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Hello, Nova Scotia: Panthers Training Camp ... Exhibition Game 1: Panthers vs. Ottawa Senators in Halifax, Sept. 15

Novascotia The Panthers will hold training camp in the small town of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, before opening their preseason schedule against the Ottawa Senators on Sept. 15.

So, that means no trip to western Canada for the traveling Cats. And that (hopefully) means a lot of lobster and clams for me.

Florida will bus over from Port Hawkesbury (population: 3,922) and play the Senators at the Halifax Metro Center (capacity: 10,595).

The Panthers say they are still working on the rest of the preseason schedule, but want to get this out since JM the GM is in Halifax to announce this tilt and get those tickets out to the peoples.

Florida will hold training camp here the next three seasons; looks like we're done with Vail.

“We are excited about the opportunity to open our training camp in Port Hawkesbury and to play an exhibition game in Halifax,” Martin said in a statement. “This is an ideal situation because it gives our team the chance to train at a great facility and allows our players the opportunity to bond together early in training camp. At the same time, it will provide the residents of Port Hawkesbury and Halifax the chance to see NHL hockey in their hometown setting.”


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A little disappointed about this. It makes me wonder what they are going to work out for preseason games or practices at home. Will they still have 2 preseason games here or cut it to one again or maybe just say forget it?

I know it's almost 2 weeks between when camp starts and when they head across the pond, but that is a lot of travel if they are going to have any preseason home games. Guess we'll know soon enough.

It's a good thing Pres. Yormark made staying local during the summer such a priority (Denis Potvin)... I guess you can't make money on preseason, so let 'em go where they want.

Something tells me the fine citizens of Whereverthehellthisis, Canada aren't really that excited about seeing the Panthers training camp... but what do I know.

What I don't understand is why they aren't looking to train here and take advantage of the new ice surface and training facility they are building over at Incredible Ice. Why would they be interested in building fan support up in Nova Scotia? Seems to me that they should be looking to train here and drum up some excitement among people who can actually buy tickets for a Panthers game. Also seems that in these tight economic times - when they are firing broadcast personnel in order to save money - they would look to not waste money on funding a training camp located 2000 miles away from here.

What's the word in Canada as far as the Coyotes moving there. That's an interesting situation that many are wondering how it will play out. No one is mentioning this but that situation has people, non hockey people, talking hockey.

will find out what happens with the desert dogs this week when the bankruptcy judge decides if the NHL was running them or not...if he says they were, then the NHL is in control...if not? whoa nellie...this will be interesting...

karl: the folks in whatchamacallit, nova scotia, are fired up about the panthers training there...bank on that...speaking of bank, the panthers are probably being paid by the N.S. government to spend the next three preseasons there...why else would they agree to go to one place (and one so small) for the next three years without some financial considerations?

This again shows that Mr. Yormark talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he says that they fired Denis because he is not here promoting the team 12 months out of the year.
Then he signs a three year contract to train out of South Florida.

Mr. Yormark it would be so much easier if you just tell the truth. You fired Denis to save money it is that simple. People might not like that you fired Denis but at least they will respect that you had the right to make the decision.

The fans of this team have had to put up with your misrepresentations for years.

The only thing that matters to you is the bottom line, just come out and say it.

Actions speak louder than words.

I guess the reason that Jay Bouwmeester will not be here according to the team will be that he was not living here 12 months out of the year to help promote the team.

As long as Cohen and Yormark are running the panthers hockey will be an after thought to making money and advertising.

I suggest to those that still care about this team (the majority wants nothing to do with the organization) that we show what advertising can do. The panthers have their logo in the urinals, why don't we put a picture of the latest Circus leader in our own urinals and think about all the misrepresentations he has made since he has been here and how low this organization is.

GR, if the native Port Hawkesburians are exited to see Panthers training camp, then great. I'm happy for them. I just don't understand the motivation behind these camps opening so far from home, unless they are being well paid by the small towns they visit as you suggested. I don't know the training camp schedules of other teams, but it's hard to imagine this is common practice. And as for the "bonding experiences," when's the last time the Cats weren't in or near the cellar after the first month of the year? With the trip to Finland already slated, you would have thought staying near home and not traveling across Canada would be more beneficial. It's hard not to think this will be a tired team after the first couple weeks of the season.

But then again, what do I know.


You know more than the people making the financial decisions for the Panthers.

This is just another move to stick it to Joe fan and to pretend to promote the team locally.

The teams goal is to just get enough attendence to get the profit sharing from the league

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