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Potential Postseason Panthers Schedule

Here's what I'm hearing for the potential first round against Boston: G1 @ Bos: Thurs., Ap. 16 G2 @ Bos: Sat., Ap. 18 G3 @ Fla/NY: Mon. Ap. 20 G4 @ Fla/NY: Weds. Ap 22 G5*@ Bos: Fri. Ap 24 G6*@ Fla/NY: Sun Ap 27 G7*@Bos: Tues. Ap 29


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Fantastic as I'm away over the weekend so IF we make it I don't miss a game !!!

Motto for the last three games... Hit somebody!!!!!!

Hey GR or anyone else at the game last night...could you give me an idea of what the crowd was like in there - from what i've heard it was pretty intense??

The crowd was what you expect for the Pens, Rangers, Leafs, Flyers or Habs -- a lot of fans rooting for the visitors. however, the go Pens go chant was very low in contrast to the Leafs or Habs. a lot of empty seats still down low. That never changes.

Good schedule- hopefully the Cats make it into the playoffs.

There were quite a few Penguins fans in attendance, but the arena was decidedly in favor of the Panthers. I think the Panther fans understood the importance of the game, so the crowd was pretty fired up...especially after Sissy Crosby and Keith Ballard fought each other. During their brawl, I yelled some things that should not be repeated so, I wanted to make a public apology for my potty-mouth!

Keith Ballard played an excellent game. The Cats tend to play well when they play physical.

Go Panthers!

GR, how could you. Talk about cursing our chances! Posting a playoff schedule when we're nowhere near guaranteed to get in the playoffs?! That's like touching the Prince of Wales trophy...

The rangers will loose against the habs and 1 against philly. Lets make sure we grab 5 out of a possible 6 poins and we will be ok. That cancer avery is sucking the life out of this club. I just hope torterella dosent bench him.

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