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Bye Bye Birdie: Baltimore Orioles Fly the Coop, Leave Fort Lauderdale

Lauderdaleclosed Fort Lauderdale's love affair with spring training baseball is over.

According to numerous reports, the Orioles have agreed to move their spring operations to Sarasota starting next February.

So for the first time in more than 50 years, when pitchers and catchers report, it won't be in Miami-Dade or Broward counties.

The Cardinals and Marlins continue to train in Jupiter, but, they play ball in Port St. Lucie, too.

The Orioles had worked out a deal to remain in Fort Lauderdale, but the FAA screwed it up by jacking up the rent on the pLauderdalestadium1roperty so they are now gone.

For baseball fans, the O's -- and the teams they brought to Fort Lauderdale -- will be missed.

A real shame.

The Orioles started training in South Florida in 1959, then bolted for the west coast for a couple years before taking over Fort Lauderdale when the Yankees left in 1996.

Broward also had spring training in Pompano Beach, with the Washington Senators/Texas Rangers playing off US 1 from 1961-86.


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Anything hockey related going on GR?

nothing that I have heard...just got back in town, back to work tomorrow...

Where were you, GR? Good vacation?

I just took a nice little road trip...it was a good time, thanks

Please try to find out what is going on with Tanguay, George.

thanks and welcome back GR. we missed you

Glad you had good time off... We missed you and need your insight on Tanguay...

Tanguay report, please?

Welcome back, George. Hope you enjoyed your time off. Get get back to beating the bushes!!!....that sounded dirty.

Hockey Journel is reporting that Sexton will be the new GM

If that is true we might as well just throw up our arms as it sounds like a Cohen decision and not a Torrey decision

Sexton has done a pretty good job so far and meshes well with DeBoer. Good draft, got something for Bouwmeester, got Rhino for a perennial AHL prospect, etc. I'd rather see him get a shot than a re-hash like Riseborough or Maclean.

I like Randy's enthusiasm, like when we signed Leopold he was "ecstatic." He also shoots straight from the hip on situations like the Bouwmeester. Obviously he can't tip all his cards, but he seems honest and straight forward which I like. I think, importantly, that he's a fan of this team and isn't going to dump us like Martin did. He wants to make this team better. However, how much he can due to financial constraints is a whole different issue.

I miss hockey.


Latest news I heard was that Tanner Glass is now with Vancouver and that Tanguay may be going to Calgary (link posted on previous Tanguay blog).

Ah. to have had Ovechkin with that Tanner Glass pick. Great thinking there Mr. Cohen, to make the organization look like fools, LONG before the continuing Keenan fiasco.

Ovechkin with the Tanner Glass pick? How is that possible? Glass was a 9th round pick in 2003 (265th overall pick) and Ovechkin was the 1st pick in the 2004 draft.

In the 2003 draft the Panthers took Horton 3rd after trading spots with Pittsburgh, so the best you can say is that they should have taken Staal (and not traded spots with the Pens).

In the 2004 draft the Panthers picked 7th (and took Olesz) long after the Caps picked Ovechkin and the Pens took Malkin. Frankly, after Ovechkin and Malkin the 2004 first round wasn't all that special.

So I don't see any possible connection between Tanner Glass and Alex Ovechkin.

we tried to argue that ovechkin was draft eligible by age due to leap years and attempted to draft him a year early with the pick that ended up being tanner glass. the arguement was of course shot down, but at least we tried.

George, anything on the newest rumor that the Panthers are OUT of the Tanguay mix? Word is now it's down to Phoenix and Tampa.

That would be really sad if this organization lost the bidding for a FA to Phoenix. Tampa won a cup a few years back and has Vinny, St. Louis & Stamkos, so I could see Tanguay's allure to playing there. But Phoenix??? Their in a worse situation than us with the ownership turmoil and bankruptcy and possible relocation.


"we tried to argue that ovechkin was draft eligible by age due to leap years and attempted to draft him a year early....."

Nothing more than yet another marketing/PR ploy. Everyone and their mother knew it was a BS argument. The Panthers never had a chance of winning it. And it still doesn't have anything to do with Tanner Glass who is way back in the 9th round. If Ovechkin was going to be eligible he was going to be the #1 pick, as he was already on every team's radar.

it was really just another blunder by Mr. Cohen who doesn't understand the rules, not only are there age requirements for the draft but there is paperwork that the player has to complete.

Wait-A-Minute, there is video footage of Cohen insisting Dudley draft AO starting in the fourth round, and with each pick they had there after. Each time being rejected by the league. So as much as you think they are not tied together, in a disgustingly sick way only possible with Cohen, they are.

George? Are you taking a break or something? Do you know anything about Tanguay? Now I'm seeing that the Panthers are out of the mix.

Update Pleeeease!

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