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Pierre Groulx to Canadiens

Pierre1 Sure this is old news by now and it's certainly not a surprise, but Pierre Groulx has landed on his feet and will join Jacques Martin's staff in Montreal as the new goalie coach of the Canadiens.

Pierre has spent the past four seasons with the Panthers, coming over from Ottawa with JM after the 2003-04 season. Pierre was the video coach for his first few years, then took over the goalie gig two seasons ago. He was let go by Pete DeBoer earlier this summer as he decided the Panthers wanted to go with a part time guy.

Good for Pierre, this is obviously a huge bump up in stature. And I don't think he'll be doing the goalie breakdown on game broadcasts anymore. Don't think that's going to fly on Canadian television.


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lol no it wont. a fan couldve done those report up there....

So is Manute Bol going to lace the skates up for the Panthers this year???

Is Rosenhaus going to set that up.

Also,, How much did Rosenhaus get paid for this stupid stunt??

Hey instead of lowering the price of tixs with this stupid campaign why not give back to the season ticket holders some of the things they have taken away!

So, the Panthers goaltending might actually get better in the long run?

Go to NHLnumbers.com for cap space for each team. Ny Rangers have 11 players under contract but only about 10 million left to spend. Panthers have about 8 million left and only a few players left to sign. Very interesting site. Panthers seem to want you to be excited about lower or stay even ticket prices. How about a GM with a plan and a guy who can get us 40 goals.

scott, that's a very interesting site. Thanks for the link. I wonder if it's still possible to get a big name from a team that needs to dump one. It looks like some teams will have a hard time putting a team on the ice that isn't schizophrenic (world-class starters and AHL 3rd & 4th lines).

for a better hockey product go see the Florida Everblades just outside Ft. Myers.

Or just about any NHL level team north of the I-4 corridor

Wow, no new news,, what a shock....

You know, the Leafs just signed this kid Gustavson from Sweden for 800k. Supposedly he could be pretty good. How much are we paying journeyman Clemmensen? We had the money to get Gustavsson, but did we? Of course not! We'd rather overpay for a goalie whose stats were most likely the product of the team in front of him. As for all the people pinning their hopes on Jacob Markstrom, remember Tyler Plante? That isn't working out so good. So much for organizational depth.

As for our subpar offense, here's a novel idea: sign a RFA to an offer sheet. I don't care if it's considered 'taboo', the Panthers need offense. The Dustin Penner thing was way overblown (except the money he got, that was plain stupid). I've got 3 candidates right off the bat: Tomas Plekanec, Travis Zajac, and Phil Kessel. Shake up the system, make some noise. Do SOMETHING.

Tanguay is still out there. Comrie too. Take a flier on Maxim Afinegenov. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery. Brendan Morrison is available and a lot better than Kamil Kreps.

No excuses about the team being sold either. Montreal is in the process of being sold and they aren't sitting on their hands praying Greg Campbell morphs into Steve Yzerman. Cohen has the money, but not the guts.

So I see that Joe Nieuwendyk picked up another person that JM the GM/Coach discarded when he signed Alex Auld.

Mr. Cohen's upteenth millionth mistake was not making Joe Nieuwendyk the GM last year when he took the coaching away from JM the GM, and it was Alex Auld that JM the GM said was going to fill the shoes of Roberto Luongo (traded for each other).

All it cost Mr. Nieuwendyk was a 6th round pick.

All Cohen cares about is making money from the arena deal, he needs the team there to keep the arena deal so he continues to run the team on the cheap.

By the way other than seeing in the blog here the Drew Rosenhaus joke did that play anywhere else. I didn't see the story or the media ads on any of the local channels.

Another slap to the few people that still care about this team (those few people cannot stand this bush league organization).

Auld lost all his confidence once Belfour came on. When he was on, he was on!...but when he was down......shudder (can you say wraparound??)

Gustavvson did not want to come here dude, chill. LOL

I would like to see us sign Tanguay. Morrison is okay too if no Tanguay, on the downslope, but is still a good 2-way forward - probably a #3/maybe #2.

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