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Need Some Help: Florida Panthers @ Atlanta Thrashers ... It's Vokoun ... 'Dropping the Ball'

Help THE ATL -- The Panthers are definitely going to be keeping one eye on the out of town scoreboard tonight as their playoff fate does not rest in their own hands but in others.

First, Florida needs the New York Rangers to lose to the Flyers. The Panthers also need Montreal to lose to Boston.

Oh, and it would be nice if the Panthers would beat Atlanta. A loss tonight, and we're at the arena on Monday for locker clean out day.

-- The Panthers are going to go with Tomas Vokoun, with coach Pete DeBoer getting a little testy when we asked 'why Vokoun?' He didn't give us a 'why not?' but actually answered his own question. He said he didn't know why it was so controversial for him to be making a choice, adding that Craig Anderson's numbers have been better than Vokoun's of late.

But Vokoun is your starter, your 'money' guy. Good decision to go with him in this most crucial of games.

-- DeBo on how the Panthers get into the playoffs: ''I believe somebody is going to drop the ball on the other end."

-- DeBo also says this will not be a successful season unless the Panthers make the playoffs. He says he's never missed the postseason, and that's the only way to have a good season is to be in them. Even if the Panthers win the final two and just miss? ''I won't be slapping anyone on the back if we miss,'' he said, ''especially not my own.''

-- Thursday's Games (and who the Panthers would be rooting for if they were swimming with the dolphins at Georgia Aquarium)

Flyers @ Rangers, 7: The Panthers really like the Flyers today. A lot.

Canadiens @ Bruins, 7: The Panthers really like the Bruins today. A bunch.

Sabres @ Hurricanes, 7: Buffalo is still in it. In it to win it. Go Canes.

-- The Standings (presented by 1-800-NEED-HELP and courtesy of TSN.ca)


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1y-Boston7951181011226218428-6-623-12-47-2-1Lost 1
2y-Washington804923810626423629-9-320-14-56-2-2Won 2
3x-New Jersey804927410223820527-12-122-15-33-6-1Lost 1
4x-Philadelphia794325119725723024-12-419-13-76-3-1Won 1
5x-Carolina80452879723621826-13-119-15-69-0-1Won 9
6x-Pittsburgh80432899525523724-13-319-15-67-2-1Won 1
7Montreal804129109224423924-9-717-20-35-4-1Lost 2
8NY Rangers80413099120421425-11-416-19-55-4-1Won 1
9Florida803930118922422521-12-718-18-45-4-1Lost 1
10Buffalo80393298723923222-15-317-17-65-4-1Won 1
11Ottawa803634108221322922-12-614-22-46-4-0Won 3
12Toronto813335137924529115-16-918-19-44-6-0Lost 1
13Atlanta80344067424927517-20-217-20-45-5-0Lost 2
14Tampa Bay802438186620626912-17-1112-21-71-6-3Lost 7
15NY Islanders79264496119626417-16-69-28-33-6-1Lost 1


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1y-San Jose8053161111725319632-4-421-12-77-2-1Won 2
2y-Detroit795119911129023327-8-424-11-56-4-0Won 2
3x-Calgary80452969624924226-10-419-19-24-6-0Lost 1
4x-Chicago8044241210025721423-9-821-15-47-2-1Lost 1
5x-Vancouver804327109624422023-12-520-15-55-4-1Won 1
6x-Columbus804129109222222125-12-316-17-75-1-4Won 1
7Anaheim80413368823723019-18-322-15-38-2-0Lost 1
8St. Louis803931108822923222-13-517-18-57-2-1Won 1
9Nashville80393388620522224-13-415-20-44-3-3Lost 1
10Minnesota80383398520519322-11-716-22-25-4-1Won 1
11Edmonton80373498322824317-17-620-17-33-7-0Lost 1
12Dallas803535108022425120-16-515-19-52-6-2Lost 1
13Los Angeles803336117720323017-15-816-21-33-6-1Won 1
14Phoenix80343977519924722-15-312-24-45-4-1Lost 2
15Colorado79324436719725218-20-014-24-31-7-2Lost 1


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Either would be fine, Pete just stop playing head games with the goalies and rag on jaybo or missed empty nets from time to time

Terrific-putting in VOKOUN-expect another soft goal as the aggresive out of position flopping will increase chance against Atlanta loss-Stay awake Vokoun and remember to seal off post and dont let your 5 hole open-like you did against Washington,Columbus,and Buffalo!Maybe we can score 2 goals against Atlanta and win-keep hoping fools about playoffs-with this decision Im done.

But Bye Vic B.......cant say we will miss ya!

starting the better goalie in must win game....how dare he!!


some people are so stupid....

Vic b ... So your p'oed he's starting last years all star who gave up 2 goals to the flyers?? Hmmmm

It doesn't matter who is in goal when the forwards only score one goal. There are two games left in the regular season, let's guess how many goals the Panthers forwards muster up to finish the year. One or two goals a game will not get you in the playoffs. My guess is Panthers forwards score a total of three goals in the remaining games. I hope I am wrong and they score two dozen but their track record tells me 3 goals.

So Vic, it's starting Vokoun over Andersen that drove you over the edge? You mean it wasn't the 8..i mean 9 straight years off missing the playoffs, the Luongo trade, all the botched draft picks, the entire Keenan era, Alan Cohen's shallow pockets, Nathan Horton's refusal to play to his potential, the Bure trade, the Luongo trade, management catering to their bottom line rather than to the fans, trading Kristian Huselius for Steve Montador, $12 Heinekens at the BAC, the Luongo trade, or the fact that the guy who played "McLovin" scores more than we do...it was this. THIS is what drove you over the edge?

Its all about scoring--The pressure needs to be on ALL 4 lines--not T-Vo and Andy. I'm just afraid that Atlanta is a little too thirsty for blood tonight, and I do NOT see Boston fiing on all thrusters tonight...I'm hoping for a miracle!

It is disappointing. I don't believe we will be a next level team until Martin is out of here. Boumester should have been traded. We could have missed the playoofs without him!

The goalie doesn't matter. It's too bad we have to put that much pressure on either one of them that they pretty much have to be flawless for us to win....It's too bad that we don't have guys that don't turn it over left and right, know how to keep the play alive, and aren't afraid to muck and grind to win some battles....Therefore, we get outshot CONSTANTLY....Yes it would be nice to have some players out there that we were proud of... Sure we have a handful, but we need a lot more....and please stop with all the Markstrom stuff.....

Why do we always have to be a team that has to just be about a solid goaltender to contend?? Let's gradually build a team with character guys that know how to play the game.... I'd rather we have two $3 million goalies like Detroit. I only we wish we had half the talent and/or prospects that most organizations have. It's not fair to put all our marble in Markstrom...Maybe he makes it, maybe not, but what about drafting and developing some of our own talent....After all these years of picks, I wish we had more to show it than Booth, Frolik, J-BO(gone??), and Horton(should've been gone long ago)....Let's get some people here that can find talent and know how to build a TEAM!!!

Slapshot 1106 you are right on! until this organization decides to develop players and scout like the other teams.

I am tired of hearing at the draft can you believe the panthers drafted that guy and the Yormark and company say what a great pick up and this is who we wanted.

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