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Philadelphia Phailure: Flyers Down and Now Out

Crosbyflyers How everyone was anticipating a Game 7 in Pittsburgh.

It was early in the second period of Game 6 and the Flyers were in command, taking a 3-0 lead on their hated rivals from the west. City of Brotherly Love? Not in this case pal.

Then, the Penguins woke up. Maxime Talbot took on Dan Carcillo in a nice little brawl leading to a Ruslan Fedotenko goal off a Evgeni Malkin rebound that set off another fight.

The Penguins were officially awake.

Pittsburgh scores four more unanswered goals and leave Philly stunned, winning the decisive sixth game 5-3 as Sir Sidney got an empty net to finish the deal.

So what next for Philly? They have two UFA goalies in Martin Biron and Antero Niittymaki, the two of them making about $5 million combined this season.

You think the Flyers are in the market for a starting goaltender? I think they just might be. So where does Philly go? Well, Florida has a starter in Tomas Vokoun who is probably in play. You have to think the Panthers will talk to Philly about a deal. JM the GM certainly knows what Philly would have to offer considering he spent so much time at the trade deadline scouting them out in the Jay Bouwmeester Deal That Never Happened.

Does Philly want Vokoun? I don't know. I do think the Panthers would talk to anyone interested though.

Florida, in their perfect world, could swing a deal for Vokoun (which will be tough considering he makes $5.7 next year, then when the cap goes down in 2010-11, his contract goes up to $6.3) before July 1 enabaling them to make a deal with Craig Anderson before he goes all UFA.

Of course, the Panthers may just want to keep what they've got. TVo wasn't perfect last season, but he's still a top goalie who can carry the load. Last year's struggles may be the impetus to him spending one heck of an offseason in an effort to come back better than ever.

One thing that may keep Anderson from making all the money he thinks he's entitled to this offseason since there will be competition. Andy proved he deserves a shot at being a No. 1 goalie somewhere (and again, that could be here), but so did Scott Clemmensen in New Jersey. Someone just might give him a shot over Anderson based on what he did when Martin Brodeur was out.

We shall see how this plays out, obviously. But don't be surprised to see the Flyers out on the goalie market. And don't be surprised if one of Florida's goalies from last season ends up in the Keystone State.

-- Been a while since I've been to a Heat game, but they have advertising hanging from the rafters. Don't let Michael Yormark see that or that Celine Dion banner might be toast! Just kidding Michael. Kind of.


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Anderson deserves a shot to be a number one somewhere, but I agree I don't see anyone giving him too big of a chance based on about 20 games.

He has been a perfect back up and would be a big hole to fill if we lose him.

Khabibulin is also a UFA that will gets some interest. Lehtonen is a RFA who may be available. Biron & Niittymaki if they don't resign. There are only so many teams in need of a goaltender. Philly, Colorado, Toronto and maybe Dallas, so the market for a number one goaltender is small. Some could end up playing in Russia for good money.

I've been saying that about the Flyers since the season ended. I think a contract for Biron is contingent on playoff performance. Given how that turned out (I thought I was watching the Panthers yesterday with that blown 3 goal lead), and his always streaky performance, I think it's likely they look elsewhere for their starting goaltender. I'm guessing Vokoun gets more than a look. I think Nittymaki stays if he's willing to continue to be the backup. He, like Anderson, is a solid backup, but he's never been able to grab the starting job.

Just for fun, how about T-Vo for Biron and Knuble?? Flyers can't handle more salary, so you can't do a straight-up deal even if both sides thought it was fair....So Panthers take on Knuble's salary along with Biron. That's probably pretty close to T-Vo's salary. Also, the Cats take a chance on an aging veteran that has a knack to score goals...Both teams take a bit of a gamble, but that's how trades are supposed to work...

Biron and Knuble are UFA. No need to trade for them.

I'd be fine with a Clemmensen-Anderson tandem. But I wouldn't want overpaid players like Carle or Lupul coming back.

Good point Bo. I didn't know they were UFAs... Maybe they can try someone else, but JM will never admit that he'd like to rid of T-VO's contract, but will have an EXTREME hard time getting FAIR value in return for a guy who still has 2 years at an average of $6mil/year. That's a tough sell to a league that is far from short of goalies...And as bad as Philly's decisions have been with goalies over the last decade, I think Holmgren has a good head on his shoulders....I think if anybody is even thinking of T-VO at $6 mil/year, they would be much better offering Khabibulin $7-7.5 mil/year....T-VO is much more of a gamble, and I'd rather pay a little more for a guy that's already proven he can go all the way...

Either way, I still would rather make a deal if it's available out there for T-VO...There's no use in spending all that money on goalies, when there are way too many holes all aroung him....Yes it looks like we were close this year, but good luck getting some of those years out of many of those guys year in and year out....I say take your gamble and spend less in goal. If it's not working with your 2 average goalies, try to find yourself a temporary fix until you do...

Clemmensen-Anderson sounds very scary to me. I would rather not try that. Clemmensen played on a very good defensive team, he could never take the number of shots Panthers goalies take. Panthers don't need to do anything in goal what they need is scoring. If Flyers want to trade Carter for T-VO that is worth a look.

I wouldn't sign Clemmensen either. I think it's a nice story, like Tim Thomas, that an aging goalie finally got a shot and played well, but I think it's a big gamble thinking it may last long-term...Thomas may be the exception, but I wouldn't have signed him long-term like the Bruins did. But good for Thomas for overcoming his past...still a gamble...

I don't think there's that much interest in T-VO either...Mainly due to his contract...Too bad for Craig Anderson also because I think there's way too many other goalies out there... He definitely deserves a shot as a #1 somewhere, but I think he will end up back here out of default...Good for Panther fans... T-VO is a fine goalie, but if you can unload that contract, I'd do it in a heartbeat.... No way you get anything close to Carter for T-VO. I say trade T-VO to shed salary and spend it elsewhere. Sign Anderson for 2-3 years @ 3mil/year. Also sign another comparable goalie to Anderson. Play whichever goalie is hot. This way the PDB doesn't have to feel like he has to play T-VO because JM pays him so much...

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