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Back in The Coop: High School Softball State Championship LIVE! Cooper City 3, Jax 'Fletch' Fletcher 1 (FINAL) ... Cowboys State Champions

Coop1 PLANT CITY -- Good morning kids, and greetings from the state girls' softball championships in scenic and always exciting Plant City.

The strawberry festival is over, but there are still fresh berries to be had. I'm now out of Plant City material.

Covering those world famous Cooper City Cowboys here in their first fast-pitch championship game. The Coop has won three slow pitch titles, but the state acts like those tournaments never happened. But they did. St. Thomas Aquinas, Chaminade-Madonna, Westminster Academy and others also won slow-pitch titles. And good for them.

Anyway, we're in the bottom of the first here, The Coop surviving a big-time scare in the top of the frame. Jax Fletcher (31-0) loaded up the bases, but the Pokes got out of it.

With one out here in the bottom of the first, CCHS has loaded up the bases...

-- CFletchCHS 1, Fletch 0: Jessica Stewart just drew a bases-loaded walk and The Coop takes the first lead. They are partying like it's 1989 on Stirling Road as we speak..

Coop pitcher Corinne Clauss just hit into a 1-2-3 double play, the inning is over. But like we said, Cooper City takes the lead. One run off one hit...

-- Fletch goes down in order in the top of the second...poor Fletch. He's 6-foot-5 you know (6-9 with the afro)...

-- The Coop is up in the bottom of the 2nd...I'm looking forward to going to the pool later today. Looks like a nice day.

Put a runner on second with two outs, but can't get no further...still 1-0 heading into the third. Hello Andy Slater.

--Fletch goes down in order in the third; since leaving the sacks full (I need some White Castle) in the first, Fletch has gone six up, six down.

-- Bottom of the third, and the Cowboys open with a double to left by Rebecca Fingles, then a walk from Stormi Gryzbek. But despite having runners at first and second with no outs, The Coop can't push another run across. Missed opportunity right here kids. The Coop sure would like to have that inning back. Still, the Pokes lead 1-0. We're heading to the fourth.

-- The site of the state tournament is the former spring training home of the Reds. Then they up and left this joint (leaving Plant City hanging) for Sarasota. Now the Redlegs are off to Arizona. Word is the Orioles could take over the Reds complex as early as this coming spring. I saw it on the local news so it has to be true, right?

-- Someone's making popcorn...smells so good...

-- Top of the fourth...With two outs, Coop makes two errors on the same batter, runner now at second;

FLETCH 1, CCHS 1: The Sens (not from Ottawa) tie the score as someone (she wears No. 10) singles into right field and the CCHS pitcher cuts off the throw in...wouldn't have gotten her anyway...

Fletch2 Fletch defines grace under pressure...

-- Now in the top of the fifth; still tied...make that bottom of the fifth...uno, dos, tres for Fletch. The story IS Utah, Frank...

--Cooper City has runner at third, two outs; Jessica Stewart may just be the game MVP..she just sends a shot to deep center..it's now...

COOP 2, Fletch 1

Make that COOP 3, Fletch 1...Corinne Clauss, the pitcher of record, just singled in a third run...Fletch has six outs to make things right...

Who is it, Mr. Sinlindin?

--We head to the sixth, The Coop holding a nice 3-1 lead...it's not over, but...

Traffic was murder. One of those manure spreaders jack knifed on the Santa Ana. Awful mess. You should see my shoes.

-- Welcome to the top of the sixth...nothing much going on...Fletch goes down 1-2-3...

It's all ball bearings nowadays.

--The Coop goes down in order in the sixth, so here we go: Three outs left. Cooper City going for its first fast-pitch state title in school history. And this, by my count, would be the school's fifth state Cchsmegna championship. Four in softball, one in tennis. Yeah, I know..

And Cooper City has won the Class 6A state softball championship. Congratulations to the girls from Broward who are bringing home another trophy. American Heritage won earlier in the week.

Here's a pic of athletic director and CCHS alum Paul Megna with Cchssofty the state championship trophy. The other pic is of the Cowboys awaiting their medals.

Thanks for visiting everyone, and as always, drive careful.

Oh, and I'm charging this trip to the Underhill's American Express card. Want the number?

-- On a side note, congrats to CCHS alum Rob Busher for winning my Facebook Cooper City trivia contest. Rob will recieve a hearty handshake from me at our upcoming reunion later this summer. Way to go Rob!


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