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How to Fix Versus? Hire Charles Barkley

Barkleypumpkin Instead of going live to the Vancouver-St. Louis overtime game during the first intermission of tonight's late game, your Comcraptastic crew went to the studio.

Where they showed old highlights of the Vancouver-St. Louis game and had their always exciting in-studio crew tell you the game was in overtime.

Then we went to an ad for ATVs, fertilizer and an in-house NHL ad.

Then back to the studio for more fantastic analysis.

Just bad. For a network with everything available to them, they seem to hit the fail button more often than not.

Maybe TNT would be interested in picking up hockey coverage.

Ten bucks says Charles Barkley would do a better job than this.

Need a deal on gold dollar coins? If so, Versus is your place.

-- At least when Vancouver won in overtime to sweep the series, they did a 'Game Break' to let everyone know something happened of note. So congrats for that.

Soto One thing right this night (save for the Dave Strader/Billy Jaffe/Christine Simpson trifecta and the Lindsay Soto 'coverup' during the second period bench interview) was better than none.


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GR my problem with Versus is they are not live, there is an eight second delay. I talk with my brother in Canada while watching the game and he sees the goals long before I do on what is suppose to be a live game. I have Center Ice and I prefer to watch the local broadcast because there is no delay but now Versus shows the west coast games and they don't allow the local broadcasts and I am stuck with the delayed play.

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