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Randy Sexton: No Rush on Jay Bouwmeester

Jaybo5 MONTREAL -- Acting general manager Randy Sexton says the Panthers do not have to move Jay Bouwmeester's rights tonight because in talks he's had no team is willing to give up a first round pick anyway.

The second through seventh rounds are tomorrow.

Sexton also said that he hasn't talked to Jay's agent in a week and that Bryon Baltimore was more than willing to talk to other teams on Jay's behalf not too long ago. Also, Baltimore gave Sexton a list of teams Jay would go to, but rather conditions such as the competitiveness of that team and such.

So cross Tampa Bay and Phoenix off that list.

''We're going to take our time and do things in an orderly fashion,'' Sexton said. ''We're going to see what happens.

''Tonight's only the first round. A lot of guys I talked to are not interested in moving their first round pick. I think that's because of the economic times and the cap being deeply rooted. There was no internal deadline, no yikes! if we don't get it done by 7 o'clock.

''I haven't talked to him in the past seven or eight days,'' Sexton said of Baltimore. ''They want to talk to other teams. They absolutely are.''

What about his agent saying he won't sign until July 1?

''That wasn't his position not too long ago. I have not heard that. And no team should be speaking to him to see what their position is because we have a thing in this league called tampering. Secondly, I spoke to him not too long ago. They were quite anxious to speak to other teams.

''He gave us a list before, a clear picture of his criteria. A couple teams on the list met that criteria then but don't know. For us, it would make sense for us to move him to a team where we think he would like to go to.''

-- Sexton added that only a few teams are willing to move up in the draft and he doesn't expect the Panthers to move up from 14th, although based on who is still around, they could move down.

Stay tuned.

-- Also, there's a Panther party tonight at the Weston Ale House. Good times, good wings. Tell J.P. I said what up...