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Mash It Up Miami

Mash1 I know we have some pretty creative folks out there, so let's have some fun.

A friend of mine in Toronto pointed this out to me, and I think some of you may have a good time putting some of this together.

The concept is called a mash-up, where you take video (in this case hockey highlights), put them on the application, then put your own soundtrack to it.

It could be anything from Korn to Meatloaf to Randy Moller's 'Ma! The Meatloaf!'

It's all up to you. You are in control of the deal.

The application is brought to you by the good folks at Hockey Night in Canada and looks like a fun way to kill some time while you're supposedly working. With a few days off until basketball gets back in the swing, what else do you have to do? Sorry, no boss button on this one though.

Here's the application: http://hockeynightmashup.cbc.ca/mashuptool

Here's the main site where you can see what other creative hockey fans are doing.

Those who make up some videos, make sure you email me a link. I'll run them here as I get them and link to them as well. Should be interesting to see what some of you jokers come up with.

Now get mashing!