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It's Craptastic: NHL on Versus

Nhlfox Anyone else had enough of Versus' coverage of the NHL postseason?

How is it that they pull away from a 3-3 game in Carolina to open a game in Anaheim that wasn't going to start for another 30 minutes? How about skipping the exciting finish in Raleigh for yet another viewing of an Esurance commercial we all know by heart?

In case you missed it, which I'm sure many of you did, the Hurricanes took Game 4 by scoring against the Devils with .02 seconds left.

What was Versus showing? Who cares. It sure wasn't hockey. Heck, they weren't even showing a tied game in St. Louis.

The NHL kowtows to Versus so much it isn't even funny.

It sure as hell isn't deserved.

The managers at the Quarterdeck in Sunrise seem to have as much knowledge about the NHL than those Comcast folks who run Versus.

At least the guys at Quarterdeck change the channel every once in a while, and yeah, they show a game other than one involving the Penguins.

Shame on the NHL for letting this happen night after night after night. Your fans deserve better (and that statement goes to the NHL; Versus has no fans. Nor good spots on the dial save for the gifts handed out from their parent cable network - which sucks Comcastically.)

Where was the Detroit-Columbus game? The entire Carolina-New Jersey series?

Oh yes, I forgot the Comcast-owned Flyers had to be shown on the Comcast-owned 'national' network.

Good thing there wasn't a bull rodeo coming up after the Pens/Flyers game or no one would have seen Carolina's awesome goal just before time expired.

The NHL needs to get off this crummy network pronto.

That said, Versus has Anaheim-San Jose coming up next. Unless the third period gets preempted by a fishing show.

Let's hope the bass aren't biting tonight.


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You must be reading my mind. This is rediculous. I remember back in the day, when you could watch the playoffs on the WWL and feel connected to every series that was going on. Less than 2 minutes of look-in action in arguably the most competitive seies in the first round is bush league. This is why channel 603 is NOT on my favorites.

Absolutely agree, the coverage is pathetic!

I saw the goal live thanks to Center Ice/NHL Gamecenter, but I want to expand on what GR said.

There were 4 games scheduled to start within 1 hour of each other tonight which is unacceptable. The playoffs are when you want fans to watch every game possible, not make it impossible for fans to watch every game.

The NBA would never do something like that. In fact, everyone makes fun of the NBA because they make the first two rounds of the playoffs take forever. They do it so all of their games can be televised nationally.

The NHL is married to one TV network and that network doesn't even have a sister network to put games on so they can better cover the early rounds. (TNT had NBA games on TBS a few years ago to make sure everything was covered.)

Versus is showing the marquee named teams to get the ratings and missing out on the better series, like NJ-CAR and CHI-CGY. If you want to get new fans these are the ones that will help your sport.

Amen George. Gary Bettman can sing the praises of VS all he wants but it is a load of crap. Crappy production, crappy colormen, crappy everything. Brian Engblom is a tool. Are you like me and let out a cheer when you saw the use the TSN feed for CAL/CHI? I thought I read somewhere that VS has brought the Hockey Night in Canada production crew in to teach them a few things, but I guess not. I cannot stand VS...see you have me all upset!

C'mon, you can't seriously believe Comcast/Flyers is reason that series got prime spot. Last year Caps-Flyers Game 6 didn't even get picked up. It's all about the Pens, and the Sunday NBC ratings speak for themselves.

What's great is that someone can suggest the Flyers organization is influential within the NHL (which I certainly agree with) while thousands of Flyers fans believe the league still has it in for them (and favors Pens)


I have been saying that for years, we have an organization (flyers) whose owners (Comcast) have a network (Versus) that no one watches.

If Comcast did not own the Flyers and Versus the NHL would not be on Versus today.

This was the idea formed by Wayne H. when he started Blockbuster He wanted to have a say in the whole process from production to distribution.

This is another example of why the NHL does not grow.

Solid rant, GR.

I'm all set with the Penguins/Flyers/Versus as well. Disgusting being force-fed this focus-group programming.

Have to agree with Zambonirodeo here. Pens/Flyers on Sunday was basically the highest rated regular season game EVER on NBC, not counting Winter Classics.


Sorry, but that's got nothing to do with focus groups. That's eyeballs and that's all networks care about.

The more amazing thing here is the local TV rating in Pittsburgh, though -- 1 of every 3 households? Don't tell me Pittsburgh isn't a hockey town.

And yes, Versus is a complete joke, and every time I hear Gary Bettman talk about how committed Versus is to hockey, I want to throw up.

I like the Flyers/Pens series as much as I like the Caps/Rangers. I would have liked to see the Hurricanes/Devils and more of the Red Wings/Blue Jackets. After all, aren't the Red Wings the defending champions?

P.S. VS HD channel sucks on Comcast HD boxes.

I expect they're passing on the Wings/Jackets series, even though the Wings are the defending champions, because both cities are in the eastern time zone and thus on at the same time as all the Eastern Conference games. Plus, they're playing the Blue Jackets and they're going to get better ratings out of the Pittsburgh/Philly series.

On a completely selfish note, I'm happy they're skipping the Carolina/New Jersey series because it's been the best one so far and since it's not on Vs., I can watch it on Center Ice.

I agree that Vs. playoff coverage is a joke. Back in the pre-lockout days, between ESPN and ESPN 2, most of the first round games and all of the later rounds got national coverage. Plus it was run by people who had an idea how to cover professional sports, not rodeo. Given ESPN's current program lineup, they may not have people who know how to cover professional sports anymore. Too bad we can't trade the NHL to ESPN and World Poker Tournament to Vs.

But then, if the NHL had any sense, they wouldn't sell an online product that blacked out games on their own network that's shown in like five markets. (Dear NHL, here's a clue for you, seeing as you don't have one: Subscribers to the online Center Ice package subscribe to the online package because they don't have cable or satellite television-therefore they don't get the NHL Network, or the local regional either.)

And when Versus does show a game you actually want to see, their presentation is totally frustrating.

The center ice cameraman (50-yard line) zooms in so much you're lucky to see the puck carrier and maybe a few defenders around him. Zoom out so we can see where the rest of the players in the zone are - like the goalie!

Ugggh just got to watch 2 mins of Capitals Rangers highlights while the Flames and Hawks were suppossed to be on. Rangers vs Caps video with Hawks vs Flames audio what a bunch of clowns.

was waiting for someone to mention this...what was that, the goalie cam? also took them 10 minutes to tell you that boston swept montreal...

Did you see the Calgary-Chicago Game 4 game last night? They cut in the end of TSN's great coverage that they were re-transmitting (thank god) and replaced the video with about 5 minutes of Henrik Lundquist's rear-end from the goal cam from the game that ended about an hour before! A few other replays of that game, all un-exciting, while Pierre Maguire and TSN's play-by-play call were calling action to something we weren't watching!

At least we got to see the head studio guy (don't know his name, the one who isn't Jonesie or Engblum and looks like a used car salesman...) make faces at the camera during a commercial break while someone goofed, again, and put them on the air.

Your FOX logo almost makes me want the Puck-Trax back...almost.

Yeah, I'm with you 100% Game 4 Ducks vs Redwings: Versus pulled away from the game to show overtime coverage of the Blackhawks game for about 5 seconds, then went back to Ducks game immediately because the Ducks had scored. They missed the goal completely. Choose one game or another.

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