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Slow News Day ... Optional Skate, Option to Rochester

Onfrozennews TORONTO -- The Panthers didn't do much today, save for hold an optional skate in Amherst, N.Y.

Was told a lot of guys were not going to be there so I skipped too.

So, the Richard Zednik circus waits another day.

-- The Panthers made one move today, sending Keaton Ellerby back down the road to Rochester. That doesn't mean he wouldn't be back tomorrow. It just means Rochester is really close to Buffalo.

-- Sat with Ellerby and Rostislav Olesz last night in the press box at the Igloo.

Olesz usually goes for the press box popcorn, but last night he threw me a curve and went strong with the Goldfish crackers. Ellerby did right by going for the corn. Neither guy lost, however. The popcorn vs. Goldfish crackers debate rages on yet another day.

-- On a separate note, thanks to everyone for their nice e-mails today. It's been a rough day for not only the folks at The Miami Herald but in our industry as a whole. But today is especially sad for us. Losing some good, good people. Co-workers, yes. Friends, absolutely. Hopefully things get better for us before they get any worse. I don't know what else I can say about this other than today absolutely sucks. I wish it was different.

-- Also, congratulations are in store for my good friend Louise Crocco. After 40 years as a coach and administrator at Cardinal Gibbons High in Fort Lauderdale, coach Crocco is retiring. She told me this morning it's just time, time to relax and enjoy that house in North Carolina a little more. Good for her. Few people in Florida -- or in the country -- have done more to promote women's athletics than coach Crocco. She will be missed.


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Sorry to hear about the coworkers, its happening to every1 right now and it blows...I read this article on litterboxcats.com the other day and it said that the Panthers might not be represented anymore by the Herald...something like what the PB Post did. Any truth to that GR?

ps: you better say no

Im happy you are here, selfishly and for your sake!!!! If us regulars can help tell us how.

I have always said you guys could charge say 5-10cents for access daily or a monthly amount. Your updates alone are worth it!!!

It's still much better when it's free. I'm not too sure how many real fans like us this team has and who would pay for information. I would pay it but I don't think that's a good idea. Why would we be the only team in the NHL who would have to pay to get information about our favorite team? We're trying to grow our fanbase not decrease it lol
But ya like jh said if there's anything we can do to help we'll gladly do it.

Steph, I meant anyone who wants access to the herald site, pony up a nickel a day. Why should we get full access for free? These newspapers are going to go under, which is horrific, not only from a job loss, but for Democracy. Seriously!!!!

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