junk? The team is playing fine, and eminger is a good move for Welch.

Here's breaking news Brian, not only is Bouwmeester going, but so is Craig Anderson. You know what? Whatever Martin throws DeBoer to run, he'll do a damn good job.

Rangers? More money, and more debacle.


JM did the best thing possible for the Panthers this year and that is keep Jaybo in the fold.

Whether Jay signs or walks away after the season will be of no consequence. And as far as the money goes. He may end up losing money because the cap is likely going down and no one is going to give him the same offer he was given by the Cats at the beginning of the year. The economy (both National and NHL) has finally shown an effect on the way business is being done.

Once again by playing it close to the vest and not showing his hand Jaques Martin has made the shrewdest of moves.

When JM took over with Satan (Keenan) he made a statement about how he would evaluate the players he wanted to go to battle with. Well over the years, especially since Moron Mikes departure, Jaques has shown an astute mind for evaluating talent. By handing the coaching reigns over to PdB, he was able to invoke a change of playing style that while not totally in the same line of thinking as his own, has proven to be a winning formula!

I like the Eminger pick-up. I live in Philly and saw this guy play, enoguh so I was disappointed to see him get axed from second team. But now he's with my first and I think he can contribute to an already solid defense.

I like that Bo is staying even more! The best move here was a non-move. Now they just have to resign him....

I think getting Eminger was a great move. He was the highest scoring defenseman on the bolts and they basically gave him away. Lightning fans feel like they got ripped off. Our D just got alot better. Can't wait to see tomorrows game. GO CATS!!!

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