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Back At Ya: Trade Luongo? ... Game 7 Madness ... Alan Cohen: He's No. 29! ... Numbers on Versus? Up ... Vokoun Billboard Gone ... A Luongo Frozen Poll

Louie2 Been getting some much appreciated time off, but have been thoroughly enjoying this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. Good games just about every night.

If you aren't a hockey fan, well, you're missing out. Of course, the NBA playoffs -- for the most part -- have been fun to watch as well.

Anywho, plenty of depressed folk up Vancouver way, that Stanley Cup parade route going to have to wait another year. Or more. Whatever. The big talk up there has been the third period implosion of one Roberto Luongo and the Canucks on Monday night in Chicago.

That was one ugly third period, and with Louie only signed for one more season and being overly non-committal for more, there is some talk (from OFP pal Ed Willes) that the Canucks have problems that trading their All-Star goalie could solve.

It's an interesting take; and it may be something Vancouver really has to think about. By dealing Louie, the Canucks would save his $6.75 million cap hit next year. That would help them sign the Sedin twins and go after a big name defenseman who, unlike Luongo, really wants out of South Florida. Of course, the Canucks won't just give up Louie for a bag of pucks, so money will be coming back. But Vancouver only has $31 million ($24 without Luongo) committed for next year, so it has some run to maneuver.

Where would Louie go? Not here, unless Tomas Vokoun was going west (no offense, but the Panthers can't have two goalies with a $6.75 million cap hit). Philly.com is reporting that the Flyers want Martin Biron back and his agent says he wants to return, so all the Flyers are looking for is a backup. There are a lot of other places Louie could fit in, and maybe getting out of Vancouver (after failing to get out of the second round in two of the past three seasons) may not be a bad idea on his part.

-- Looking forward to these Game 7s, you? Tonight's Pittsburgh/Washington game should be a classic for the ages, and the same could be said for Detroit/Anaheim tomorrow. The big question in the third Game 7 is whether the Canes have anything left in the tank. Carolina looked a step off in the past two games with Boston playing with plenty of desperation. If Carolina can get a super game out of Cam Ward, they can still pull this thing out. But their backs are against the wall in Boston.

And I hope you have Center Ice. Versus doesn't have room for both and they're showing Detroit/Ducks.

-- I hate linking to these kind of reports because the only reason they are out there is so they will be linked to by sites like this. So, you can find it yourself. Anyway, SI.com came up with a list of the best and worst owners in all of professional sports. Our very own Alan Cohen was ranked No. 29 in the NHL, just above the Maple Leafs and below the Thrashers and Lightning. Whatever. Pretty dumb poll if you ask me. 

-- And as much as I still think Versus gets it wrong, their numbers have been pretty good of late. I think they can thank the strong play of the game more so than their 1) marketing and 2) actual coverage of the game. But hey. Good for them.


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It would be a dream if luongo would be back but we all know that's wishful thinking. But Maybe trade vokohn and bouw's rights for him?

Luongo will one day return to a panthers uniform!

Not a chance. Didn't Luongo say he wanted to play for a winner? That's not the Panthers!

That trade still kills us to this day. Oh what could have been...

Trade the rights to Bouwmeester, along with Vokoun to the Canucks, in exchange for Luongo? Not counting what they have to pay Bouwmeester, it saves the Canucks $1,025,000 in cap salary. Bouwmeester then takes the roster spot that they might have used to re-sign someone like Ohlund, who probably would have cost them between $4 and $5 million - and some suggest maybe even above $5 million. It upgrades the defense quite a bit. Also, the Canucks actually have more cap space next year than the Panthers, as they are only committed to about $31.3 million for next season, while the Panthers are committed to about $38 million.

That would be a strange turn of events!

Hey George, you didn't elaborate - what did you mean about Vokoun's billboard being gone? What billboard?

I am surprised that Cohen ranked higher than any owner in sports except for maybe the clippers.

Cohen has hired the wrong person some more than once, instead of firing people for not doing the job he promotes them again more than once.

When the Panthers first moved to Sunrise they had close to 90% capacity now it is closer to 50% for at least those that paid.

They haven't smelled the playoffs, he has reduced scouting, he ran San Antonio into the ground and now is doing the same to Rochester.

His CEO doesn't care about the fans or hockey he only cares about getting more green and this is going to cost at the end because even the sponsors are beginning to realize that they are not getting the bang for their dollar.

He has turned going into a hockey game a big infomercial with hockey as an after thought.

He also lives out of the area so using Yormark's reasoning (even though we all know it was that the team won't have to pay Denis' salary and not replace him saving a ton of money) Cohen should be forced to sell the team because he does not promote the team 12 months a year.

We don't want and need the prima donna back in a Panthers uniform. TVo is just fine; and if not TVo, then Andy!

I was hoping the Panthers would go after the Sedin twins.

Sports Illustrated was right on the money regarding Cohen.

For all the great saves Luongo makes in the regular season, he really comes up flat in the playoffs. He had a pretty good team in front of him this year so people can't use the team as an excuse for his second round beating. His last game was just plain bad. In a cap world you have to question whether he is worth the money he makes. Flyers would be smart to stick with Martin Biron, he has a similar record as Luongo in the playoffs and makes much less money. Panthers don't need Luongo but they sure could use the Sedin twins, one for scoring and one to be the number one center. Scoring and a center have to be the number one priority. I can't sit through another year with no scoring forwards. The youngsters might breakthrough next year but we can't take a chance because most likely they don't.

Get Luongo back for Bertuzzi's old jersey! It'd serve Vancouver right, and then we'd have the glorious possibility to trade Luongo's primadonna ass out of town again!

You can tell the time has allowed the homer fan in me to shine through, cantcha?;)

Anyway...looks like you were wrong, George - that game 7 last night was nothing to write home about...at least, not if you're playing for a D.C.-based professional hockey team.

yeah, that game started off great; both teams were flying, hitting and I thought it was going to be a classic. turned out to be a major league dud. oh well; still a great series. hope the other two tonight bring the funk...

Washington stunk the house out. They played no defense at all and kept giving up the puck. I hate Crosby but I have to give him credit, he was the best player playing last night by a country mile, whatever that is. Watch for Ryan Getzlaf to carry the Ducks. Everyone always talks about Crosby, Ovechkin and Malkin but Ryan Getzlaf may be the best player in the league. He does it all, tough with finesse. Should be a great game.

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