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Move Dallas to the Southeast. Now.

Starsicegirls DALLAS -- The Dallas Stars are a pretty good hockey franchise, I believe we can all agree on that.

The Stars won the Stanley Cup in 1999 and have really grown the game in Texas to the point where they are a model franchise for the NHL's growth spurt into the Sun Belt.

They have crummy travel being in the Western Conference.

I say move them to the Eastern Conference, and put them in the Southeast with the Panthers. Obviously, I am being selfish here. I love coming to Dallas. I love watching games in Dallas. The arena is top notch, the city is terrific and the organization treats the media pretty well. Prime parking, a good media meal and, this is the topper, Diet Dr. Pepper in the work room. The NHL can feel free to take Atlanta or Washington out of the division and find another place for them. Nothing against either place, but I'd like to come back to Dallas more than once ever few years.

Let's make this happen.

-- And the in-house entertainment here is pretty good. Like a few other places, they have a marching band up in the rafters jamming away. Gives a cool vibe for a Saturday night game. Feel like I'm back at Lockhart Stadium or Traz Powell about to watch Dillard and Northwestern instead of a hockey game.

Memo to the Panthers: Broward County is chock full of terrific high school bands who would love to play at your games on occasion. Let's make this happen too.