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LIVE! Friday Night in Sunrise: Atlanta Thrashers 3 @ Florida Panthers 1 (FINAL) ... Now, With More Goldie! ... Gregory Campbell (FLA); Rich Peverley - 2; Todd White (ATL)

Foxnews Good evening and greetings from atop the Billboard here in Sunrise, the place where the sun meets the ice.

The Panthers play the Thrashers twice in the coming week, Florida playing host to the Atlantians tonight and then traveling to the 'ATL' next Thursday.

Looking forward to that off day in Atlanta next week. Hope to go to the Fox News Tower and take the Fox News tour. I hear it's pretty cool. I've never been in a newsroom before.

-- Will have the starting lineups when they are made available to us, but expect the CPR Line to get the nod for the homestanding Panteros. I asked Pete DeBoer today about there being a concern that those three are just whipped right now, and he said no; with the team rolling out four lines, everyone should have fresh legs.

Only Gregory Campbell, Ville Peltonen and Radek Dvorak are all logging big-time minutes and with the exception of Campbell, are doing so with some serious miles on those skates. They are also three of the team's best penalty killers and usually match up with the opposition's top line.

DeBo says he's been encouraged by the way that trio is playing, saying they are still creating a lot of chances (agree with him there) and don't seem to be slowed despite the heavy workload. We'll see. I was just wondering, at least offensively, that well has been pumped dry.

Birthdaymouse -- A special birthday greeting goes out to South Florida's favorite No. 9: Stephen Weiss. Robert Marve once wore No. 9 for the Hurricanes, but he's gone.

We'd give Weiss the nickname 'Niner,' but Jeff Conine would probably object. Or not care at all.

-- Keeping with the Georgia theme: Pregame music sounds a little bit country, not much rock n' roll.

-- By the way, the Iron Maiden fans left the arena in quite a mess. Came in this morning and there was sticky stuff all over the floor in the lower bowl, with a lot of food containers and stuff behind the goal. Hope they cleaned it up by now. Don't want any four-legged friends paying a visit during the game. Unless they are rubber and being tossed onto the ice.

-- CPR Line getting the start as expected; Craig Anderson in net; Bouwmeester and Skrastins on D to start things off. ATL throwing Johan Hedberg...

-- As usual, On Frozen Pond offers you 100 percent more Steve Goldstein than those other hockey blogs...

Goldie --THE BONUS GOLDIE PREGAME REPORT: The gameplan is to give Atlanta no hope early in the game. They have offensive talent and they have beaten teams who are in the playoff race lately. I'm looking for a strong start, heavy on the forecheck and hopefully draw some penalties and continue the superb power play. See you at the intermission Panther fans!

-- Thanks Goldie...


-- Good opening shift by the CPR crew...worked it in deep...keep checking back..

--So far, a good opening period on both sides of the ice. Panthers getting a lot of chances, ATL putting some early pressure on Anderson. 10:38 left and shots 7-6 ATL...

-- Lot of good chances on both ends, but it's time for an intermission. FLA and ATL scoreless through 20 in Sunrise...

Goldiecuba GOLDIE REPORT, FIRST INTERMISSION: That was an exciting 20 minutes to watch with quality scoring chances both ways. Especially for the Panthers -- including getting the one goal from Michael Frolik disallowed on a high stick.

The Panthers are doing exactly what they need to go on the forecheck -- and they are getting some huge stops from Craig Anderson. Offensively,if the Panthers keep this up, you have to figure they'll break through Hedberg.

Most impressive has been Anderson. He's cool, calm and in position on every ATL scoring opportunity. Panthers have also really tightened up the defense in the final 10 minutes of the first.

-- Atlanta gets the first goal of the night, Rich Peverley beating Craig Anderson, it's 1-0 Thrashers...Goal at 2:23...


-- Panthers back on the power play, Nate Oystrick for holding the stick at 10:30...

-- PS: The CPR Line started the game, but after the first shift, Kamil Kreps was put at center replacing Campbell...

-- And that's two complete here in Sunrise...FLA 1, ATL 1

-- THE GOLDIE REPORT (AFTER TWO):  If the Panthers don't win this one, it won't be because of a lack of scoring chances. Nathan Horton has had numerous opportunities, Richard Zednik had a breakaway but the Panthers are having troubling finishing tonight. Overall, Anderson is strong again and the Panthers did a better job in the second in front of him on defense. Disappointment on the two power plays after being so good on the power play the past few games. But, this is clearly now a game the Panthers should win. They need it more. They need to show that in the third.

-- In the third, 13:03 left...shots: FLA 31-30...


-- Atlanta later adds an almost-empty net goal as Craig Anderson retreats and doesn't quite make it to the bench. He gives it the old college try, but it's good and the Thrashers go on to beat the Panthers 3-1.

Bad loss for the Panthers who now need the Rangers to completely collapse. Could happen, but, good luck with that.


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i am fed up of losing.
good night

Good Night Florida

George, Whats up with Corey Stillman. He looked awful tonight. He couldn't pass, he skated like both groins were pulled and both knees were blown out. Is something wrong with him or is he out of gas???

Second, why wasn't there any urgency tonight??? the team seemed laid back and not hustling??

Other then that, what a dissapointing night. The team who wanted it won..

George, Is it not the CNN Tower in Atlanta? Fox is NYC based.

What happened to the live blog in the 3rd period? You were on a roll and then, nothing...

We really need to stop the " let our goalie see the puck and he'll stop it " mentality. Pressure the shooter. Both atlanta's goal you saw our defense just back off and give the shooter all the time in the wold . PRESSURE HIM!!!!! This is the nhl of course he's gonna score. Pathetic. Well lets all pray the rangers loose tonight.

I agree with Tee Spot, Stillman's game was one of the worst I've seen all season by any Panther player....and he's supposed to be our veteran go-to guy

Tom: Once the Thrash made it 2-1, I started writing my main story for the paper...got caught up in that and forgot about the blog...will be back Tuesday in Philly...will try to keep a closer eye on things then...thanks for checking in...

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