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Rain Cancels Cup Qualifying ... Tony Stewart on Poll for Saturday's Firecracker 400 ... Game On for Friday Race @ 8

Tonystewart DAYTONA BEACH -- A brief but powerful thunderstorm rolled into town not too long ago and soaked the track good enough that qualifying for Saturday's Cup Series race was canceled.

Officials here say they are going to finish qualifying for tonight's Nationwide Series race; that race is supposed to start sometime around 8 p.m.

The field for Saturday's 400 will be set based off driver's points, so Tony Stewart will be on the pole and start on the front row with Jeff Gordon.

Stewart on the pole, his third in the past five races (all thanks to the weather):

''It's still a pole due to rain and we're still going to start the race on the pole tomorrow,'' he snarkily answered one question.

-- The rain is gone and the track is dry. The Nationwide Series race will go off as scheduled although they never did finish qualifying.


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Tony Stewart for owner of the Panthers. He's a proven winner, even as a driver/owner. And he runs a class organization. Pantherland could only salivate for someone with his respectability and desire to win.

Get it through your heads people, the uncertainty regarding ownership makes it next to impossible to make a long-term investment in a player/ players. The only way you'll see ANY moves for a prominent player(forward, d-man, etc.) is if it's done like the Leopold deal. One or two year deals AT THE MOST. So, basically, unless someone is willing to accept a one or two year deal to come down here and miss the playoffs by 3-4 points, what you currently see on this roster, and in the system, is what you get. In a nutshell, this season is a wash, and unless a new ownership group...and capital...is found soon, look for a purge at the trade deadline, to.

George, blog something new about the panthers because we're getting bored.

gerorge what are you doing...let me guess..nothing...like the panthers.

You said racing AND hockey, George...I only saw racing, and barely any of that, really. And now you've started your 2 month vacation already, I'm guessing;)

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