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Panthers @ Capitals 3 p.m. ... Vokoun and Stillman OUT

WASHINGTON - Panthers are running out the same lineup as they did in Newark. I think they are hoping for a better result. That's just me.


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gr. please tell andy to go back to his old mask he played better with it

So far it looks like a better result. Of course, that's just me.

Anyone think that mabe Boynton was pulled the other night because they traded him for Guerin and prospect or draft pick?

Who is this Panther team and what did DeBoer do with the team that played NJ last night?!?!?!?

maybe Bo resigned?

Why would they pull someone during a game because they got traded? Usually it's before.

Wow, what a comeback from last night. I like this no losing streaks thing. If they can keep this up, they'll be in good shape the rest of the season. And the playoffs.

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