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Cheaper Tickets at The Billboard

Arena2 With a still bad economy and a team that hasn't been to the playoffs since Bill Clinton was in office, the Panthers unveiled their season ticket prices today and not surprisingly, prices remain the same or lower than they did last year.

The Panthers have also said that concession prices will remain the same as last year, so take that for what it is. The team is also planning on offering some kind of bargain concessions. I will be selling hot dogs for $2 near the press box, so come up and visit.

Last year, the team had a $9 per game season ticket; this season, it'll be $7. That's pretty strong. People in Toronto can't even get a 12 ounce cup of Molson for that.

Here's what the Panthers are offering:


-   Concession prices will remain flat for the 2009-10 NHL regular season and new, bargain-priced options will be introduced

-          $7 ticket is the lowest season ticket price in BankAtlantic Center history

-          $35 is the lowest lower bowl season ticket price in BankAtlantic Center history

-          All Panthers tickets include parking

-          Convenient Panthers start times will remain at 7:30 pm (weekdays) and 7 p.m. (weekends)

-          Previously renewed fans that are affected by this price change have already been contacted by the organization.

-          In an effort to simplify the overall pricing structure and maintain consistency of value, the team will implement only a very limited number of promotional offers throughout the 2009-10 NHL season.

Florida Panthers Full Season Ticket Pricing Structure:





1st Row



Panther Club - Rows 2-4



Premium Lower Sidelines



Premium Plaza Middle



Premium End Zones



Lower Bowl Sidelines



Plaza Middle



Lower Bowl End Zone (Shoot 2x)



Lower Bowl End Zone (Locker Room)



Lexus Club






Sideline Balcony



Goal Zone







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So the food is still outrageously expensive, compared to the three promotional giveaways last year, there will be less, and parking is still included in the ticket price. Glad to see that Rosenhaus marketing ploy worked to its fullest advantage.

Making someone pay $207 per ticket to sit in the front row and watch the steaming pile of horse crap we will run out there next year is tantamount to torture as defined by the Geneva Convention. Alan Cohen needs to be brought to military tribunal for his crimes against Panthers fans.

I can't get excited about the prices if I'm not excited about the team. The offseason news so far hasn't helped at all.

I keep waiting for the big event, the pulled trigger: The thing that makes me think that the Panthers will challenge for the division championship. Until it happens, tickets might as well be free for all I care about 'em.

Are they planning on offering an upgraded product? Methinks not...

Most of us, who are long time season ticket holders, generally are "grandfathered in" at lower ticket prices so the promotion also doesn't make much difference.

Also, the front row seats last season were $250, not $207.

Let's see, one $7 ticket, $40 in gas to drive to Buffalo and back, $200 flight from Buffalo to Lauderdale, $55 rental car on priceline. Almost cheaper to fly to a Panthers game then to go to a Maple Leafs one here in Toronto!


So is Manute Bol going to lace the skates up for the Panthers this year???

Is Rosenhaus going to set that up.

Also,, How much did Rosenhaus get paid for this stupid stunt??

the prices should be lower for a substandard product

Better hockey will be seen on the West Coast of Florida with the Florida Everblades, in fact the early line is that the Everblades would be favored over the Panthers in a seven game series

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