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Going -- Over the Edge

Weakstream ATLANTA -- Been 'holding' onto this one for a few days, but thought I should share.

In some arenas, the team's logo is considered sacred. If it's on the floor inside the team dressing room, no one is allowed to walk on it. That used to be the case with the Panthers as well. Some still refuse to walk across the large carpeted logo of the Florida hockey club that sits in the middle of the locker room.

But inside the arena, the rules change.

In Sunrise, fans are allowed to urinate on the Panthers logo. Actually, many don't have much of a choice.

Inside the urinals in the men's rooms on the lower level of the BankAtlantic Center are advertisements for a local urologist. Weak stream? I thought it was an ad for an internet company. But whatever.

Many of us fellas have seen advertisements in rest rooms for years, even some radio stations (560 WQAM) have placed ads in urinals. Believe it or not, it's probably a good -- if kind of unsavory -- place for an ad. Eyes are focused, so to speak.

But the team's logo inside of a urinal? In their own arena? Only in Sunrise.

Panthersmedical Spoke with Michael Yormark yesterday while driving from Baltimore to Philadelphia about this, and basically, he said the team really didn't think much about it. They sold the ad to the local doc -- who as part of the official team medical staff is granted use of the team logo at right -- and he placed it on his decals. Which happened to end up in urinals around the arena.

Some have told me they don't think this is news, considering that teams allow their logo to go on various other pieces of merchandise that could be looked at as 'disrespectful' to the team crest. Garbage cans, door mats, car mats, the like. You can wipe your feet on a Panther logo anytime you want, just pay the $15 for a floor mat at the team store or Home Depot.

But only in Sunrise can you 'take aim' at the leaping Panther. The logo may be small, but that only makes for an interesting target. I'm sure opposing fans get a kick out of going to the restroom and relieving themselves on the Florida mascot.

Say what you want about all the ads inside the Billboard, but in this market, those ads help cover up all those empty seats. I don't like it, but it is helping the hockey team remain viable in the National Hockey League.

I think the Panther logo was put on these decals innocently; the doc probably puts that logo on all of his ads. But someone inside the organization made a mistake by allowing them to go into the urinals. This would have been an easy fix, although it would have cost some money. Which is one reason why it was allowed to happen. 

It's probably too late to have this fixed for the season finale come Saturday, but it would be nice to see some new decals -- minus the logo -- in place if this team makes the playoffs. Hear those Boston fans like their lager. Which means plenty of trips to the bathroom.

And no weak streams.


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The never-ending weakness of the Florida Panthers' management strikes yet again

They had the right idea when they started in 93". Im not just saying that because of the magical run but because we had character at every level of this team, their was pride. I was watching boston a couple of nights ago, they are so tight. Everyone has each other's back. Look @ Philly. Lat in standings one year back in the playoffs the next. Management actually respects the fans to put a great product on the ice after a disapointing season. No other management laughs @ their fans the way this cohen brigade does. Come on, ice dancers, 2 macotts what a circus. I know a lot of you think we have a decent team this year but sorry we really dont. We always get outshot like 45 to 20 85% of the time. The BAC is an absolutely mortuary. I came down for a game and was sitting next to 2 european fans and it was embarassing. No atmosphere. The only time there is is when we beat a canadian team and a couple of retarded rednecks wave the american flag all proud. Wow . And there is Bettman trying to prove Hockey should stay in Florida embarrasing. In Boston, Philly, Montreal, hell even lousy market like L.A. and anaheim you get a little old lady playin the organ and a promise of ...well they dont promise you anything. Not even that you will get out alive lol. Sorry I will be a Panther Fan until the day I die but jesus Batman does this cheap owner needs to go.

Please don't use the Lord's name in vain. Thanks.

"In Sunrise, fans are allowed to urinate on the Panthers logo. Actually, many don't have much of a choice. . . [Yormark] said the team really didn't think much about it."

Palm, meet face.

Are you talkin about what I wrote? If so I promise never to use the word Batman again. Sorry if I offended you

Yormark not thinking about fans (both opposing and fans of the panthers) relieving themselves on the logo just shows how much he doesn't know about hockey or how to raise a decent fan-base.

Regardless, the fans are there, regardless of whats in the urinals. We just need some winning seasons to get this franchise back on track.

Won't have to worry George...since the Panthers won't be in the playoffs.

As a Kings and HOCKEY fan, i would pee on anyones logo! but, never on my own team. in my own building! thats just wrong. i recently urinated on turco and the state of texas. didnt matter, they beat us anyway.
bad form Panthers. bad form.

priority is revenue not wins.

Yormark has so many ads in the arena that I just tune them all out, I went to TV Land and a hockey game broke out.

Yormark is symbolic of the weak Panthers management. It was 2 or 3 years ago in February when he was cheerleading we would make the playoffs. We had no prayer.A few weeks ago, Deboer was quoted as saying the team was offensively challenged. Hello! You lose a 35 goal player and bring in role players like Stillman. Nothing wrong with him, but he is not a 35 goal scorer. Blame? JM, who is management. Shore up the defense. Maybe but I bet the shots against ratio is higher. Now with bou leaving, one may shudder at the thought of next year. Trade deadline? We get Emminger. Who? Pens get guerin and Kunitz. Why?

I agree with getting our logo out of the urinals at the BAC. Here's what I wrote in my blog back in November:

"As long as I’m on the topic of things that are insulting, I’d like to get one more thing off my chest… I understand the need for the advertisements in the urinals. In fact, I even think they’re brilliant! I mean, what better time to expose a guy to a urologist’s services than when he’s standing in front of a urinal? But to allow a Panthers logo to be on that advertisement is unacceptable. Think about it, there is some major league bad karma going on when the Panthers’ logo is exposed to the happenings in a urinal. When the time comes for the advertisements to be replaced, please DO NOT put the logo of my favorite team on them."

thx for courage to post this-you forgot to mention ads inside toilet stalls from a group of Attorneys saying*Stock market flushed away your saying?-call us to recover losses-This is becoming a joke-I personally find it to be hucksterism fron carnival barker Yormark.Cohen loves it because he only looks at bottom line.

I wrote to Yormark through his blog discussing this very issue on Tuesday. I wonder if he'll get the point now.

I have seen the "weak stream" ads but never noticed the Panthers logo. I always thought the Coach Sutter move at the time to not walk on the Panthers logo was childish. Teams that do that may be trying to make a point but it is overreacting to the logo. I don't care if it is in the urinal, the way the team plays it should be in the urinal. Many criticize the Panthers owner and management for various reasons but they have millions of dollars in the team, much on overpaid players (Olesz)that didn't live up to expectation. They own the team and have a right to make money any way they can and I am happy they do own the team and want to keep it in Sunrise so I can enjoy NHL hockey. Many would be happy to sell it and let others move it up north so I appreciate Cohan and the management for doing what they have to to turn a profit even if logos are in a urinal if it helps pay the bills and keeps hockey in South Florida. They can advertise where ever they want I am okay with that as long as they keep the team here. "Weak stream" sounds like a good name for the Panthers top line, the way they score goals on a irregular basis they could be call the Weak Stream Line.

par for the course with Yormark.. Forget about the logo getting peed on every game, how about the fans getting tar and feathered for the past 10 years with empty promises... what are they re-building? Rome?

@Matt Abraham: If you are referring to the Hurricanes game on the 23rd of march, I might have been one of two Europeans sitting next to you in sect. 107 ! Is it you ?

It's no surprise that Yormark was clueless enough to admit that no one gave it much thought. That certainly sums it all up, doesn't it?

Sunrise Sports & Entertainment is not a hockey organization and could care less about the game. The simple fact is that the organization sees itself as an entertainment company and that its real business is the arena itself. Events going on in its building are simply that -- events. In their eyes, a Panther game is no different than a Celine Dion concert, which is no different than a monster truck show. Events are ways to get people into their building to pay a gate fee, buy stuff from the concession stands, and bring their eyeballs to see all of the advertisements.

Until ownership changes ... until an ownership group that is passionate about hockey ... comes to town, the Panthers will never be anything more than mere mediocrity.

And JM, thanks for not trading Bouw. That idea worked out real well. We certainly got a lot in return.

we should allow to urinate on our teams logo. They missed the playoffs again.

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