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Mike Keenan Fired in Calgary ... Batman and Robyn Regehr: Good Riddance ... Hello Versus? Call Keenan Now ... Jay Bouwmeester to Flames for Dion Phaneuf? Olli Jokinen Done in Calgary?

Keenan INDIANAPOLIS - Former Florida coach/general manager Mike Keenan is out of Calgary after leading the Flames to the playoffs in each of his two seasons on the Red Mile.

Calgary has been an underachieving team for years, one big reason why Mike was hired in the first place. There are a lot of problems in Calgary, a team that was so stretched to the salary cap it couldn't field a whole roster at the end of the season.

I had high hopes for the Flames earlier in the season, but after seeing them sputter to the finish, I didn't think they had much left. Chicago took care of them rather easily on paper, although the Flames had late leads in the early games of those series. And if I recall, in the losing Game 6, they outshot the Blackhawks something like 40-16 (I'm at Indy and don't feel like looking it up.)

"Our team did not meet expectations," Flames GM Darryl Sutter said in a statement. "Following detailed evaluation over the past three weeks, and taking into consideration all factors affecting our season-ending result, we believe this is a necessary change required to allow our team to continue toward our objective of winning the Stanley Cup."

I thought Mike did a decent job in Calgary. Robyn Regehr obviously did not. The Flames alternate captain told Steve MacFarlane of the Calgary Sun that this was a great move, that Keenan was too set in his ways and stuck listening to the 80s on 8.

From The Sun: "I think it's a very good thing for the team," said Regehr. "I think we will become a better team with this decision made. It's just my feeling."

"Probably the biggest issue we're dealing with right now is philosophies. (Keenan's) a coach who had most of his success in the '80s when the strategy was so much different. I think a lot of coaches from that time, the game has sort of moved past them. I think that was holding us back as a team."


We'll see where he lands up. I'm sure he wants to get back with another team as soon as he can, but television is always a possibility for the outspoken and opinionated Keenan.

If I'm Versus, I have already put in a call. Mike Keenan sure could add some spice to that bland production.

-- Speaking of the Flames, I've heard rumblings that Jay Bouwmeester wasn't the biggest Mike Keenan fan. Perhaps this helps smooth the way for Jay to move on to Alberta?

Regardless of who the coach is, Calgary has a lot of money tied up and would need to free some up (Flames are committed to $47 million for next year) to sign the Florida defenseman.

There had been an idea floated by The Hockey News and also from Hockey Night in Canada that the Flames might be willing to trade Dion Phaneuf and his big contract ($6.5 cap hit for the next four seasons) to the Panthers in exchange for the exclusive negotiating rights to Bouwmeester (the only way this deal goes down is if Jay agrees to a long-term deal with the Flames beforehand).

I don't know if this is so far fetched, and it's a deal JM would do right now down at the Team Penske trailer. Would Calgary do it? Would JayBo? 

-- And with Keenan gone, does Olli Jokinen follow him out? Yeah, probably. Olli is in the final year of that four-year deal Keenan signed him too during those Florida years. Calgary would probably like to shed Olli's salary hit and move on.

More rumblings out of Calgary regarding Olli's locker room influence (and not in a positive light) but all that is bunk, I say. If Olli was scoring the way he did when he got to Calgary, no one would be saying boo.

Olli had two goals and three assists in six playoff games this season, with both goals coming in the same game. Like last year in Florida, Olli struggled down the stretch, scoring no goals with five assists in his final 13 games as the Flames limped to the checkered flag by winning six of those games.


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Keenan actually can't be blamed for the Flames playoff loss. His team was injured and when they were fighting for a better seed at the end of season his team couldn't dress enough players for a game because they were over the cap. They made some bad roster moves. Sutter is the one that should be fired.

Great!!! Now Alan can hire the idiot back for a third time!!!

How much validity does the Phaneuf move have? If we are losing Bo, as it seems inevitable we will, getting someone who logs just as much minutes and plays on the same level as Bo in exchange for negotiating rights sounds like a no-brainer. Lord knows we probably won't get anything else as good.

He has a big salary though... with Vokoun's salary already on hand, and Anderson lookin to earn over a mil, it'd be a tight squeeze. You'd think we'd have to lose Andy at that point. And then that brings up the question of how much money would be available to then go after a bona fide scorer? So many questions!

Is it July 1 yet?

I don't know if it has any validity, just throwing it out there...depends on a number of factors: 1) does calgary think Bo is better than Dion and 2) would Bo sign with the Flames. don't know about either. as far as florida goes, yeah, that's a deal you make yesterday.

If that move were to happen we would pull a fast one on Calgary. Don't get me wrong, Bo is a good D-man, but Dion brings another level to the Panthers if he were to come here. Dion has a wicked shot and can dish out some of the biggest hits in the game. I am hoping that type of deal happens.

This would be great for the Cats if it came into fruition.

I don't see how that trade works. Dion Phaneuf is a top-four quality d-man. You don't trade someone like that away just for the rights to someone else.

If Calgary needs to dump salary that bad, they could trade away Phaneuf for a player who gets paid less (Olesz or Dvorak, perhaps?) and the rights to JayBo. That way, if Jay signs, the Calgary GM is a genius. If Jay goes elsewhere then the GM didn't give up DP for nothing.

that Phaneuf deal sounds like something that could only work in NHL 09

George, I didn't know you can predict the future in regards to Olli or that you have a listening device in Calgary's GM's office...wow,tell me how you do it..

Here's the deal: Sometimes I send in sandwiches to the front offices of different teams. There's a place that sells what they call "Five dollar footlongs.'' It's called MetroRail or MARTA or BART. Something like that. Anyway, I order a couple turkey subs, some ham and cheese, some meatball subs. Then I send them over. And in that delivery, I put in a ''listening device.'' You ought to hear what's going on in Dallas! The Stars management team love BMTs for some reason. Just in case you want to get some info out of them. Hope all is well.

I think the listening device might have possibly gotten frozen on it's way to Calgary, you know it's REALLY cold there.. :) All is well :)

yeah, that could be...plus, in Calgary, they are ''seven dollar and 45 cent footlongs''...surprised they don't use the metric system...anyway, glad to hear things are cool...not very cold down here right now, can tell you that...

I'd like an Ollie on a bun with plenty chips, please!

In exchange I'll give you Vokoun. Fans are tired of him...

So George, whats the poop on the new goalie the Panthers just signed, Alexandre Salak???

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