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Staying Arizona: Coyotes in Glendale (For Now) ... Lots of Eyes on Game 7 ... Odds? We Got Odds

Raisingarizona The Phoenix Coyotes are staying in Arizona at least for a little while as a bankruptcy judge ruled against Jim Balsillie by saying the Canadian billionaire's deadline of June 29 was just too soon to deal with the many problems surrounding the case.

The NHL said in a statement that they are going to find an owner for the team and try and make the Coyotes a viable franchise in the NHL.

Balsillie wanted to pull the Coyotes out of Chapter 11 with an offer of $215 mil and then move them to Hamilton, Ontario. The only way he would buy the team is if he could move them; the deadline was so the team could be in Canada in time for the upcoming season.

"We're pleased the Court recognized the validity of league rules and our ability to apply them in a reasonable fashion," the NHL's Bill Daly said in an email. ''We will turn our attention now toward helping to facilitate an orderly sales process that will produce a local buyer who is committed to making the Coyotes' franchise viable and successful in the Phoenix/Glendale area. We are confident that we will be able to find such a buyer for the Coyotes and that the claims of legitimate creditors will be addressed."

-- My Tip of the Day: If you haven't seen The Hangover yet, leave your house now and find a theater.

-- This from our friends at NBC and the NHL:

Friday night’s deciding Game 7 of the Stanley
Cup Final on NBC Sports was the most-watched NHL game in 36 years (5/10/73, Stanley Cup Final Game 6 on NBC, Montreal-Chicago, 9.4 million) drawing an average of 8 million viewers. Overall, the series averaged 5.6 million viewers for the five games on NBC, the best since 2002 on ABC (three telecasts, Detroit-Carolina, 5.8 million average viewers).
NBC Sports’ Game 7 finished No. 1 for the night in every category including viewership and household ratings.

Competitive Notes:
NBC won Friday night by a margin of 191 percent in Adults 18-49 (3.2 vs.1.1 for second-place CBS) and by 41 percent in total viewers (7.7
million vs. CBS's 5.5 million).

The broadcast of Game 7 beat the ABC-CBS-Fox competition combined in
Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Men 18-34, Women 18-34, Men 18-49 and Men

The 3.2 rating in Adults 18-49 makes this NBC's top-rated Friday night
since the Beijing Olympics last August.

-- Now that the Stanley Cup Finals are over, who is going to win next year? Well, bodog.com likes the Red Wings to bounce back and win the deal. Pittsburgh is close. Who you like?

Odds to win the 2009/2010 Stanley Cup

Detroit Red Wings                      5/1

Pittsburgh Penguins                  7/1

San Jose Sharks                       8/1

Boston Bruins                            9/1

Chicago Blackhawks                  10/1

Washington Capitals                  10/1

Vancouver Canucks                  15/1

Philadelphia Flyers                     16/1

New Jersey Devils                      18/1

Calgary Flames                         20/1

Anaheim Ducks                         22/1

Carolina Hurricanes                    25/1

New York Rangers                     25/1

Dallas Stars                              30/1

Montreal Canadiens                   30/1

Minnesota Wild                          35/1

St. Louis Blues                          35/1

Buffalo Sabres                           40/1

Columbus Blue Jackets              40/1

Edmonton Oilers                        40/1

Florida Panthers                        40/1

Ottawa Senators                        45/1

Nashville Predators                    50/1

Los Angeles Kings                     60/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                   60/1

Colorado Avalanche                    70/1

Atlanta Thrashers                       80/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                  80/1

Phoenix Coyotes                       85/1

New York Islanders                    100/1


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Only 40 to 1? With the uncertainty of Bo?

I'm glad Balsillie was thwarted. He's got a lot of money but if he won't follow the rules before he's an owner, who in their right mind thinks he will once he is?

Really I feel bad for the fans in Phoenix. It's one thing to have a hockey team that sucks (something FLA fans know about) but that their voices were completely unheard is disappointing. Balsillie said this, Bettman said that, the judge said something else, yadda yadda yadda. The people paying for tickets out there didn't get any coverage.

Maybe the cats can trade Yormark to Phoenix for their first rounder? They'll be profitable in no time and our arena won't look like a marketing company's litterbox.

JimH- I don't think we could get better than an 8th-rounder for Yormark. Maybe we could also throw in Anthony Stewart to spice up the deal?

George- do you think Jovo would like to come back to SoFla?

First it is Rick Dudley and Doug MacLean, now Jovo? Why do some people live in the past. Jovo hasn't been a good player since he left Vancouver. Enough with the retreads and just in case someone was thinking about Stu Barnes, he is done too. As for Yormark, I'd rather have him than be in Coyotes situation with an arena far from the population. I can put up with the arena billboards and faceoff brought to you by some Chiro as long as I have hockey in Sunrise. It is annoying but if that is the price I pay for having hockey in South Florida, so be it.

40-1 are pretty good odds for the Panthers!

Hey those are good odds for the panthers!

I really think that the Panthers need to go raid Detroit in the offseason (how about taking any Detroit player! It would be worth 2 panther players!) We really need to find some veteran players for this club to bring some discripline/experience to the new kids being brought up such as Repik & Frolik.THe Panthers need to learn how to "WIN" in the second half of the season and not crumble.

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