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Shocking News: It's a Drew Rosen-hoax ... Panthers, Agent in Cahoots ... NOW! With Frozen Poll ... David Booth to Team USA Orientation

Rosenhaus2 Earlier this morning, South Florida based agent Drew Rosenhaus sent out a note (some call them twits, but I didn't want to go there) on his Twitter account saying he now represented the fans of the Florida Panthers and would be working with the team to negotiate lower season ticket prices.

I knew there was something fishy going on here because this one just didn't pass the sniff test. I mean, the commission on something like this must be pretty small and we all know Drew don't work for free (well, not for the Panthers, anyway).

So, either it was Drew trying to get attention, or a new marketing ploy by the Panthers.

It's both.

The Panthers have said that yes, Rosenhaus is working with the Panthers to try and drum up ticket sales. The marketing campaign will basically surround Rosenhaus with him negotiating lower ticket prices with the team on behalf of the fans.

Here's what I hear is in the works: The Panthers will lower prices in sections 107-111 for seats in the upper part of the lower bowl. These tickets will cost $35 per game for those committing to a season ticket plan. Other parts of The Billboard could also see lower pricing ''thanks'' to Drew Rosenhaus.

Those who have already bought tickets in these sections will be given a refund to match the current price.

Good for them.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming. This story's 15 minutes are up.

-- Congrats to David Booth to being invited to Team USA's Orientation Camp later this summer. Keith Ballard was not on the list but that doesn't mean he can't make the team.