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Canada Day Signings: David Booth Gets Paid, Signs 6-Year Deal ... Radek Dvorak Signs 2-year Deal ... Craig Anderson to Avs, Scott Clemmensen the Replacement ... D Ville Koistinen now Official

Bear It's a holiday in Canada in two respects today.

It's Canada day, which is like the Fourth of July without the red-white-and-blue bunting.

It's also the start of the free agency period, which many in Canada relish even more. It's a good day to have the day off up north, a good day to relax with friends and relatives and watch the TSN ticker.

Should be interesting to see what happens today both here in South Florida and abroad. Are the Panthers going to be an active player in the free agent market, or are they going to sit back and see how the market shapes out? Probably the latter, although there are enough holes on the roster to think the Panthers have to be pro-active.

We'll see soon enough.

-- Here is the official list of Florida's free agents. Not many surprises here.


Craig Anderson, Nick Boynton, Jassen Cullimore, Radek Dvorak, Jordan Leopold, Vaclav Nedorost, Ville Peltonen, Karlis Skrastins, Janis Sprukts, Mikhail Yakubov, Richard Zednik.

Radek -- Scratch Radek Dvorak off the list; Dvo's coming back to the Panthers after a very solid 2008-09 campaign.

TSN is reporting it now as a two-year deal, and the Panthers have just confirmed it. TSN says deal is for $1.7 million per.

-- The Panthers have given David Booth a six-year extension worth just under $26 million.

Booth2 The Boother is excited as well he should be. Wonder if he keeps the Camaro or upgrades to a new one. I see a Vette in his future.

A good start for the Panthers getting Booth and Dvorak done.

-- The Panthers now need a backup goalie, Craig Anderson heading to the Colorado Rockies of the National League. Going to play first base and catcher. Two-year deal for Andy and a bunch of free skiing lessons. Good luck to him, Denver is a cool town. He's going to have fun.

-- Word that Colton Orr was coming to FLA turn out not to be true. He signs a four-year deal with the Leafs.

-- Marian Hossa to the Hawks? As Mike Tyson would say: ''Niiiiiice." But 12 years? Whoa.

-- The Lightning are making some moves...

Ville2 -- Florida officially announces the signing of 27-year-old D-man Ville Koistinen. If they don't re-sign Peltonen, at least they have one Ville on the roster when the team opens in Finland.

Ville II played with Nashville the past two seasons. Not very offensive, but a quick player who is decent in the defensive zone.

Right now, he would be on the second pairing because the Panthers don't have much at the moment. Florida's defense, as it stands, is pretty brutal. Of course it's early and Randy is not done shopping and signing.

-- Panthers are now out of the goalie market: Scott Clemmensen, Clemmensen who did such a great job filling in for Martin Brodeur last year, signs a three-year deal with the Cats worth about $1.2 million per.

Now, I had said Andy would be competing with Clemmensen for a job this offseason, didn't think it would be for his job. 

Clemmensen's three-year deal means he's tied down to the Panthers one year longer than Tomas Vokoun is. Vokoun's contract expires after the 2010-11 season.


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they say ville koistenen brings character to the locker room.... supposedly the guy doesn't even know english...

There's a rumor swirling around that the Panthers are gonna trade everyone for Heatley, and use him center stage of their sponsored three ring circus arena.

We all better pray that Matthias is ready to play with the big boys....

During the first day of free agency, aside from signing Booth, an RFA, Sexton has done little more than add vets, on short-term contracts, to fill holes. He resigned Dvo short-term for basically the same salary as last year, signed Koistinen, a PMD, short-term for cheap and, waited for the first waive of goalies to be gone before signing Clemmensen to a reasonable 3 year, $1.2 million contract.

There are a number of possible explanations for his actions. First, he is on a tight budget and has no money to spend. Second,he plans to be an aggressive bargain hunter during the next several days. Third, he is under instructions to make no major long-term deals, or trades pending the hiring of a new GM. Time will tell.

zenator- what's a PMD? thanks

Puck Moving D-man

Overpaid for Booth? Uh huh.. ok.. you just lost any credibility you had right there (rolls eyes).

Damn... we miss out on the playoffs on a tiebreaker, and now the world's coming to an end because we didn't sign the Sedins, or another high priced FA making us dead in the water? Too much "EA" style management going on in here and on the boards...

Of course, if Tanguay were to be signed, (a great fit, IMO), these very same "2K9" managers still won't be happy...

looks like we got hosed it the jaybo trade. jaybo for a 3rd round pick. great we are just an awesome team.

I am agreeing with all other comments. The Panthers might as well just take out the central scouting sheet now. All the promos in the world from Yormark will not make people want to see this crappy product they are putting on the ice. The Panthers were basically 1/2 point out of a playoff position last season, and instead of thinking about how to improve and get that one (or more) extra point, they decided to watch as the other teams in the division improved and take a big step backwards. This is very upsetting.

They need to go after Heatley.

Ville Koistenen??????
Did we even try to sign a guy like Mike Komisarek? He signed with Toronto for 4.5 million for 5 years. That would be at least 2 million per year less than what Jay wanted, and we would have had a very solid defenseman.
Once again this organization proves that it doesn't know what it's doing

Even the Thrashers got better.

They signed Nik Antropov for 4 years at 16 million. We could have grabbed Mark Recci for one million.

Can we say Tanguay? How about all of the guys that the Canadians are letting go? They have four good offensive players that they can't sign.

Cohen needs to let Sexton spend some money. If he files for bankruptcy the NHL will bail him out like they did the Coyotes and then we can get a real owner and a real team!

Any update on Leopold? any chance they would take a shot at Kovalev or Tanguay? it would be nice to get an offensive forward

Don't hold your breath "D-Man". This is the Panthers we are talking about, not the other 29 teams in the NHL.


Not even a ripple:( I was REALLY expecting some "Boom Boom Pow" and we got a fizzle.

I'm glad Booth is here for good, but sheesh, I was REALLY expecting all of our pennies put towards a high caliber sniper:(

The Clemmensen signing was cool, but I REALLY wished to keep Andy around...

Such a shame that they didn't trade Vokoun and keep Anderson. Such a shame. How in the hell will this team even come close to competing next season? Where are the goals going to come from? Where is our D? Can we really rely on Allen?

I think we took a huge step back. Kulikov will not start, Repik should not be brought up this early, Matthias stinks. Ellerby??? I doubt it.

Please don't say ohh the goals will come from Booth horton weiss stillman. YEAAAAAAAAA RIGHT.

Great job over paying for Booth. Thats what you get when you have Olesz signed for 3.25 a year when he is basically a role player at best. Now we gotta pay Booth (who btw will never score 30 again in his career) < bold prediction but I think i'm right on that one.

Clemenson???? why? Whats the point? Shedding Vokouns salary and keeping Anderson made the most sense for a franchise struggling for money. I guess they wanted to make things harder on themselves.

It's also comforting to see the Panthers get no offensive weapon during FA. I love what the Rangers did and they are now that much better. Remember we were fighting them and Montreal for the 8th spot. Odds of us doing that again are very slim.

Here's to 9 years no playoffs (10 if u count the lockout)

Hard to disagree with anyone here. Not a whole lot to believe or hope for next year other than a no. 1 draft pick. Personally, it is hard to be this negative after all the years where the majority of us stayed relatively optimistic, but I mean... ownership is shaky, we don't have a full time GM, our roster is easily one of the least talented in the league, we just took a step back in offense, defense, and even goaltending... does anybody have an arguement out there that this is something other than a business out to make money and get what they can out of this market rather than a team looking to improve and make the playoffs? I feel better about my ND football for next season!!! and that is really saying something...

Skrastins is gone.

Signed with Dallas for 1.7 million about a half hour ago.

Think that Versus will get better about showing other teams? I would like to watch some hockey next year. Good hockey.

Skrastins signed in Dallas for two-years, 1,35 m. a year. How could we miss on that one ?????

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