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Possible End of an Era: Last Day at Fort Lauderdale Stadium? ... Richard Zednik: Masterton Nominee

PIC-0064 Enjoying what could me my last day off for a while, and doing it at one of my all-time favorite places: Fort Lauderdale Stadium.

The Orioles have made this little gem of a park their spring home since 1996. I can't tell you how many games I've attended to over the years, from the Yankees to the Baby Yanks to high schools to the O's.

Heck, I even went to about 20 Fort Lauderdale Red Sox games that one year they were here.

I just hope today isn't my last game here at this park.

But I think it just may be.

Miami-stadium  Pompano South Florida is probably losing another tradition, that being spring training baseball. Used to have three teams train in Dade/Broward, but those days are long gone.

Just going to enjoy this day.

If this is it, this is it.

If it is, it's a damn shame.

-- Yes, that's Mickey Mantle in Fort Lauderdale. Doesn't look much different today than it did then.

Mantleftlaud As I said before: Damn.

-- Nothing exciting at Panthers camp today. Big news is that Richard Zednik is the Florida candidate for the Masterton Trophy.

Check out my story here.

-- Marlins lead the Orioles 4-1 in the bottom of the third. John 'Ponch' Baker and Hanley Ramirez had back-to-back doubles with Jorge Cantu homering to left-center. Game is on 790 The Ticket if you want to listen.

-- Even though some people don't think I like hockey, I was listening to the end of the Buffalo-Atlanta game on my way home. The ATL gets the overtime win and the Sabres are left gasping for postseason air.

Oriolescard And the Atlanta radio guy working the postgame show came thisclose to calling the Canadiens the Montreal Expos.

Hey, we've all been there.


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Just cause im curious, and i dont mean this in any mean way, but why dont you ask the herald to transfer you to covering the marlins and maybe let someone who knows and like hockey take over????

He knows his hockey.

Eric, he's blogging on his off time at Spring Training game. Stop being a jerk, he's allowed to enjoy sports other than hockey as well.

I must say George Richards is one of the most knowledgable hockey games in South Florida and it's great to have him as a colleague! He changes things up a lot in his blog, which always has me checking back! It's great to see updates twice a day, sometimes three, as opposed to just one article in print.

and I meant, hockey GUYS... not games =) Ok, so maybe the Herald needs an edit feature in the blog (for my comments)

WOW Eric, you are soooo wrong on this one. I tell him all the time when I see him that we dont deserve his work down here and he should go to a real hockey town. GR is the best beat writer we have down here and we should be lucky that we have him writing for the Panthers.

next time mix in some research before posting

This is the only panthers blog worth reading! Keep it up!

It's nice to have his blogs -- I appreciate the humor & updates each day. It's much better than the Sun Sentinel -- ugh -- which doesn't have daily Panthers info.

I like the fact that GR has a personality and doesn't talk like a robot like other reporters do.

Keep up the great work George.

hah! i love how this blog has turned into a george richards appreciation meeting :). . . just so you know GR, your great work is being recognised across the pond over here in england!! as NHL and in particular Panther coverage is limited, i rely on the internet for my daily hockey fix. a large part of that comes from you brutha! so keep it up, you do a great job!!

Best Panthers blog that I have found and much appreciated from some one living in Australia, keep it up GR.

GR, just ignore the first post, he just doesn't get it. The rest of us wait all day for your updates and appreciate u blogging on your days

Eric- I don't recall ever seeing your name on George's blog. You know what? Stay off the blog dude....GR is the man! Most of the people in SoFla couldn't care less about hockey, but George faithfully blogs everyday. He has lots of readers everyday because he is dedicated and knows his stuff! Keep writing George!

Thanks for all the love good people. And Eric wasn't being mean. I just happen to love all sports (save for some swimming events) and enjoy espousing on them here. Ninety five percent of the time, it's hockey. The other five, well, whatever. I'm glad some of you enjoy it when it write about other stuff. I figured it was better than nothing, and, Fort Lauderdale Stadium means something to me and I think many people who have lived in South Florida for a long time. So there you go. Back to hockey tomorrow. Then some college hoops. And Opening Day. And then Akron spring football. And then ...

I really hope we don't lose Fort.Lauderdale Stadium. I remember all the stories my Grandfather told me before he passed about the Yankees playing there, and him taking my Dad when he was young to the games and getting to meet all the greats. It is a shame that we are losing such a great piece of history in South Florida. Like the Miami Arena, this should have been pegged as a landmark and not touched.

Hockeybuzz.com does a good job as well, but the bloggers there can't post daily unless they want something they just completed to be taken off the home page. Only one blog per blogger is permitted at any one time, so usually a new post every two or three days is the norm. But it's a good central place for Panther or hockey thoughts in general. Anything is better than the soft coverage of the Panthers website and/or VanMurph. Ugh...

I agree wit Ant I love reading this blog every day twice a day. Its Great!! Kepp up the good work!

I have a man crush on you george

Don't remember who said it but there is an old saying, "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing." Eric should think about that. Keep up the good work George! Your blog is one of the must reads each morning.

Also, guys no need to pick on Eric here. This was probably his first read of GR's blog, and it just happened to be an entry about baseball. Just go back through the archive and read some articles Eric, then you will see why GR is the man to go to for Panthers hockey.

What you all dont know is that the entire organization reads his blogs daily because we find out stuff you dont hear around the offices. So if its good enough for staff members at the Billboard to read, then it must be pretty good

I knew this post was gonna get me in trouble. lol Listen I agree that George is the only florida panthers writer worth reading. I love his style of writting and his sarcasm ect... but lately all we get is : " Well, pretty boring in pantherland" " Nothing to report at the billboard" And then he goes on about exhibition baseball and college football. Dude this is the most exciting time for panther fans since 2000. Please have a little enthousiasm when you cover the team we all love. We seriously do not give a &*(^@^&* about baseball . . . at east not right now when it doesnt mean anything

I get your point Eric. But when things are going good, there ISNT much to say. I'm a news guy, love news. There is no news right now. No injuries. No lineup changes. No controversy. Everything is humming right along. Good for you, bad for me.

yeh it appears george, that eric doesn't seem to understand your style of writing (which may i say the rest of south florida loves!) this guys blog is what it is because its about more than just hockey. thats why even on a non-game day, thousands of panther fans check back because they know GR has something to say - be it on anything...its still makes a darn good read! the panthers organisation is lucky to have him :)

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