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Saturday Night Live: St. Louis Blues @ Florida Panthers

Save for Anthony Stewart accidentily (so he says) checking coach Pete DeBoer, practice was pretty non-eventful. "Trust me," Stewart said, "that's the last guy I want to hit." Well, Stewart's out of the lineup today replaced by Nasty Nick Tarnasky. Aside from that, the lineup stays the same. Steve Eminger is in, Nick Boynton is out for a fifth straight game. More later...


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What ere they doing to boyton? Not right.. Belfour punches auld no problem nick shows passion... off to the doghouse ... JM brilliantly picks up another D and passes on guerin and we can't score a goal... I'm not getting this at all

Cullimore needs to ride the pine for a few. He's just too slow and is making Eminger have a rough transition. And how can you possibly scratch the only player who showed up on Thursday?! Stewart is better than anybody on the fourth line by a long shot. I know DeBoer knows what he is doing, but this is a little insane.

isn't it nice to have this problem though, too many guys that deserve to play? eminger v. boynton... from the 1 game i saw of eminger, he belongs in our defense. it's probably closer to boynton v. cullimore for the 6th spot.

Karl, Eminger was pretty horrible last game out.

jh, ur right, its a joke, we can't score, JM did nothing to improve the offense and in addition to that, he did nothing for the PP which we rank 5th worst in the NHL.

We wont make the playoffs if the PP keeps on stinking. and look, Cole scored for Carolina last night. Looks like all the othre teams in the race have been rejuvenated except for us.

What a joke.

Karl, that's an understatement re Eminger. Looked like a dear in the headlights! He's been traded 3 times. Only reason he got ice time in Tampa was their injuries. Boyton is worth 4 times what he brings to the game vs. Eminger. Eminger is a Petey pet project, a la Horton! The way that Pete/KM treated Boyton is pathetic! He is a lot, if not the core of the passion that any team would love to have. Petey came in with an AHL coaching philosophy: My way; end of discussion!
RE D. Welch asked to be traded if he wasn't going to get ice time. First game with Tampa Noah started against a very hot Blues team, and had 23" TOI ,4 hits, -1, 2blocked shots! Petey didn't like Noah's Harvard education and made it a point to be condescending and treat him and others as if their lives and opinions don't matter.( As he did with Vokoun when he was struggling) Someone asked Petey in an interview if he actually talked to Vo to see what was going on. Pete answered somewhat sarcastically that he doesn't ask people how their "feeling" he just wants results. Vo called him out on it in the press, as well as Boyton. He's a pathetic person because he says one thing and then does another: "I'll treat everyone the same". POOP!


How many times has Nick Boynton been traded?

If you're depending on a player like Boynton to get you into the playoffs, you know very little.

Calling out deBoer the possible Adams winner this year?

You're an idiot! But, hey, Thanks for playing.

Mr. Oblivious,
I guess to you "the end justifies the means!" You missed the most important part of my post: Loyalty and passion matters! But it's obviously "oblivious" to you! I guess your blind credo would be more along the lines of the souless variety.
Bottom line...Petey's a hypocrite. But don't worry, he'll get his (un)just rewards!

No, thank you for trying! ;-)

P.S. Thanks for the compliment. You proved that an "idiot' is smarter than a "Mr Oblivious!"

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