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Alex Tanguay Reports False ... For Now

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Word from the Panthers is the latest Alex Tanguay rumors regarding his signing with the team are false. But Florida is one of the teams the talented left winger is considering, so as always, stay tuned. I'm northbound and down, 10-4 good buddy...


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The only thing that is false is Sexton saying these "rumors" are false. He can't handle that the news leaked.

I'm hoping this is just the dance of GMs and agents wanting to making sure the other teams involved know that this is a done deal and the last parts of the contract are being finalized.

they prob wont pay him obviously. I think they will blow it and it will all fall apart.

Panthers better not blow this signing...I hope they are finalizing the details on a deal and this leaked prematurely.

Hahahaha, I just realized what I said!

Thanks for making me laugh today, Bob!

they def blew this signing. Good for them, another failure to add to their hall of shame.

NOT signing Tanguay might be one of the better things this team can do right now, unless he's willing to take a 60% pay cut, if not more, and limited to a one year deal with a team option at between $3.5 and $4 IF Tanguay can regain some form before shoulder problems.

Sexton didnt show and apparent interest in the scoring talent that were available as UFA's when July 1 hit. He couldnt have possibly been targeting Tanquay. Florida really needed a first line center but no interest in that from Sexton. I figured it was Cohen closing the wallet this season but then this Tanquay thing comes up. DeBoer was vocal about the team needing scoring talent at seasons end. I wonder if DeBoer is pushing hard for something to get done. If Im Deboer, I walk after this season if I end up not having enough offense to work with yet again. Bad enough that Sexton let Skrastins go which hurts the D. And Tanguay may not end up being very productive. But Tanguay has 80 point talent. Florida needs the scoring and there is not much else left. I dont care if they overpay some for him. It's worth the risk because right now they are short on scoring and Tanquay would not be taking a roster spot from a player that is ready to step up from Rochester despite the recent BS that Sexton was slinging ... there arent any forwards ready with the possible exception of Repik. And all the other forward signings were for the Rochester lineup expect for Reinprecht. Remember that Peltonen, Zednik, Stewart and Mclean are all gone. So even if Tanguay is signed, there will still be a couple of forward spots filled by 2 way contract players and maybe a bonafide first year NHL'er in Repik.

Unfortunately, the "report" comes from Eklund, and anybody who knows anything that pretty much everything (~97%) that comes from Eklund is b.s.

George- if we do sign Tanguay, does this mean Olesz would be bumped to 4th line?

Olesz should be playing in Europe or no where at all. He blows and is robbing this organization of millions of dollars due to JM's horrible decision to sign him for 6 years. What a joke.

signing Tanguay will not help until this team gets better at Center, with Weiss he is a hard worker but is not big enough to be a top line center, we need to take care of center or the wingers can go up and down the wing without getting the puck in the right places.
Tanguay will simply be like the other wingers waiting for a puck that never comes

By my count there are at least two forward positions still vacant unless you think Tarnasky and Taffe are everyday players. in addition we're short two NHL caliber defensemen. Chances are they'll bring back Eminger or Cullimore at a bargain basement price.

Kulikov should start this season. I think he will have a good camp and show he's ready for the NHL.

Repik bring up in December. Matthias might be a bust, but lets just hope he's the guy who takes over the center position on the 2nd line. If we can get some luck and have him be amazing, then we are in business.

I'd like to see Cullimore back on the team... he's steady (albeit slow), good value, and he would be a good mentor for our younger defensemen (Ellerby and Kulikov in particular).

I don't think the Panthers will sign anyone on D until they see how Ellerby and Kulikov play in camp. Don't forget Garrison too as a dark horse - he was solid on a bad Rochester team last year.

If 1 or none of those guys are ready I could see either a Cully or Eminger being brought back.

Could we please finalize the Tanguay deal already? This is really killing me. I like Sexton's quote from the panthers' web site too - they've got money to spend on the right player basically. SO DO IT ALREADY!

Tanguay isn't the right player

Well are there any top 6 centers left out there? Is Comrie the answer? Unless they are working on a trade, which I doubt b/c we'd have to lose a major asset, we're not changing at center. Hence Tanguay is the answer to boost our scoring and he's defensively responsible too. He also brings Cup experience and immediate respect in the locker room.

I think Comrie is the better player for this team at this time, but as it always is, it's a matter of the price being right. And, if I was Sexton, I would inquire as to the health...and asking price...for Zubov. He's worth taking a flyer(no pun intended) on(if he's as healthy as a 38 year old can be), IMO. I think he would be an invaluable asset in the development of Kulikov and Ellerby, especially on the PP. But, again, only if the price is right.

The odds of Kulikov playing right away or even in the first year aren't that great folks...I know everyone likes to get jacked up about a #1 pick, but guys outside the top 3-5 usually take a while...And yes I realize that we have a talent shortage here, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves with THIS YEAR's picks...

I'll be the first to admit that I'm critical of the scouting dept and management, but you have to cut them some slack and let the kid try to develop...It would be nice if one our picks OVERACHIEVED for once, but let's not throw these kids on the NHL roster until they prove it...

It would be nice if either Ellerby or Garrison were ready for NHL minutes, but I think we're so desperate for talent here, that we ink these people into roster spots they may not be worthy of....A lot of people knock Cullimore and Eminger, but they have proven they can handle NHL playing time with a few different teams. Personally I think Cullimore is a slow but steady presence out there...He gives you decent minutes and comes cheap. Sure it would be nice to mix in one of the young guys here and there, but don't be disappointed if they don't pan out...

Everyone raved about Noah Welch like he was the next coming, and while he did have some misfortune with injuries and timing, I think he had enough chances here... He's not a Top 4 Dman, maybe he flourishes to a 5 or 6, but overall it seems like more of our desperation hoping he turned into JBO jr. Let's not assume people are NHLers until they prove it..

The longer this drags out the less likely I'm starting to think it's gonna happen...George, are you hearing anything?

Tanguay is def not signing here. Manny Malhotra would fit this team better. He's 3rd line talent with no talent at all. Fits us well :)

Spector's is saying Tanguay wants upwards of $5million to play. With his shoulder issues, he's not worth half that right now.

its not like we have a problem with cap room...

I don't think Comrie is what we want here. Yes his numbers are decent, but the numbers don't justify the return...And he doesn't bring a great package...Probably the same for Tanguay, but he's a better risk than Comrie...If you can get him closer to $3.5 for one or two years, it may be worth a sniff...

Considering Ottawa's not getting many offers for Heatley, why not try to send Horton, choice of Ellerby or Garrison, and a #1 or #2 pick their way...

Also why are the Isles the only team looking at Cheechoo. I wouldn't give the house away, but I'd take a gamble on him if possible...

Heatley comes to the Panthers, it will be another Bure situation. Cherry picker in the offensive zone and no talent on the rest of the ice.

haha...clash, you'll never change. unbelievable how stupid some people can be.

heatley=bure? nice comparison, einstein.

Stupid eh? Who said it was wrong in 04 to bring in Martin and Keenan? Who said Luongo wanted out a year before any press said it?

If you want to be hypocritical, maybe you can actually look deeper into it and think of the two situations and compare. Two high priced players affecting a cap on salary, before a team instituted one and now a league one. Thus filling the roster out with lesser players. The lockerroom becoming a cesspool by the "Me First" attitude of the star.

But then again, the truly stupid are the ones who don't learn from and repeat their mistakes. Hope for Heatley and hope for a winner, cause you'll be hoping for a repeated change again in the next 8 years when the Panthers have no fanbase and are leaving town, due to blind stupidity of certain fans.

JM the GM legacy will continue for years because he has committed 42 million dollars in 2010 to the "core group" of which only Booth and Ballard are worth keeping.

Branch Rickey said that the way to stay near the top is to trade players a year early.

The panthers theory is to keep the players until it is too late to get anything of value for their assets.

The team won't move because of the sweatheart deal they have with the arena and they need the team to continue to run the arena and make their money

Yes I think we all can agree that you have to be a forward-thinker to be a successful GM...Also you have to have the guts to make some tough decisions, and be able to recognize overrated players when you have them...

That's where JM and others erred. He overrated Olesz, Allen, Zednik, and others...He didn't have the guts to trade Horton or J-BO early or late for that matter...At least Zednik is gone, but we're still paying too much for Olesz and Allen. Just like their scouting, they need to draft for character and grit along with talent, so when their picks aren't NHLers, at least their useful in the AHL, or add depth somehow to fill in from time to time on your roster...Nobody hits on all their pciks, but we're obviously paying for very poor decisions over the last DECADE...

Where's our Branch Rickey?? It would be interesting to get PDB's opinions on what the team is lacking...I realize he has to protect his job and cannot be totally truthful, but we need someone to come in and make some serious changes...If not, it's Groundhog Day-- over and over again...

I don't agree with everything Clash says but I do agree that "Tanguay isn't the right player" or "not worth half that right now." Check his stats.


The last three years he hasn't had over 22 goals. Horton is younger and a few people want him shipped out of town and he is 10 times the player that Tanguay is. I would rather have Frolik play with Stillman on the second line than have Tanguay taking a true goal scorer's ice time. Frolik had 21 goals in his rookie year, Tanguay hasn't been close to that in three years. Tanguay is not worth the money. Hopefully Panthers offer no more than what they paid Zednik. Tanguay is a soft Zednik. Everyone wants the Panthers to sign a big name UFA but people need to get a grip, guys like Tanguay have been overpaid for years and are not worth the hype. I would pass on Tanguay. There are teams close to or over the summer cap and Panthers may be able to trade a prospect or middle draft pick for a player rather than sign an overpaid underachiever. Later in the summer some near cap teams will be trading good player just to bring down their salary under the cap.

I hope Tanguay goes to Tampa. This is disgusting how we don't have a GM yet!! wow what a joke! So no GM, and Sexton continues to say he wants to add players via FA to improve this team while they haven't DONE A FING THING!!!!


BO--I'm not saying Tanguay is the ultimate best pick-up, but he's best of the rest...And if we could get him short-term for about $3.5/yr, it's better than watching AHLers like Kreps, Stewart, McLean,etc... Yes I know it's not their fault that we have a lack of talent here, and that's why there's more pressure put on 3rd and 4th liners here...Because we don't have and can't get top-line guys to come here, guys like Horton get top-line minutes...

And trying to say that Horton is 10 times the player Tanguay is a joke...Yes he's younger and bigger, but it's wasted size and talent with Horton...He doesn't play to his potential. Maybe Horton has a slightly better goal average and definitely more potential, but we watch him play regularly, and the guy has peaked...You see his work ethic or lack of for that matter, so on our talent-deprived team, that's the best you're going to get from him... No second effort, no leadership, and no great example or character for others to look up to...He's a second-line player getting top line minutes because of our weak roster...So as a quality mgr, you have to recognize this and deal him for a package while other teams believe he still has talent...

Clash - so in your defense you reference correctly predicting stuff that happens FIVE years ago? clinging to the past are we? or is that your track record? get one right every half-decade? pathetic. but i'd expect nothing less considering the source.

and for the record, it didn't take a genius to figure out bringing in mike keenan was a mistake and/or luongo didn't want to re-sign here. but keep patting yourself on the back, captain obvious.

back on topic - personally, i wasn't the one clamoring for heatley. but the comparison to bure is idiotic and wrong. heatley isn't the most complete player in the world...but he's not the liability pavel was in his era. not even close.

two high priced players affecting the cap? seems to me plenty of teams can pay a superstar $7+ mil and still be successful. Pittsburgh come to mind? i understand Heatley isn't as good as Crosby or Malkin, but he's as close as one could possibly get. truth is, our budget was far less than the $52 million we have available now and a player of heatley's stature and salary could fit with those type of resources.

should we get heatley? depends on the price. if it would take horton and scraps? sure. if it would take dipping into the farm system? i'll pass. regardless, it's not going to happen...

as far as tanguay is concerned. tanguay IS the right player. first of all, he's a distributor first and would complement the shooters we have on the right side (horton, frolik). secondly - he's a legit 80-point threat when healthy. he would immediately become the best forward on the roster as none of our current players have proven capable of hitting that plateau.

he comes at an affordable price - too. he may be asking for $5+ mil, but he isn't going to get it. if he was - he would have signed already. he'll get $4 - 4.25 mil per year. perfect for his caliber of player. actually - it's a steal.

Tanguay at $3.5/yr, is overpaying.
"legit 80-point threat when healthy"
Nice disclaimer. He hasn't been healthy or had an 80 point/year in three years. He is not worth the money. Frolik got 21 goals last year. Tanguay in the last two years had 16 & 18 respectively. Tanguay is on the downside, Frolik is on the upside. Rather have a young Frolik get the icetime than overpay for an overrated Tanguay. Zednik got 17 goals, Tanguay is not worth more than what Zednik got. Tanguay would be like the other Panthers UFA Esa Tikkanen, a complete bust.

As for Nathan Horton he is young and in the last 4 years had 22, 27, 31 & 28 goals. Last years goals were related to playing center. He is far better than Tanguay. If Tanguay had those last two years stats of 16 and 18 goals and played for the Panthers the same people calling to sign him would have been yelling they should trade him.

I would rather have the young guns than an often injured overpaid Tanguay. I would be very happy to see Tanguay sign in Tampa ot Long Island, anywhere but here.

you can't look at statistics to judge a player, you have to look at the timing of the goals, the effort, the leadership and the grit.

The best comparison for this is A-Rod, he has great statistics but what are his statistics when the pressure is on.

Our best forwards are Booth, Frolik and Campbell. Weiss works hard but is too small.

Scouting and development is important especially in hockey because you need the guys that are going to battle for the puck and give up their bodies for the good of the team.

We don't need Tanguay and we don't need Heatley.

San Jose is facing cap problems as are some other teams and we should be ready to take advantage of that even if it means giving up Horton or the other players that have been here more than 5 years.

We need more guys that will battle and we need to improve a great deal at center in order to compete.

Weiss - Booth - Horton
Reinprecht - Frolik - Stillman
Campbell - Dvorak - Olesz
Kreps - any 2 of Matthias, Repik, or Tarnasky

If we sign Tanguay, then...

Weiss - Booth - Horton
Reinprecht - Frolik - Tanguay
Campbell - Dvorak - Stillman
Kreps - Olesz - Matthias, Repik, or Tarnasky

Our defense...

Ballard, McCabe
Allen, Leopold
Koistinen, Garrison
Ellerby, Kukilov


***Ted Nolen will be working in the front office of the Rochester Americans***

Weiss - Booth - Horton
Reinprecht - Frolik - Stillman
Campbell - Dvorak - Olesz
Kreps - any 2 of Matthias, Repik, or Tarnasky

If we sign Tanguay, then...

I hope you're not trying to brag with that roster, with or without Tanguay....Because it doesn't scare anyone--Can you say 28,29, or 30?

Weiss - Booth - Horton
Reinprecht - Frolik - Tanguay
Campbell - Dvorak - Stillman
Kreps - Olesz - Matthias, Repik, or Tarnasky

Our defense...

Ballard, McCabe
Allen, Leopold
Koistinen, Garrison
Ellerby, Kukilov

tanguay is a playmaker. citing his goal totals to prove his worth (or disworth) is silly and pointless.

i'm all for letting the kids play - and considering he is a LW - the only guy he'd be taking time away from is cory stillman. not exactly a kid...wouldn't you say?

yes he has had injury problems, which is the only reason why he is going to sign for around $4 million per year, or less. if he was durable, he'd be looking at offers in the $5-5.5 million range.

tanguay at $3.5 mil overpaying? funny.

All this talk about Tanguay may be for not. Maybe just another rumor, but I haven't heard anything about him buying a home in S. Florida.


EJ, Please. Neither Olesz or Stillman can play on the third line which is a checking line. So if Tanguay signs, Stillman becomes a high priced fourth liner. Moving Kreps to the third line shows how weak the fourth line is as is the first line unless Horton steps up. The Cats remain as the coach said last year "offensively challenged."

Alex, if I referenced everything I have said and was correct about in regards to this team since Cohen took over, I'd spend an entire an entire 8 hour work day sitting here typing. But that fact of the matter is, people like you cry and moan about people like me, to try and make yourself look like a big fish in a small pond. I was saying how Martin was bad for this team, with or without Keenan, LONG before anyone else was. I said it before the man even got hired as coach. So while people like you were buying into the BS hype and looking to be a keyboard toughguy behind their computer screens, I have been sitting back laughing, watching proper hockey organizations conduct business, and occassionally popping my head up in places and commenting when people like you just attempt to repeat things I have said previously. So please learn to sit and be quiet, cause its fans like you that have set this organization back a half decade.

And try using your nick you use on message boards, unless you're afraid of looking like an idiot again.

clash - the names are plenty - as I have been banned by the Nazi's (AKA -Mr "I need to feel powerful on an internet message board" Acadamus) over at HF about 28,934 times. "Balmo" is the one i currently use on the Official site.

the results, however, were always the same. don't even try acting as if you hold some upper hand on me.

don't stereotype me with other fans. i've never been mr. optimist. never once was i behind the keenan hiring - hell, i was the most anti-keenan person around. by far. i liked martin as coach, but not as GM. i'll stand by martin as coach, too, as i still think he is a good coach, but a poor "communicator" and that eventually became his undoing.

you continue to try to be the antagonist, the rebel if you will, by having outlandish and off-the-wall opinions to one day come back and say "i told you so". and when you finally find a nut you try playing off the thousand times you swung and missed. let me tell you, a batting average of .025 is not a good one.

anyway, the past is the past. we all know who you are and what you're about. keep acting as if you are some know-it-all but the truth of the matter is, you're a fool.

one last thing - care to explain how "fans" are the undoing of this (or any) franchise? and don't give me some garbage about how fans "accept" the incompetence because quite frankly, whether they do or don't doesnt make a goddamn difference. regardless of what you and i think, alan cohen will continue to be alan cohen and randy sexton will continue to be randy sexton. if you believe being a bitter whining malcontent will magically make this franchise to get it's head out of its ass....well, you're awfully naive.

No Alex, you're naive, and the Chicago Blackhawks would be a perfect example. It took Bill Wirtz dying, but it forced his son to change how things operated. The Wolves had a higher attendance than the Blackhawks with regularity. Nothing speaks more than the fans' pocketbooks and if they stop goin to the games, buying the merchandise and food/beer at games, people will notice and things will change. Fans weren't paying to watch games on PPV in Chicago. They were supporting the kids on their way to Atlanta.

As for batting averages "Alex", IF I was a baseball fan, I'd be batting over .500 right now. Olesz is a third liner as I said on his draft day. Horton belongs on the wing, as I said on his draft day. Martin's style of coaching killed off any offensive creativity. I can go on, but there's no point as people like you don't try to talk about it. You try to insult others, and I have absolutely no qualms of being in a fight. Never backed down from one before when my position was justified.

But I must apologize, now that I know who you are, I shouldn't pick on someone who can't defend himself.

good point clash. except you said it yourself that it took bill wirtz' death to change things in chicago. which means had he not died, things would have stayed status quo and the fans boycotting the games would have changed NOTHING. good point though!

and as far as your "record" - like i said before - keep acting as if you're some type of know-it-all....because that's all it is, an act. if i cared enough about you i'd go digging into the HF database to make you look like you deserve to look, but you're not worth my time. anyone who knows you knows you for who you are. you're an idiot. you're clueless. always have been, always will. this entire conversation is proof.

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