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Randy Moller Goes Global (Well, TSN. Whatever.)

Moller2 Randy Moller's goal calls are as hot a topic as any in hockey circles these days, and thanks to a good look out from our pal Puck Daddy, we found Molls on Canadian television talking about them.

My personal favorite is 'You're my boy Blue!' but that's probably because tMollerblue hat was my suggestion. Heck, I'm the one who drew it out on Randy's cheat sheet the night he used it.

I also take some credit for the Animal House 'do you mind if we dance with your dates,' and Fletch's 'my car just hit a water buffalo.'

That's all I gots.

Here is the Best of Moller, Part I

And Part II.

And Randy with Dan LeBatard on ESPN.

Mollermeatloaf And there's a fake Randy Moller thread all the way from the University of Oklahoma.

He shoots, he scores! Boomer Sooner!

Caution, some of these OU fans are a little colorful and I definitely do not approve a few of these. But some are funny and you may like them. Some may be NSFW. Moller I took off the link. You can google 'Oklahoma' and 'Randy Moller' and I'm sure you'll find it. Unless Randy has a Chevy dealership in Tulsa or something.


These are fun for the kids.


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Take credit for "you're my boy, Blue"...but I'm taking full credit for "..you mind if we dance wif yo dates..?" I asked him for it on the air that morning...
BTW, that one made it onto the Howard Stern Show this morning!!

oh bill murphy (if that's your real name)...

Nice pic of Moller on the TV...where ever did you find it? :o)

My fav is "Spaulding get your foot off the boat" from Caddyshack, alltho "MAAA the meatloaf!" is good too.
See you tonight.

I thought that might have been one of yours...

Scarface alone has like 20 lines that would be clasic...

"Give her another qualud and she'll love me in the morning"

"Say goodnight to the bad guy"

"I kill communist's for fun"

"I got the money, and I got the yeyo"

"I'll carve him up real nice"

"Who put this together man...Me... That's who!!"

When your f..king with me, your f..king with the best"

I wonder if he's used "More Cowbell!" it just seems kinda obvious.

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