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Jay Bouwmeester May Remain with Panthers (For Just a Few More Days)

Jaybo4 MONTREAL -- The newest rumor I am hearing is that Jay Bouwmeester has become all but untradeable, his agent again telling prospective employers that Jay will not sign with anyone until he hits the open market on July 1.

This is a scenario I have spelled out numerous times, both here and on various radio shows. Honestly, if Jay isn't going to sign until July 1, what worth do his exclusive negotiating rights have?

We may find that out soon enough.

On a similar note, I have a 2004 Pontiac for sale if anyone is interested.

That may have more value than Jay's negotiating rights.

-- Other rumors from around Montreal: It's expected that JM the ex-GM will formally hire Pierre Groulx as his goalie coach next week. Perry Pearn, JM's former assistant coach in Ottawa, is also expected to join the staff.

-- Another rumor from Montreal: Poutine is said to be good. I have not found that rumor to be true.

Feel free to discuss.


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.......but, then again, never a 'surprise' in Catland....

Maybe he is holding out for a GM position??

What's the mileage? It's no real surprise on the negotiating rights, maybe they'll get a 7th or some mercy deal from Calgary/Vancouver/Anyone...

Jay Bouwmeester won't even let the team get something form what a fkn ahole. I hope he beaks his leg. He abandons his teammates. The guy is a jerk.

Less than 2 hours to go---any other rumors/rumours out there?? This is a VERY quiet draft day in Panther History!

Jay is an a-hole. I guess he didn't want to help the Panthers after all. I hope someone eggs his truck on its way out of town!

He knows he's going to sign with Calgary, Vancouver, etc., so why not seal the deal??? Is he deliberately trying to screw the Panthers for trading down to #3 and taking him there instead of #1?

Jay Hole-meester! I like the sound of that! It will make a great sign when he comes to the BAC!

Feel free to use it--but I want credit;)

Jay should have an idea what team he wants to play and let the Panthers trade his rights to them. If this is true, I am truly saddened by JBo's selfishness. He held the Panthers hostage by not telling them he was going to leave, although we all knew it, and now he is pulling this stunt. What an A-hole!!! JBo the A-hole, I like it! You are a total Daddy's Girl, I mean Boy. Too afraid to hit someone and too scared to speak your mind.

Sigh. This was the risk when Jay-hole wasn't traded in March, but then that was Jacques Martin's decision, and it's not his problem now... I've been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt up til now. He's earned the right to sign where he wants, but if the team he wants is asking for him today, why wait? It's a little frustrating, but such is life in Pantherland.

Poutine is delicious GR, get your facts straight!

don't blame Bouwmeester, he said all along that he was going to wait until July 1 to make a decision, we have only JM the GM and his trash heat pick up Randy Saxton who was out of the league until JM the GM picked him, maybe he can take him to Montreal.

I can't wait for J-Boo to come back to the BAC...

I hope Jay comes back and scores 3 goals and shuts our weak team down all game.

PDB, I feel bad for you that you now are apart of the worst organization in all of sports.

Don't blame him, I dont know how long he's been a Panther but what did they do to get better until this year??? not much, so don't blame him. I am usually negative on here, but why not trade away some high priced under producing guys blow the thing up and start from scratch. And for everybody who is like, I cant wait until his first game back at the BAC, don't worry, because that guy probably won't be there and im sure there will only be 12,000 tops in the place..


George, Poutine is ok, but go to Au Pied Du Cochon and have the French Fries Fried in Duck Fat..

Tee Spot

Oh Yeah, just saw the Hangover and its sweet

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