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Canada Day Signings: David Booth Gets Paid, Signs 6-Year Deal ... Radek Dvorak Signs 2-year Deal ... Craig Anderson to Avs, Scott Clemmensen the Replacement ... D Ville Koistinen now Official

Bear It's a holiday in Canada in two respects today.

It's Canada day, which is like the Fourth of July without the red-white-and-blue bunting.

It's also the start of the free agency period, which many in Canada relish even more. It's a good day to have the day off up north, a good day to relax with friends and relatives and watch the TSN ticker.

Should be interesting to see what happens today both here in South Florida and abroad. Are the Panthers going to be an active player in the free agent market, or are they going to sit back and see how the market shapes out? Probably the latter, although there are enough holes on the roster to think the Panthers have to be pro-active.

We'll see soon enough.

-- Here is the official list of Florida's free agents. Not many surprises here.


Craig Anderson, Nick Boynton, Jassen Cullimore, Radek Dvorak, Jordan Leopold, Vaclav Nedorost, Ville Peltonen, Karlis Skrastins, Janis Sprukts, Mikhail Yakubov, Richard Zednik.

Radek -- Scratch Radek Dvorak off the list; Dvo's coming back to the Panthers after a very solid 2008-09 campaign.

TSN is reporting it now as a two-year deal, and the Panthers have just confirmed it. TSN says deal is for $1.7 million per.

-- The Panthers have given David Booth a six-year extension worth just under $26 million.

Booth2 The Boother is excited as well he should be. Wonder if he keeps the Camaro or upgrades to a new one. I see a Vette in his future.

A good start for the Panthers getting Booth and Dvorak done.

-- The Panthers now need a backup goalie, Craig Anderson heading to the Colorado Rockies of the National League. Going to play first base and catcher. Two-year deal for Andy and a bunch of free skiing lessons. Good luck to him, Denver is a cool town. He's going to have fun.

-- Word that Colton Orr was coming to FLA turn out not to be true. He signs a four-year deal with the Leafs.

-- Marian Hossa to the Hawks? As Mike Tyson would say: ''Niiiiiice." But 12 years? Whoa.

-- The Lightning are making some moves...

Ville2 -- Florida officially announces the signing of 27-year-old D-man Ville Koistinen. If they don't re-sign Peltonen, at least they have one Ville on the roster when the team opens in Finland.

Ville II played with Nashville the past two seasons. Not very offensive, but a quick player who is decent in the defensive zone.

Right now, he would be on the second pairing because the Panthers don't have much at the moment. Florida's defense, as it stands, is pretty brutal. Of course it's early and Randy is not done shopping and signing.

-- Panthers are now out of the goalie market: Scott Clemmensen, Clemmensen who did such a great job filling in for Martin Brodeur last year, signs a three-year deal with the Cats worth about $1.2 million per.

Now, I had said Andy would be competing with Clemmensen for a job this offseason, didn't think it would be for his job. 

Clemmensen's three-year deal means he's tied down to the Panthers one year longer than Tomas Vokoun is. Vokoun's contract expires after the 2010-11 season.


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Well, considering Sexton's comments that if they didn't sign their own UFAs (Peltonen, Dvo, Skrasts) before today, then we'd be an active club. Since no one has been signed I expect something to happen in the next few hours.

GR, why is the Booth extension taking so long? I thought the two sides were fairly close.

I can't tell you why, but I have the strong feeling the Panthers will surprise us in a positive way today.
BTW: Sexton did a good job so far !

It's absolutely necessary that this franchise actually go out and sign a big time player. I'm honestly tired of the "lipstick on a pig" esque moves. This is a team that is in desperate need of a bigtime scorer which will make EVERYONE better by putting them in more suitable roles.

I think I'd die of happiness of we signed the Sedin's even though its a huge investment. That type of double signing would create the potential for three great lines on this team!

Sedins have resigned with the Canucks according to TSN.ca.

Well then its time to set our sites on a player like Hossa. We need a bigtime scorer, perhaps more so than any other team in the league.

I agree with panthersfan I to am "honestly tired of the "lipstick on a pig" esque moves." I would be shocked if they did sign a top scorer I am so use to their mediocre UFA signings. It is not going to happen but a Mike Cammalleri or a Martin Havlat sure would shake things up.

They need one big name...and scoring touch...at forward and 2-3 "solid" names on D, IMO, out of this UFA period. I'd like Cammalleri(will be expensive) and Comrie(less expensive, but not cheap) at forward, and signing Leopold(expensive, but necessary), Paul Mara, and Montador on D for depth.

Hahaha, Nedorost was still our property??? lol Boy, talk about a guy with talent and hype going bust.

Comrie worries me - he's been to how many teams? I'd love Cammallari - everyone calls him a playmaking center yet he scored 39 goals last year. Imagine what he'd do for Horton if we signed him?

If you really think the Panthers are going to sign a big time player then you believe that they are going to use the Bure money to get two or three very good players or maybe you believe that the next young player is going to be great.

They planted the Drew Rosenhaus story the day before free agency to take the attention away from their inaction and lack of signing a big time player.

You are absolutely correct STHSD1, one can always hope for a smokescreen, but I hope for the best and always expect the worst with this team.

Ohlund is the first major FA to fall.

To the Lightning for 7 years and a very affordable contract.

Got to give the Bolts credit here, great signing and great contract. Seems they may have learned something from last summer.

I believe Sexton is playing today close to the chest. We have money to spend. Booth will resign and we will get something valuable done today. Sexton has been agressive in his short time.

The Panthers will not sign a big-name scorer via free agency this offseason.

End of story.

Happy to see Dvo resigned for his solid penalty killing. Good depth resigning.

Good to see Dvo resigned to a very affordable contract. Good depth and great penalty killer.

I don't see how signing a 32 year old to a 7-year deal for a 3.75 mil cap hit is a "great" deal. I know he'll mentor Hedman. But 7 years? He's got to make it to 35 for the cap hit to fall off the books if he retires. A lot of people thought Ohlund had lost a step this year, which doesn't mean he can't contribute, but as a Bolts anti-fan, I like this.

Dvo just resigned! 2 years, 3.4 million - 1.7 cap hit!

Ohlund is still a very solid defensemen, which the Lightning did not have at all last season and improves them a lot, especially with Hedman coming in.

It's a front loaded contract so if they want to buy him out later, its much more affordable. That was key.

two scenarios I see in the future:

I guessing that if they sign a big name player like Mike Cammalleri or Martin Havlat then Cohen would need to show the money for them to come and probably overpay for them.
..If this happens, then expect for Mattias, Ellerby, Repik, and Kulikov to all make the team due to salary cap reasons.


If they sign antropov, comrie, or tanguay, then the panthers will probably start stocking up on subpar players. (Mattias will not make the team, with the excuse that he is not ready.) I think that Hall Gill would be signed instead of Eminger (what a mistake to consider Gill). Only Repik and Kulikov make the team in this scenario.

Are you hearing anything else George?

It appears Hossa will sign in Chicago...

I wouldn't mind reuniting Tanguay with Rhino. He'd be more affordable than Cammy for sure.

Bob McKenzie on TSN just said that Booth also signed, but no details yet. George - did you hear anything on this?

Yes! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth!

6 year extension for Booth!

BREAKING NEWS:The Panthers have signed David Booth to a 6-yr contract extension. Booth led the team with 31 goals last season. More to come.


Tsn is saying it's 6 years, 25.5 million = 4.25 cap hit. WOW! GREAT DEAL!!!

Andy is off to colorado

NHL Live is saying Craig Anderson is about to sign with Colorado. Bad move as usual for the Panthers.

Denver Post has it on their Avs' blog...Andy is going to be an Av.

2 year deal according to TSN. Sheesh, I can't imagine why he didn't hold out for a longer deal at 27 years old. Interesting...

Yep. 2 years for Andy in Colorado

Booth - 6 yr deal!

Hossa signed with the Blackhawks.

Please tell me that the Cats will sign a forward.....

I'm a lifelong Avs fan in Denver. Tell me about our new back up goalie. We already have one of those in Bad-Eye, and doubled his pay from last season, which was barely a season at all.

Jerry, Andy will win the job over Budaj. He was solid for us last year and we blew it by not resigning him. Mainly because we have a cheap organization.

Can we please sign Gaborik???

So are the Panthers suddenly in the goalie market? Or are they going to rely on Beckford-Tseu\Plante as #2 next season until Jakob Markstrom is ready? (yikes...)


Andy you might say was our savior this season. He sparked the team to get back in the playoff chance when Vokoun was struggling, then did it again later in the season to close the gap and tie for the 8th playoff spot. He faced A LOT of shots, so if you look at his record and GAA they were pretty good considering the peppering he took.

I hope Andy does well for the Avs and having watched plenty of Budaj while living in Denver, I think it's definitely an upgrade.

Cliff... Andy got almost 2 mil a season. We can't pay our 2 goalies almost 8 mil combined... that's just ridiculous.

You are right Karl, but, who are we going to sign for less than that?

Eklund is saying we signed Ville Koistinen from Nashville - puck moving defenseman that can play forward too. Too much depth in Nashville but he's a 3rd pairing guy.

Our biggest signing better not be Reinprecht.
Do something!!! We need a goal scorer and maybe some size up front.
Do something, get off of the sidelines and DO SOMETHING!

Martin Havlat, Mike Cammalleri, Marian Gaborik and Dany Heatley are still available.....

It's been almos 3 hours people relax!! There are still plenty of free agents out there.

here will be the press release from the Panthers

We signed Ville Koistinen who is a defenseman that brings character to the lockerroom and adds speed to the team we expect him to be in our top 4 defensemen and adds depth to the organization.

In reality just another signing of a guy who was an extra on another team that we are making out to be better than he is.

Re-sign Skrastins before you waste money on a scrub from the Preds...

Koistinen just signed with the Panthers.
Great, another guy 5'11" 190lbs.
Don't we have enough of these soft 5'11" 190lbs guys.
Why are we signing someone like this? Don't we have Ellerby and Garrison.

Sexton, if this is the best you can do, please go to Montreal w/ Martin

the real question is does this mean that Leopold is not signing here

Exactly - what's the deal with Leo is the only question about this move. This guy can be our 7th D-man, fine, but please not a regular.

Probably no Leopold, no Skratchie. Just crap off the dump heaps. This ownership blows.

Jerry Walters Avs fans will Ove Anderson, he is a class act and will be your Number one goaltender.

Ville Koistinen is pretty good in the shooutout. He scored 3 goals on 4 shootout shots. Good move.


should be

Jerry Walters Avs fans will love Anderson, he is a class act and will be your Number one goaltender.

Leopold is not going to sign here. I have a feeling that the Panthers are going to sign Hal Gil next, and call it a day....

I really would like to see them land Havlat or Cammalleri. Cohen open your pocket book, its for the playoffs!!!

The problem is that the Panthers have made Reinprecht out to be the answer to our problems and he isn't. Let's take a look at things. We are now weaker in goal, we are weaker on defense and we still can't put the puck in the net. Yes it's only been three hours, but alot of the competition is getting better and we get Koistinen which is basically Brett McLean on defense!

If this rumor about ville koistinen is true and he is not in the AHL... I will flip out. He is TERRIBLE. If you've seen him play, you'd understand where I am coming from.

TheFan960 in calgary is reporting the Panthers are close to signing Alex Tanguay. you hear anything George?

Cats are getting close to signing Alex Tanguay...


and he has been a healthy scratch for the most part in Nashville and they tried him at forward

now we have to get to the shootout for it to matter

I am just sad that we missed Anderson and because of their lack of action, I'm putting my season tickets on ticketmaster ASAP.

Good call Jess. Not resigning our backup is as good a reason as any to bail on your tix... we're 4 hours into free agency... signed booth long term, resigned Dvorak. picked up a solid center in Reinprecht a couple weeks ago...

this is a 2-way street people. Of course everyone would love to sign Hossa and Gaborik and Cammilleri, etc... unfortunately, those players have to WANT to play for hte team they sign, and until we gain some more credibility, we're not going to draw the top tier players...

Gosh darned it! I was hoping we'd find a way to keep Andy!

....Great about Booth, but I am LESS than satisfied sofar:(

Khabby signed with Edmonton and Spacek, a former Panther and one I thought might come back, signed with MTL.

Any other news on players we're trying to pursue? It's a shame to lose Andy. He's definitely going to have a great year as a starter. Sexton needs to sign a power forward if he wants to keep the GM job.

Panthers sign Clemmensen to replace Anderson according to Andy Strickland

Nice salvage job, Sexton. Clemmensen was solid for NJ, although we won't have their defense in front of him.

Clemmenson for 3 years at 3.6 according to TSN

Word on the ice has it the we will be making an announcemnt to come shortly. Word is Clemmensen will get a 3 yr. deal with 1.2 cap hit.

Ths is def a move to let markstrom come next year and sit a year in the ahl and then come up the year after. Nice job sexton.

Very good signing.

I hope the Tanguay rumors are true, but I'd like to see Havlat over him.

Clemmenson... not Anderson, but not too bad.

Gil signed with MTL: 4.5 mil for 2 years.

Clemmensen = Great Deal!

Thank God.

Looks like Antropov is headed to the Russian League, and Cammellarei is asking for 6 mil a year...and won't get it. Letting Leopold walk..considering the alternatives...would be a big mistake. It's one thing if the guy just doesn't want to be here, if that's the case, then don't let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit ya. But if it's a matter of penny-pinching, then this franchise CAN'T expect support from it's rapidly dwindling fan base.

Really, Clemmenson.. he's gonna be 32 in a couple of weeks and except for last year doesn't have much of a good track record. Why not spend half that and get a younger guy to develop..??

I'm not a big Antropov fan. I don't think he fits DeBoer's style either. I think Cammi should be worth as much as Jokinen and he's getting 5.5 mil, so something around there should get it done.

Cammellari goes to Montreal. Nice 1-2 punch down the middle in Cammellari-Gomez.

Come on Panthers - give us something!

Wow you guys are negative nancy's . Booth/Clemmensen/Dvo signings are awesome. We are addressing each area. Kulikov,Ellerby or Garrison could play #4 or #5 dman minutes next season. Hopefully Skrats is signed. We don't need Leopold if he wants 3 mil. or something like ridic like that.

Great day so far,Tanguay with Horton would be sweet.

Are you serious? # 4 or 5 with those guys? No way, not yet, not a chance...

We really still need that puck-moving defenseman. If we do sign Tanguay then it will be a cherry on top of an awesome sundae.

just read sexston doesn't plan on adding a top scoring free agent. and i don't mean gaborik or havlat. i meant a secondary type guy like tanguay,kovalev,gionta something like that. somebody who can put in 20 goals.

this team is no better then last year in fact they aren't even as good as last year.

u can add olesz and stillman who will miss the whole season together with injuries. so expect a full season played out by 1 player on two contracts. and olesz doesn't do anything special scoring wise.

reinprect the savior up front. jeez. they lie to the fans every year bring in some guy who they say is top 6 talent. he's a gift third liner.

horton is lazy.

guess all of our hope rest with the line of


our d as of right now not complete but no matter what aren't going to be as good as last year.

our goalie is our strength but when they'll be facing 40 shots a night again it won't matter.

here's to another season missing the playoffs and taking a step backwards!

as we watch Tampa and Atlanta improve you have to wonder if the front office watches the same players as us.

Sexton saying he is happy with our top 9 forwards, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defense is weaker and we are old in goal, do I hear lottery top 3 pick a year late

I tend to agree with season ticket holder since day one - every team improved except Panthers. If this is all they do I expect to see them in bottom of division.

I hope we aren't done. There are still some very good free agents out there that we could snag. Come on Sexton. Give us a forward worth our money.

I'm hoping that the Panthers are still trying to work out a deal with:

Tanguay, Havlat, Gaborik, or a trade for Heatley

So let me get this straight. We are a team beggin for credibility, that hasnt reach the post season in almost a decade... and we signed... a backup goalie a 3rd line center and a 3rd pairing defencemen. Mr Sexton " clap clap clap" for there you had me worried. You are truely a master @ what you do.... bravo

Gaborik to the NYR - 5 years, 37.5 million (7.5 cap hit).

Forget extra offense, this team still has not replaced Zenik's goals! Panthers are worse than last year.

Tanguay? Havlat? Ottawa wouldn't trade us Heatley... we have nothing to offer them and he is probably another player who would find a way to get the hell out of town.

hey we still have Drew Rosenhaus

Overpaid for Booth.
Getting Clemenson and getting rid of Anderson makes no sense.

dvorak wow we will score so much this season.

Villi Kostinen WHAT?????? hahahahaha what a joke of an organization. No future at all.

80 pt team.

As last season ended, in my opinion the Panthers needed:
a sniper and/or
a gifted center and/or
a big body to put in front of the net on the power play
an agitator/bruiser/enforcer (Laperierre, Neil...)

Sexton - If you're looking at this team and these are the decisions you make, then you're a J. Martin clone. You're obviously not qualified and over your head. Do the respectable thing and just walk away!
And please stop feeding us your BS!

"Overpaid for Booth" YOU ARE NUTS. Panthers are lucky he didn't sign an offer sheet from another team it could have been another $ 1 million a year. Booth is worth every dollar, works hard every shift, trains hard in the offseason and wants to be a Panther. He could get 40 goals next year every year he gets better.

You've been awfully quiet. Are you reading all of this? I'd like to hear what you thought the Panthers needed and your response to what they haven't done.
I'm hoping that the Panthers haven't put you on their payroll to keep you quiet!!!!

here is a quote from Sexton
Sexton said, "I'm not sure you ever have enough scoring, but we're real comfortable with our top three lines. Our top six of Booth, Weiss, Frolik, Stillman, Reinprecht, Horton, we think those guys can score. ...We're very comfortable offensively with those top six

Stillman is old, Reinprecht is not an offensive player, Horton is lazy and Weiss is too small.

Torrey save us get a GM with a clue soon, or it will be another season closer to the first pick then the playoffs

Anyone waiting for the Panthers to make a splash on either offense or defense, forget about it. Sexton said today that they won't be getting any forwards, that they're happy with their top 6 of Weiss, Horton, Booth, Frolik, Reinprecht and Stillman. Also said that signing Leopold is unlikely and that signing Skrastins is only a "possibility".

A team that was short on offense added a guy who is a nice second or third line center, but no goal scoring talent. A team that lost its best defenseman, who also was an important playmaker, replaced him with Koistinen, a second rate defenseman that even Nashville didn't want and who often played him as a fourth line forward.

Hey George, I've an idea for your next column - a story on the new Panthers Promise that they've lined up for late in the season to get people to buy tickets in the hope that somehow the Panthers will make up a multiple point deficit and not go a ninth year without a playoff berth. Given that they planned the Drew Rosenhaus thing so far in advance (and tried to get people to believe that they really didn't know it was going to be announced the day before free agency begins), I am sure they've already figured out next season's promotion!

Has central scouting released their notes on the next entry draft next? Who are they projecting will go first? Welcome to the Panthers. You will love the beach. =)

What have we become?

A falling leaf grazes the side of my face as I look up and realize Fall is arriving...The NHL Hockey season is right around the corner.
I can barely contain the excitement and eagerness I have in anticipation of yet another season with hope and a possible playoff birth and...NOT.
I have often wondered what gets fans motivated to go to games when they have absolutely no hope of winning...teams like baseball's KC Royals or now, the NHL FL Panthers. Organizations that don't instill a shred of confidence in its commitment to win... Obvious weaknesses not addressed, the youth movement being peddled annually with little or no results.
Hope is one of the cornerstones of life. Every religion is based on hope. Hope of peace, hope of eternal salvation, even the sick, twisted promise of 72 virgins for killing people manifests itself with hope in the minds of the murderers.
Well, I believe we have become a hopeless organization and without it it's hard to feel that pre-season excitment I have felt every season since 1994. The Pavel Bure experiment did not bring a cup to So Fl, but it did give us hope. That said, I don't believe one established, proven F/A (scorer) signing is the answer to all our problems but it would begin to re-establish HOPE.
Am I the only one who sees the need for a proven, consistenet 30,40,50 goal scorer on this team. Someone that can steal a game occasionally or give you hope (there is that word again) when trailing by three goals going into the third.
I hope, I hope, I hope...

Its funny how when you tell people the Panthers aren't going to improve for next year, nobody listens and the majority of people tow the company line saying, yeah, playoffs next year, were getting better, tweeting out stuff saying "huge news tommorow"when they only sign an aging older guy, wow, im so impressed.

I have no problem with the Booth contract. He works hard and makes playes, he just needs to keep improving on carrying the puck. As for the other signings, they are lame. I have a freind who was a minor league goalie last year, why didn't the Panthers overpay to get him like Clemmenson???

And what else have we done???

Sweet can't wait until next year, say January when the BAC is 30% full because the team is the last in the NHL and Yormark does some stupid promo...

Besides Booth a complete failiure. Again. Almost as bad as what JM could've done. And About Sexton saying he is "confident" in our offense, all I want to do is ask him what the hell was in his drink to make him say such BS. Once again another season of hope for the best expect the worst. Hopefully the next GM will know what hockey is.

I think the general populous is unhappy... GR, I don't blame you for staying out of this one...

we failed

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