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Jay Bouwmeester to Calgary? Doug Risebrough to Panthers? Craig Anderson in Homestead ... Rumors, Rumors and now, more Rumors!

Bo MONTREAL -- Been making some calls, wondering the hotel today trying to figure out what's going on with the Panthers.

One person I spoke with seems to think Bo is off to Calgary if only because Florida thinks Jay will sign there and can get the best deal out of the Flames. Yet another says Philadelphia is offering some nice baubles and another continues to think Bo will end up hanging out with Louie in Vancouver.

I have read that San Jose is in the mix, but of the people I have spoken to, no one has mentioned the Sharks. But who knows. Honestly, out of all of these markets, San Jose might just be the best fit for Jay and his shy personality. It's a good hockey market, but it's not red-hot crazy like Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary.

-- I have also heard that Doug Risebrough, the former GM in Minnesota, is the leader to become the new GM of the Panthers. He's already met with Bill Torrey twice, and those who know Doug say he thinks he's the frontrunner. He's apparently going to meet with Alan Cohen next week.

Which brings up this little nugget: If the Panthers sale is still going forward, why is the GM candidate going to meet with the outgoing owner? I've been told Alan Cohen had already cleared out his office at The Billboard. Maybe he's moving back in?

-- The NHLPA has set next year's salary cap at $56.8 million. Let the spending begin. Or not. Word is, teams are going to be more cautious this season because they figure next year's cap is going to be lower.

-- Word around town is that Toronto is shopping Tomas Kaberle, TSN saying he's off to Boston for Phil Kessel...

-- TSN also says scalpers are getting $100 for tickets to the draft. Really? There's a difference between being hockey-mad and just plain mad. It's a draft folks. Pretty boring stuff.

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-- Craig Anderson will be a special guest at the Homestead-Miami Speedway tonight as they kick off their special road racing Friday night program. It's a great idea; they're opening the track and garages for amateur street races on the front stretch. Better than drag racing down Pines Boulevard. This might just save a few lives...

-- More throughout the day and night here in beautiful Montreal...