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Drew Rosenhaus: I Represent the Fans of the Florida Panthers

Rosenhaus Thanks to a heads up from Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski we learn that agent Drew Rosenhaus is somehow getting involved in the Florida Panthers ticket business.

As in trying to get cheaper tickets for fans.

I don't know who hired him, but I thought ticket prices were pretty reasonable at The Billboard.

According to his Twitter tweet that he tweeted 'tis morning, Drew says:  I have been hired by the fans of the NHL's Florida Panthers to negotiate lower season ticket prices. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Hope so.

Check it out here. If you're into that kind of thing.

No response yet from the Panthers. But since they're checking this out anyway, if they want to comment they know how to get a hold of me.

Here's what Drew's pr folks sent me not too long ago:

“As a longtime Panthers fan and a person who believes in giving sports fans the value and the atmosphere they deserve, I am absolutely thrilled to represent the Cats faithful at the bargaining table,” Rosenhaus said. “That said, this a unique situation for me to represent the fans as opposed to professional athletes. But as a passionate Cats follower, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the BankAtlantic Center faithful.

“Also, if I can offer a word of advice for head coach Pete DeBoer, president Michael Yormark and the rest of the Panthers front office, ‘be prepared to go low on cost and high on value, and don’t get too comfortable because I’ll be knocking on your door in the next 48 hours.''’

“We felt we needed the very best agent in professional sports to represent us in these negotiations,” said Florida Panthers advisory board member and season ticket holder Nat Levine. “We understand that negotiating season ticket prices may be a first in the industry, but there is simply no option we won’t explore to make sure every South Florida sports fan has the opportunity to experience the excitement of Florida Panthers hockey.''

So, fans of the Panthers: Does Drew represent you, or just The U? Comments welcomed as always.


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He's been hired to negotiate... but Yormark ain't listening haha.

Seriously... I was considering it though and if this is the case I'll buy.

God, talk about a waste of money and time.

Still, considering the fact they haven't made the playoffs in almost a decade, I think there's some favor in the fans argument.

My guess is that the Panthers hired him to do this for publicity..

I feel empathy for season ticket holders. Why would anybody BUY season tickets? There are free tickets given out in practically every business in Broward County.
Maybe if the team was good, and tickets became difficult to buy, I would consider purchasing season tickets. Right now, there's no need to buy the cow when the milk is free!

"It has been communicated to us that Drew Rosenhaus has been contracted by Panthers fans to negotiate lower season ticket prices. We are aware of this development and are still gathering details. The Florida Panthers have no further comment at this time."

Thats from the Panters' facebook page, and pretty much the same statement appears on their twitter page. Ummm, I don't get it... how did us "fans" hire Rosenhaus? Is this some kind of publicity stunt to announce new season ticket plans? ...hmmmm

If it wasn't for professional athletics, Rosenhaus would be selling ice to Eskimos, it's just his calling in life. Am I alone in terms of being torn about the upcoming July 1st beginning of UFA? I can't wait to see what teams make what moves, but I'm also "bracing for impact" with regards to The Cats moves, LOL. I try to keep the faith, but I've just been exposed to SO MANY instances of signing 3rd and 4th line guys(Zednik, Stillman, McClean, etc.) to fill 1st and 2nd line positions just to keep payroll "manageable". I realize they were middle of the road(16th, I believe) with regards to payroll last season, and I like Stillman and Dvorak(if they play the roles they're meant to play) as players, don't get me wrong, but I'm just tired of management picking up "warm bodies" just fill out lines and shove rookies and 2nd and 3rd year players into 1st and 2nd lines/pivotal roles. It's just a recipe for mediocrity, IMO.

Why in the heck would season ticket holders want to give their money to Rosenhaus to save them money on their tickets? It just seems like they are going to end up spending more money to save a little money. The season tickets aren't ridiculously priced, at least when I had them. I mean, I don't see them dropping more than a few bucks. This seem really silly.

I'd rather see the season ticket holders pool the cash they are paying Rosenhaus into a sign a real free-agent like Mike Cammellari to be our #1 Center fund.

To waste your money on a broken product is completely insane.

Andy I completely agree... Im guessing the Panthers hired him for publicity as well. Im pretty sure the Panthers are going to offer a deal with this so people will sign on too...

Yup... certainly a gimmick. Regardless... all I care about is cheaper tickets.

This is a sideshow. George, get us what we're really interested in: News about whether or not Booth, Anderson, etc. might get signed today or if they'll be free agents (restricted or otherwise) come tomorrow.

This is embarrassing.

I am a long time season ticket holder, who has already renewed for next season. I have great seats and pay a fraction of what it would cost in a major hockey market.

I am as frustrated as the next fan with Cohen's ownership and crazy decisions, like rehiring Keenan etc. But, I don't need Drew to negotiate on my behalf...

O good lord i can just see Pete laughing in his face if this is true He'd kick him out of his office. What a joke Jerry Mcguire err i mean rosenhaus is. Please just be a pr stunt and even if it is it's a rather dumb one. What's next is Jon Secada gonna buy half the team or maybe Dan Marino will get his number retired on a panthers jersey.

This is just dumb. Whichever group of the ten out of 10,000 season ticket holders went and hired this guy should get their season tickets revoked. What a waste of time for the organization that's already busy trying to make the team better to silence such critics as Brian From CT and Howard.

Just so you know guys, encase you missed the end of last season, the Panthers tied the Habs in points for eighth place. You know, that team that has been around for 100 years? So I would consider that pretty good.


Drew, you complete me...

FloridaFlyer... are you for real? You think that is a good reason? Because they have been around for 100 years? Must I actually say anything here?

Looks like another lame publicity stunt brought to us yet again by Cohen & Yormark.

who sponsored this pr stunt? was it savelogy?

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