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Denis Potvin Leaves the Panthers, Out on FSN ... Billy Lindsay Moves Up, Randy Moller Goes Solo ... Denis, Michael Yormark Speak ... NOW! With Frozen Poll

Denis Just got the official word that Denis Potvin, the team's television analyst since Day 1, will not be back next season.

Heard a rumor about this way back in January but that was before FSN re-upped with the team.

Billy Lindsay is moving up to the television booth with Steve Goldstein.

Randy Moller will be back on radio and flying solo.

So the Panthers go from four broadcasters to three. But Michael Yormark says this had nothing to do with finances. Denis does not agree. Nor do I. Michael Yormark says believe what you want.

''I'm not in the job to make sure people believe me,'' he said on a conference call with myself, Barry Jackson, Steve Gorten and Brian Biggane.

"I've always been truthful and up front with our fans. I have a blog like you do. I tell the good, bad indifferent. I respond to every email. The reality, based on financial relationship with Fox is there really is no difference whether we have three, five, one or 10 in the booth. It's not a financial decision. We make decisions that are best for the franchise. I believe in time people will look at this as another good decision. And that's not a slap at Denis. He's a great analyst. We're looking for something different, something that's in the right direction of the franchise.''

Potvincup Denis: ''I wasn't prepared for it. They had talked about reorganizing, renegotiating a lower rate. We never got to that. It's all about the economy. Now I'm looking for new opportunities. This is new to me. I've never been fired. I'm not done, not by a long shot.''

More Denis: ''It's been exciting, a good run. Florida has become our home, our kids have grown up here. But their minds were made up. This isn't like the old days. Once you're somewhere for so long, you think you're a lifer. Things are different now. I have a lot of good memories. But once they told me I was done, I walked out.''

Michael Yormark said the fact that Denis spends his summers in Quebec had a lot to do with his not being retained. The Panthers have a new three-year deal with FSN, and will be handling a lot of the ads and all that. So, read into that what you will. Sounds to me like games are going to become one big infomercial. And the team wants its broadcasters to sell the team, sell tickets, sell sponsorships during the offseason.

Steve Goldstein, Bill Lindsay and Randy Moller all live local and spend a good majority of their summers here. So they can go to Panther cookouts and come into the office and call season ticket holders. Denis, being up north, could not. And probably would not.

The Panthers obviously want more from their broadcasters than them just being, you know, professional broadcasters. And that's fine. And it seems the other three are cool with taking on more of that -- especially Randy since he's part of the team's front office.

''That was a factor,'' Yormark said. ''We want our broadcasters here, help market the franchise, meet with season ticket holders. That's very important.''

Michael Yormark on Denis:

''The last conversation Dennis had was last summer. He asked what was going to happen with Fox and he wanted a long-term deal, said he wanted to be here long term. Denis did not contact us after the season. We brought him in today. We spent a lot of time on this. It was a collaborative decision from within. Not an easy decision. He's a wonderful analyst, been here a long time. We just want to go in a different direction.

 Yormark on the new broadcast combos:

''After our new three year deal with Fox, things are structured a little differently. We'll be a little more involved, control the ad inventory. This was the right time to change the look and feel through our talent.

Yormarkmug ''Bill really progressed on radio was involved in TV on every telecast. He's more comfortable on TV. He has good chemistry with Goldie and is probably one of the most popular players in our history. You see him walking down thre street, he's recognizable.

''We want our broadcasters here 12 months a year, be part of our marketing initiatives. We use Randy aggressively, Goldie, Billie. We're going to move forward. I like the feel of this. And the move does give Randy a chance to expand his role on radio. This year, he had a breakout year. He's arguably one of the best color guys in the NHL, he has the experience. He's going to blossom further by being the only guy in the booth. Every team in our division has one guy in the radio booth*. Randy will continue to prosper.

''We feel comfortable with Goldie and Billy on the air. They'll work hard all summer together so when they get on the air, they'll be ready.''

(*) Washington Capitals: Steve Kolbe and Ken Sabourin; Tampa Bay: Dave Mishkin and Phil Esposito (home only). Carolina and Atlanta have one radio voice.


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wow the cats lost a lot of credibility . . . nothing against lindsay but man Potvin was the only one who knew what he was doin in there.... pretty sad day

this is the saddest thing I have ever heard... Potvin was hilarious! and wasn't afraid to call things what they were...

Bad call by the franchise on this one. Denis was a class act and a darn good color guy.

Billy Lindsay is a great replacement, but Potvin was the man and he will be really missed by all of us who enjoyed the TV broadcasts. His honesty was always appreciated.

Can't wait to here Denis' side... on the surface this makes absolutely no sense. He's been the guy since day 1. Lindsay is a franchise guy, I understand. But unless there's something behin the scenes, I don't get it. I cannot IMAGINE going solo on the radio for Moller... that's brutal. Just don't understand it.

Trading Luongo? That hurt, but I was able to live with it. Trading Jokinen? Not a deal-breaker. Missing the playoffs...again? Good-bye season tickets. Not bringing back Potvin? I'm done...won't even watch 'em on TV now. They really need to get new ownership in there ASAP.

lol, ditching the team for good because of this is WAY over the top, but whatever. Good riddance!

I will miss Potvin calling all the Canes dives as they were. That was his biggest strong point!

Not a surprising move by this organization. Lindsay is probably way cheaper than Potvin. Potvin is also way too honest about the team. Yormack made the call on this one and it's all about saving money and having a "company" guy who won't question anything the team does or crticize them.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the next shoe drop - a low ball offer to Booth and he is gone, either in a trade or as a UFA (with some other team tendering an offer sheet that easily bests the Panthers offer).

I also won't be surprised to start seeing nasty stuff come out from the Panthers organization - just like they do with almost everyone else - putting down Potvin and trying to make him look bad.

damn... i might just start not watching panther games anymore. I felt like I grew up with Potvin. He was there almost all my life.

Terrible. I love Billy, but Potvin was great. Another questionably move in the books and I am beginning to understand why Canadians say we don't deserve a team. I wish so badly I could jump ship, unfortunately for me it is not in my personality. Thanks for everything Potvin, I wish you the best.

I have to imagine this is related to more than finances. This is a very sad day...throughout the history of the Panthers there was one constant: Denis. It be nice if this franchise actually cared about building a little tradition, even in the television booth. I'm sorry but Billy is a terrible color man. I say that with all the love in my heart for him but geezus. Going from Denis to Billy is like going from a Bentley to Chevy Nova.

Okay, maybe not that bad.

Eff yooo Yormark!

- Season Seat "Owner"

Really? It doesn't matter if you have 5 guys in the booth? Salaries don't matter to your accountants? Come on Mike... just tell it like it is and move on, don't try to sugar coat this with the "he's not local, he doesn't sell the team..." shtick. Just having a blog doesn't equal "up front with the fans." If it wasn't financial, why leave Moller by himself on the radio? Does ANY other team in professional sports have just 1 guy on the radio? Just doesn't make sense.

This sounds like a decision that was made awhile ago, and unfortunately it sounds more personal then business. Just sad.

"He's arguably one of the best color guys in the NHL, he has the experience"

Btw... Randy was the play by play guy, Lindsay was the "color guy" last season. The reason he was so good was that he had a guy to bounce his crazy quotes off of.

It is definitely sad that Denis is gone. We need a balanced broadcast and not all cheerleader all the time (that goes for every team not just us).

It is all about promotion and all about sales. As far as I can remember Denis didn't participate in any marketing, promotions, fan interaction, etc. I respect that that is probably not his style, but this franchise is here to sell itself and whatever product brings in the most revenue.

I believe Yormark is being sincere that it doesn't matter if you have 3, 5 or 10 guys in the booth. If you can get all of those guys to sell something and bring in more money than it costs you to pay them, then the franchise comes out ahead. If that means selling product during live game action to cover the cost and making viewers and listeners fight through that to enjoy the game that's fine with him. The money is most important.

As for Denis, I wish him all the best. I can see his role on NHL Home Ice expanding (can you imaging putting him and Espo together) or maybe he can latch on with another team.

It's another unfortunate day during our long summer.

Yorsmuck is a scum bag. I am sick of all his bad decisions. Cannot take it any longer. He is feeding us a bunch of BS. I am done - cancel my tickets please.

George - there is no logic to Yormack's comment about it not being about money. If it is, as he said, about having broadcasters who are part of the marketing effort 12 months a year, he had that before terminating Potvin. In fact, he had the same 3 guys here (12 months a year) that he will have now. Nothing has changed in that regard. He didn't add or subtract anything with respect to marketing.

By the way, I'd also question the real value of broadcasters marketing the team. You have to wonder how many fans will actually buy a season ticket because Goldie, Lindsay or Moller flipped them a burger at a cookout.

Finally, what's next? Only signing players who will stay in South Florida 12 mohths a year? Will they say that they were glad not to sign Bouwmeester because he likes to go home to Edmonton in the summer? Will they say that if they lose Booth (or trade him), because he likes to go home to Michigan in the summer?

GR, thanks for the update about other teams with 1 radio guy. Definatly didn't realize it was happening elsewhere, albeit southeastern teams. My bad.

Billy is arrogant and a poor color man. You will see.

I always appreciated how honest he was about the team's performance and how he always got fed up with all the bad calls that I did.

Pretty bummed that the team's broadcasts will be losing that.

GR, thanks for the different perspectives you provided with this update.

So, George - is Yormark really this dissociated from the truth, or is he really as big a sleazeball as he comes across?

What a low life s***bag Yormark is. I don't know how his wife sleeps with him at night. He makes ignorant comments without researching what he writes. I like Bill Lindsay but dumping Potvin the way they did is as low as it gets. And don't get me started on Moller as a broadcaster. He is the worst in the league. It's laughable that we used to have broadcasters the likes of Jiggs McDonald, Dave Strader and Jeff Rimmer and Yormark thinks this is a good team?? Even Goldie sounds like a teenage boy going through puberty. Please Mr. Huizenga buy back the team and restore it to it's past. Enough of this carpet bagger Yormark and the glorified no nothing fan Alan Cohen.

Yormark is a joke.It was 2 or 3 years ago when he was the cheerleader in February talking playoffs when we had no prayer. Not financial please. His comment about no one else in the Division having 2 in the radio booth was naother lie as pointed out by George. Denis was class and a star. It is clear that under the new FSN deal, the Cats get less $$ and have to sell sponsors and adds. why not be truthful? I hope the SPAC that is considering buying Cohen out does so, and we are not the next Phoenix.

yormark is an absolute clown. he's been slitting throats within the organization for the last 6 months just to save a few bucks. nevermind him and his cronies ridiculous salaries. slit the throat of the poor girl working in your lobby makin $25k a year. a professional sports franchise and there isnt even anyone in the lobby when i come to pick up my season tickets. i have to call someone and asked to be helped. absolute joke.

this team will be nothing but a joke until cohen and yormark are gone. they care nothing about the on ice product. its all about selling tickets and sponsorships. come see a crappy team and pay us to plaster an ad on every square inch of flat arena. nevermind about the product.

Yormark, just be honest and tell people you are a huge liar and DB. It’s only due to money, not because he's not here during the summer. Having been involved with the organization, I was told how they had a hard time getting Moehler to do local events and he even bailed on a local poker tournament to go to Canada. Hmm, Yormark, your excuse doesn't hold much water. As for Yormark letting everyone go, but can put up huge HD TV boards in the arena, and on the road sides??? Makes sense doesn't it????

Also, you say you want to do more street team, events and so on, but it’s funny that you rarely do them and when you do, you are unorganized and unoriginal.

Also, if things are so great, why are you cutting the work week???? I thought you only did that when you had a season full of sellouts and playoff runs, but no, you feel the need to save money....

Keep up with your pathetic ideas. It’s great when you can't even give away free Panther tickets....Try that in Detroit....

Please Email Cohen and Yormark and tell them what you think





Hey Mike Y,
Wanna market the team better and sell tickets? WIN MORE GAMES! Make it deep into the playoffs. That might help your marketing and ticket sales.
I am kinda happy for Potvin though. He will land a better gig and get away from the clown college that plays at the Billboard

Just wondering where Michael Yoramark takes his vacations?

Because if he goes away, well shouldnnt he lose his job to?

How about the owner? Does Alan Cohen live in south Florida 12 months out of the year? I thought he spent a lot of time in Colorado. And Europe too.

How about Goldie? He spends every waking day in Sunrise? Billy Lindsey? Randy?

Everyone who works for the Panthers live and breathe in Sunrise?

If they don't, if they don't cold call people who should be season ticket holders (owners?), shouldn't they all loose they're jobs?

What about Jacques Martin? Does he live here making phone calls and flipping burgers 12 months a year? Dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Panthers president Michael Yormark said he was unaware of any discussions with Potvin about taking a pay cut and insisted the decision was not financially driven. He said the team likes the idea of having a prominent former Panthers player in the TV booth.
1- Your quote to the paper is an absolute lie. Everything you do is financially driven.
2- Any knowledgeable fan can tell you that Lindsay's logic, depth of analysis and insight are poor.
3- Potvin is a Florida Panthers icon and hockey Hall of Fame member... no one is more prominent than Potvin. Potvin has been here for every season of this miserable franchise... not just a few like Lindsay.
4- You really know how to make your miniscule fan base bitter. How dare you insult our intelligence by saying you wanted someone who lives here full time.
5- Thanks for helping me make up my mind against buying season tickets. If I want to see a hockey game next year, I'll buy tickets from scalpers outside the arena for $5 like my friends currently do.
6- If you run Oz like you run the team, Oz will become the biggest slum in the southeast.
7- Admit your mistake and bring Potvin back. You can find the money to pay Potvin by selling ads on the toilet seats.

here are the email addresses of the team owners:

I love the sport, but find the Panthers ownership and management maddening.

Yormark shows again why the circus is in Sunrise 12 months a year.

There are so many ads in the arena that you have to learn to tune them out.

This organization has no loyalty no wonder the players can't wait to get out of here

This franchise is being run into the ground like the blackhawks were until their owner passed away and now they are one of the best run franchises why because they welcomed back their former players.

Randy is part of the front office. I like Billy but he is not ready to be a color man on tv.

The real reason is that Denis is not afraid to tell it like it is and Yormark only wants yes men.

Cohen please sell the team and get rid of Yormark. Maybe Yormark is following his brother's lead in NJ with the Nets another team that doesn't win and can't draw people only get as many ads.

Maybe Yormark can can a sponsor for Billy, Billy Lindsey brought to you buy (pick any sucker that puts their ad in the arena)

Denis got fired because his tone was slightly more critical of the way the Panthers were playing this year than in years past...and rightfully so, because expectations were higher last year. He wasn't being a Yormak puppet!

I'll miss Denis. I liked him alot. Can we trade Michael Yormak and Alan Cohen? Man, this franchise is frustrating!

I should lose my job since I am going to vacation in toronto this summer. Man this organization is a joke. Remember when the organization got rid of bill lindsey twice and now they call him a franchise player. FIRE Yormak he is the worst business mindset ever. This is seriously the *****iest team in the nhl. They like to get rid of the best person for the job for someone else. YORMAK GO TO HELL!

Yet another obvious reason the panthers are losing they're fan base. Micheal Yormark is an idiot and belongs working in marketing or an executive of a non sport related business. When people go to a live sporting a event they don't want to be bombarded with advertisements on the urinals, being handed out as you leave, everytime there is, icing, powerplay, penalty kill, puck drop, video review...list goes on for hours...

Now what in the blue hell does commentating televised hockey games have to do with living in Canada in the summer anyway? Is that a joke? And why would anyone care about having a former panther in the booth? Potvin captained a dynasty team! HALL OF FAME! Nothing against Bill Lindsey...is this a joke?

Who the hell even reads or cares about Yormarks blog anyway? Someone needs to put an ad over the son of a *****'s face.

This organization is run by a hat trick of idiots.

Alan Cohen
MIcheal Yormark
Jacques Martin

...and it never ends.

Sorry Yormark, I caught you lying. In the article above, he says he answers all his emails and never lies. I have emailed him in the past, and NEVER gotten a reply.
Herald: Please keep us informed about public hearings concerning their proposed land deal (called the City of OZ). I want to appear and protest this giveaway of valuable County land to this group of slimeballs.

I have heard about doing a protest in front of the BAC or right outside. Any interest from anyone???

I am a sponsor - a small one granted, but one who has spnet more than 10K per year for the last five years in things like Unrestricted Magazine and Panthers Insider.

That is now over. I do not undertand why a move like this would be made unless it is about $. The guys has been here since day one. He one of the few pieces of respcted continuity that the franchise has. No offense Billy, but you cannot fill these shoes.

I am taking my small sponsorship and ending it for at least this year. The way things are run at the BAC it probably won't be noticed, but it will make me feel better.

Chicago ran a famous broadcaster out of town and then brought him back. Lets hope Panthers management sees the anger out there and does the right thing.

Just think how refreshing it would be. Not likely to happen though.

Sad day fpr the few remaining die-hards

Personally I think you have that one backwards. Telling Lindsay to leave is dumping on the Panthers History. He IS a part of Panthers history. I will miss Denis! I grew up with him as an Islander player and grew older with him through all the years as a Panther broadcaster.

Its been 16 seasons and he has outlasted 3 Play by Play men on TV (Rimer, Jiggs MacDonald, and Dave Strader) and others from the Radio Side (Chris Moore). but it is not like he was some sort of integral part of the TEAM.

Personally, I hope the Isles sign him to a position and he helps rebuild that dying franchise. Talk about a team that has alienated its fanbase by dumping on it's history. Maybe he can save them from becoming the KC Scouts!!

Thank you Denis for all the years of Panther commentary on Sunshine Network, Channell 39, SportsChannel Florida, and Fox Sports Florida. We will miss you!...

Good luck in whatever you do and wherever you go!

Thank you, Angry Sponsor, for boycotting the team with your ad revenues. I respect you for standing-up to the maddening idocy known as Sunrise Sports and Entertainment. Your money speaks louder than mine. I wish I knew what business you own, because I would go out of my way to patronize you.

See thats funny Howard, I think he is being a complete fool by pulling his advertisement (assuming it is working well for his company in the first place) all because Denis Patvin has been allowed to move on to a new position with another team. Were people so up in arms when Chris Moore left after 7 seasons?, Hell it was his calls on the Panthers wins over Philly and Pittsburgh in 1996 that fill up the Panther Highlight Films, not Rimer and Potvin since the only TV was National Coverage for those series. Jiggs MacDonald is an NHL HOF'er AS a broadcaster, were people threatening boycotts after his departure. Dave Strader is considered by many to be one of the top 5 play by play guys in the ENTIRE NHL. Consider the fact that he is calling playoff games for VS. Where was the call to arms for allowing him to go to Phoenix, soon to be Hamilton!

As I wrote before I am sorry to see them let go of Potvin, and I wish him well. I grew up with him as a player, and have matured into a family man with him as an announcer. Heck he as been a small part of my life for the better part of 30 of my 40 years. But to think that this is worthy of a boycott of the games or something is really an overblown response in my opinion.

I have mixed emotions on this one. I like Potvin but he was getting a little stale. I really like Billy Lindsay's between period Lowdown so he might be a real good choice. Randy Moller in my opinion is absolutely the worst play-by-play announcer ever. When he calls a game it is impossible to visualize it, I never listen to Moller, I either go to a game, watch it on TV or if needed listen to the opponent's radio broadcast on the web. They went to one radio guy because it is cheaper only a fool would think anything else. Good luck to Denis, I will always think of him when they call a "Skinny" penalty.

Wow---this really hurts. Potvin was class--I always loved to hear his commentary. He always was able to point things out to the viewer that was out of the camera's eye. He also seemed well respected by the players--I would love to hear some of their reactions.

Potvin always had an old school hockey approach and really knew his shizzle. I really am going to miss his gritty point of view. I have a LOT of respect for Billy, but this was really a kick in the pelotas to us die-hard fans.

I hope there is a slight chance that this gets fixed....hey one can wish!

to catfan 927: The Potvin issue is not a single issue, but rather the final straw that broke this camel's back. I have previously used this forum to describe a number of deceptive, misleading and incompetent issues including:
1- Coupons for free tickets that are NOT free.
2- Offering a special sale date where you can buy tickets for 20% discounts; however on the sale day, the BAC box office is closed.
3- Towing my dads car from the traffic circle because all the handicap spots were taken.
4- Promising free hats to the first 10,000 fans, but only having about 1000 hats to give away.
5- Remember the $5 deli coupon promotion? No one ever got such a promotion.
6- Lets say you've ordered a plate of hotdogs for your luxury box. If you have some left over at the end of the game, don't even think about taking them with you... even though you've paid for them.
7- Try chanting something like "Jacques Must Go" instead of yelling "Go Cats Go." Yormark had me ejected from the BAC for that chant. Only quick intervention by part owner Stu Siegel allowed me to remain in my seat.
So now maybe you can better understand why the ouster of Potvin has helped me better decide to invest my hockey money into something less frustrating... like buying a boat or motorcycle. And that's why I respect other fans or advertisers who also feel poorly treated and are communicating with these frustrating individuals the only way they understand... with our pocketbooks. I am happy to further elaborate on these incidents with any member of the ownership group or media.

This is Howard, with part 2 of annoying, infuriating things about this ownership and management group.
It's important for me to deal with people and companies that I respect. The examples in the previous post clearly demonstrate to me a lack of respect by the way the team treats me.
Let me give you some additional examples of items I consider to be outright lies by Yormark in this George Richards article.
1- Yormark says the dumping of Potvin was not a matter of finance. C'mon Yormark, everything you do is a matter of finance. Please don't talk down to me.
2- Yormark says he got rid of Potvin because he doesn't spend his summers in Florida. Please don't insult my intelligence.
3- In the article, Yormark says he answers "all" his emails. I have emailed Yormark through the years about various issues and specifically asked for a reply. I never ever got a response from Yormark. That's another reason why Yormark has no credibility with me.
By now I hope you have a greater understanding about why a passionate, die-hard hockey fan like myself has such a bad taste in my mouth for this organization.

Catfan get your lips off of Yormark's arse!! That idiot is the biggest slimeball in sports other then his brother with the Nets. He is a damn liar and will do anything for a buck. Denis Potvin kicked to the curb like a piece of trash. All of the other announcers that were here left of their on free will. Do your homework before you make such a moronic comment. And let;s not forget the Alice Faircloth incident. If you all don't remember the story she was a 71 year old usher at the arena that stood up to the bully Yormark. I could not get a link to work but here is a bit of the story that I found online.

Alice Faircloth hadn't saved quite enough for her retirement, but the 74-year-old Hialeah woman liked her job as an usher at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise. A self-described extrovert, Faircloth was glad to get out of her house, which has been missing a portion of its roof since Hurricane Wilma.
Toward the end of the Florida Panthers game last Halloween night, a man wearing an expensive suit slipped into the section of the stadium reserved for disabled spectators, not far from where Faircloth was standing. "He seemed agitated — his neck was bulging," Faircloth says. "And all of a sudden, he said the f-word really loud. Usually, if someone does that, we call security and have them ejected, because this is a family environment."
As the final seconds ticked away, the man's swearing only intensified. The game ended in a 2-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks. As the man stormed out, Faircloth leaned toward him to say, "Excuse me, sir, but you have an awfully foul mouth."
The man stopped and glared at her, she says. "I thought he was going to hit me, he was so angry," Faircloth says.
"Do you know who I am?" Turns out he was Michael Yormark, chief operating officer of BankAtlantic Center. According to Faircloth, he then said, "I don't ever want to see you here again."
Moments later, Faircloth saw Yormark walk into the office of the contractor that provides ushers for the stadium. Later, Faircloth's supervisor told her not to come back. "I'm blackballed from going back to the BankAtlantic Center," she says.
Yormark did not return calls for comment. Faircloth hasn't found another usher job, and the rain comes through her roof, but she has no regrets. "I didn't know who he was," she says, "and I don't care."

Yeah Catfan, he is a real saint and one tough hombre with the elderly! You are probably so suck up lackey in the front office.

As a season seat holder, I would gladly take a ticket price hike if it means getting back Denis Potvin, taking down some of the ads and getting rid of the glorified used car salesmen running the show.

Yormark, is the WORST thing to ever happen to the Sunrise Center. I don't care how much he brings in. His whoring out of the facility has taken one of the nicest arenas in the country and made it look like the Sunday sales papers.

Any moron that would go to a season seat holder meet-and-greet and arrogantly spout off "Luongo Who?" needs to get as far from hockey as possible.

CatFan - you miss the point so completly that its scary.

This is not THE reason I am pulling out, it is just the latest reason - it has been one thing after another for YEARS now with this team. My ads used to be special in that they were one of (relativly) few -- now it is a s@*%storm of ads.

Martin - the luongo issue, the way Olli was treated, the way Belak was treated, the Bo situation, and NOW this. Why -- I am not saying that Potvin is the be all and end all of the team, but he reresented a LEGITIMATE piece of RESPECTABLE, continuity -- and now he is yesterdays trash.

this is bush league, and has ben since AC and MY came to town

Bush league would be an upgrade for this franchise. Imagine getting rid of a class act like Potvin because he won't sell tickets in the offseason. I've said since Bryan Murray ran the team--this team does everything on the cheap. Put out a product that wins and everything else would take care of itself. Maybe then you wouldn't have to have your color analyst stay in town over the summer. We can afford 8 million dollar stiffs, but not one 8 million dollar star that helps us win. The arrogance of the upper management is top notch--the only thing top notch around this place!!

Billy will be a great replacement...Denis did a great job but Billy is an orginal Panther and I look forward to hearing him and Goldie together

angry sponsor I am with you, the return on the dollar becomes less and less when you over saturate the market like Yormark has done. The value of your ad is less because there are way too many.

This place is run like a three ring circus, they are only concerned with revenue (they could care less about Joe Fan). Everything is done on the cheap when it comes to the running of this organization. They changed security companies because it was cheaper.

Well Yormark, you get what you paid for, you have an arena that looks like an advertisement.

You have one of the worse run hockey teams in the league and now you are going to have a substandard broadcast on both tv and radio.

I have known all the announcers including Billy (I like Billy and Billy being an analyst is not the point) for years and like all of them.

What this organization does it dismiss loyalty whether it be a player, coach, announcer fan.

Loyalty is a two way street and don't think the players don't see that the Scott Mellanby's of the world are not welcomed back by the organization. Heck they didn't even know that 2008 was the year of the rat in the Chinese New Year.

They fired their mascot and replaced him with a clown (it is still Stanley but he has nowhere the talent of the prior Stanley), they hire a tiny panther for the kids. They are marketing this team for little kids.

The quality of the product away from the ice has gone down, from the food, drinks, security, service.

The product on the ice being below average is considered great just look at the comments of two GMs and see the difference.

Doug Wilson GM of San Jose, losing in the first round is not acceptable.

JM the GM of the Panthers, the season was a success as we competed for a playoff spot and watch the young kids come up next year and improve the team.

You can tell which organizations have class and which don't not just by the product on the ice but by their minor league system (Rochester wants out of the Panthers agreement just like San Antonio did in the past) and by their product off the ice.

Calling this organization bush league is an insult to the real bush leagues, this organization does even reach the Mickey Mouse Organization which Wayne Gretsky called NJ before NJ made the right hire to run their organization).

Mr. Cohen how many more years do we have to suffer through this joke of an organization before you finally sell

Naming the area around the arena OZ is perfect because the organization lives in fantasy land thinking that this team is playoff caliber and that they can continue to think that the fans are idiots and don't know the real reasons.

Mr. Yormark for once don't be the slime that you come across as to us knowledgable fans, tell the truth and be honest with yourself and with the fans.

I stopped going to the season ticket holder events because I was tired of the BS coming from your mouth and realized how much you do not know about hockey (we don't need scouts because we can watch film)

As long as this organization is run on the cheap in the scouting and development aspect we will be at best fighting for a playoff spot.

Denis, congrats on getting away from this place, you and DeBoer are the only legitimate aspects of the Panthers and DeBoer won't be here long when he realizes what is happening.

" See thats funny Howard, I think he is being a complete fool by pulling his advertisement (assuming it is working well for his company in the first place) all because Denis Patvin has been allowed to move on to a new position with another team. Were people so up in arms when Chris Moore left after 7 seasons?, Hell it was his calls on the Panthers wins over Philly and Pittsburgh in 1996 that fill up the Panther Highlight Films, not Rimer and Potvin since the only TV was National Coverage for those series. Jiggs MacDonald is an NHL HOF'er AS a broadcaster, were people threatening boycotts after his departure. Dave Strader is considered by many to be one of the top 5 play by play guys in the ENTIRE NHL. Consider the fact that he is calling playoff games for VS. Where was the call to arms for allowing him to go to Phoenix, soon to be Hamilton!

As I wrote before I am sorry to see them let go of Potvin, and I wish him well. I grew up with him as a player, and have matured into a family man with him as an announcer. Heck he as been a small part of my life for the better part of 30 of my 40 years. But to think that this is worthy of a boycott of the games or something is really an overblown response in my opinion. "

That's just poor logic. Jiggs went into retirement happily and decided that he wanted to come back and do Isles games (which he often does). Chris Moore sucked, as did Jeff "Full-flight" Rimmer and Scott gravel-voice.

Strader wanted to do more NBC and VS.

The point I am making is that this is the first time we have removed top-tier talent from the booth by our design.

Yormark is a p.o.s., that is nothing new, and Cohen has no clue about how to run a team and frankly has no business owning one. For a guy who hates to lose he has gotten real good at it. Maybe it's time to hang it up, Al...

George, please do keep us in the loop on the OZ project. Maybe we can also apply some political pressure at the County or Federal levels (DOT or Congress) to shut these a-holes down.

Yormarck has posted a blog on the Panthers site. It just confirmed what's been said here. He has no clue.

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I agree with you STHSDO.

F this team. Who will they bring in this season? Huselius? bring another former scrub panther back? hmmmmm go cheap and get comrie for center lol hahaha i can see that!

JM is an idiot for not trading Bouw.

I feel bad for DeBoer cuz this core group of players are a bunch of losers and they need to be traded away. What you see in Horton is what you will get the rest of his career. Weiss can't score. Bouw is GONE. Booth will get overpaid and never reach 30 goals again. OLESZ IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone in here for the most part is right on the money with this one. I mean, how much can we take with this band of incompetent losers? Another good take on this travesty is by the Panthers blogger on hockeybuzz.com. He let's them have it pretty good. They still deserve so much more venom from us...

I visited this blog first time and found it very interesting and informative.. Keep up the good work thanks..

Michael Yormark is a lying putz that knows nothing about hockey. Hey greedy MIKE, Did you get someone to advertise on the players jerseys yet. You putz!!!

I was thinking about writing a post on this exact subject.Thank you

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