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Third Jerseys Headed Your Way

Wildjersey The Panthers have a third jersey coming down the pike, and it doesn't look anything like what we've seen from them in the past.

Want a retro-looking red jersey like the Panthers wore way back in 1996? Think a bright yellow jersey would look cool?

Forget it.

According to my source (David J. Neal), the new jersey is fairly similar to the Wild's third jersey as seen at left.

The main color is dark blue with light blue (no idea where that's coming from) on the sleeves, shoulders and bottom. Kind of looks like the Penguins.

The leaping cat logo is replaced on the front by a logo similar to the Wild. Florida on top; Panthers on bottom, the Panther head in the middle.

The Panthers say the jersey that was spotted today at Incredible Ice by David J. is not the final jersey and may just be some kind of prototype. That might explain the inclusion of the light blue. We still have to wait and see what the new jersey will look like, but this helps.

Maybe it will be red after all...


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george, how bout a sneak peek of the new throw backs? got any pics?

Still like the red jersey best. Not going to win me over with the ugly blue like the Penguins. If they want to sell jerseys they should go red. Tired of blue.

I heard differently, GR, but we'll see what the colors are.

rock the red?! surely!

They should wear pink, 'cause they hit like a bunch of sissies!

Hey G, instead of throwing rats, the fans should throw rotten food products (or the rink food - as if anyone could tell the difference..)

They MUST go back to the red. Can you imagine the new pattern unveiled this season, with a red base and blue/gold trim? That would look pretty sharp.

I heard that is going to be Red with Gold and white piping.

i hope they change the colors up some because red blue and yellow is just plain ugly

Congrats. This article is very good.

The Panthers logo is certainly a bit "out of character". I think they saw the success the Penguins had with their baby blue jerseys and thought they could do the same. Once Florida starts winning games, i'm sure they'll sell many :)

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