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Who's the Big Winner? Not You, Mikey ... Vote with Greg Cote ... Detroit Got Jobbed ... Gary Bettman: Not So Fast Dude

Swingers Before I head out to the links to get my swing on, wanted to share some things with you.

Today's topic in hockey is 'Getting Jobbed.'

It's happening in Arizona as we speak, the Coyotes now in the middle of bankruptcy protection and a court proceeding that could find the team playing somewhere else next season. The Yotes could even stay in Glendale, but probably not in the long term.

I know the Jim Balsillie group wants the team out of Phoenix as early as next season but that may not be feasible because of the lengthy court battle that's expected. So, the Coyotes probably continue on in Glendale next season.

Good: The fans get to say goodbye to their team. Bad: The fans get to say goodbye to their team. Nothing worse than a lame duck pro franchise. No one in the stands, nothing but talk about 'where we're going next.'
For examples, check out the Cleveland Browns circa 1995, the Seattle Supersonics of 2008 and the Montreal Expos (any year after the 1994 strike).

-- And Gary Bettman is telling anyone who will listen that he doesn't think Jim Balsillie willl be approved as the new owner of the Coyotes. Of course, as Bettman says, ''I don't have a vote,'' on the approval. But the owners seem to do what ever Bettman wants him to do, so I have no doubt they are going to vote him down whether the bankruptcy courts give him the franchise or not.

Which means a pretty fun, lengthy and probably not all-that-juicy round in the courts. See you in Glendale.

Coyotes Hockey 2009: Live It, Love It, Lose It!

-- The Detroit Red Wings also got jobbed in a big way last night in Anaheim. Marian Hossa scored the tying goal against the Ducks in the final minutes but official Brad Watson 'attempted' to blow his whistle to stop play.

The whistle doesn't sound until after Hossa knocked in the loose puck, but Watson stopped play anyway. Goofball stuff.

And it wasn't reviewable, so screw you Detroit. That's what the NHL rules basically said, anyway.

-- A bunch of fans in Pittsburgh got hosed when they were told via text message that they had won playoff tickets to Game 3 at the Igloo. Sorry. It was a mistake.

This comes to us courtesy of the Associated Press and lovingly ripped off MiamiHerald.com:

Hundreds of Pittsburgh Penguins fans got text messages saying they had won four tickets to an upcoming playoff game, but were disappointed to learn the messages had been sent in error.

Team spokesman Tom McMillan says the message was mistakenly sent to 460 fans who entered a recent contest before a game.

Each of the fans already received an automated phone call, explaining the mistake. Team employees also are personally calling the affected fans.

Every fan who got the mixed-up message will receive a gift package including a $25 gift card, a Penguins cap and T-shirt, and two tickets to a regular season game next season.

-- Herald columnist and blogging fool Greg Cote asks which South Florida sports team is closest to their sport's holy grail?

My thought is the Heat.

Yes, that series against Atlanta was ugly at times, but if they find just one or two of the right players to compliment Dwyane Wade, they can get back to the top of the NBA quicker than I think the Marlins, Panthers or Dolphins can get to the top of their respective leagues. Your thoughts? Vote on Greg's version of the Frozen Poll here.