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Summer Daze

Catpool As the temperatures rise, so too do the Alex Tanguay reports.

Last week, it was 'reported' that he had signed a deal. He did not. Some within the Panthers organization thought a deal was close. It may not have been.

Tanguay is still out there and the Panthers still have a deal on the table. I'm told the Panthers still think they have a shot at the left winger.

Today I've read reports from our pal Craig Custance at The Sporting News that the Panthers are out of the running, with it being down to Tampa or Phoenix. I've also read that the cap-strapped Flames are trying to bring Tanguay back, although word is Tanguay didn't like it in Calgary all that much.

Will update if I hear anything concrete, but right now, things are just pure speculation. And Tanguay's camp is in no hurry to do anything because more and more teams seem to jump into the mix.

We still have quite some time until training camp opens kids.


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lets hope - because as it stands - this team has no chance at the postseason.

adding a legit top-line talent like tanguay would be a huge shot in the arm and at least would give this fan some hope for this coming season.

What about other FA signings. They still need 2 forwards and 2 defenseman.

Tanguay may be the most overrated player in the league. Hope he doesn't sign with Panthers.

Hey George, do you have any email addresses for Yormark,Cohen and the rest of the Panther organization? I'd like to send them an email from a concerned and disgusted Panthers' season ticket holder.

Thank you

Does Tanguay think that he'd really go much further with Tampa or Phoenix? It's hard to believe, but currently, both of those franchises are worse off than the Panthers!

I recalling reading how Alex was on the phone with different teams trying to inflate his own value. Look - if he signs with us at market value, good for us. If he signs elsewhere, good riddance!

It would be nice to sign someone who isn't on the B, C or D list for once. I don't believe Tanguay is overrated, his PPG are better than anyone we currently have on the Panthers.

until this team addresses the need at center it doesn't matter who else we sign,

for David, go to the panthers web site and go under team and they have the front office, all of the emails are there.

By the way I would trade the panthers' roster for Phoenix's roster right now and would consider it a steal.

I would also trade the panthers' roster for Tampa's roster and laugh all the way to the bank.

As it stands right now, the panthers' forwards are below average, the defense is average and the goalies are slightly above average.

Means another long season at the TV Land advertising center

Have to agree with STH.

Phoenix's roster has a lot more young talent and depth on offense than the Panthers presently, and more potential. Defense isn't that bad, and Bryzzie is a solid goalie with Labarbera backing him up.

Tampa has one of the most potent lines in all of hockey as its first line and a second line that is nothing to sneeze at. They've improved their defense, and brought in a second goalie who can push Smith or potentially even take the job.

Panthers are looking to be battling Atlanta for last in the Southeast, if not last in the conference. Unless they find someone to put the puck in the net, and that's not going to be Tanguay. I again say they should try out Sykora or Satan on play for pay contracts. Sign them to $2 mil for a year and give them the opportunities to earn better contracts. Two players with the potential to put twice as many pucks in the net for potentially the same price as one.

I say we trade for Heatley! as for Tanguay, the more the merrier.

George, what's the status on Mike Comrie? I've heard virtually nothing about him since July 1. And any interest on the part of the Panthers??

Hey all, I have been keeping up with the posts and found something that is helpful for us all to evaluate.


This gives our entire depth chart. I have to agree, there are plenty of FA forwards available that could easily add to our group and improve this roster. Why not get some more scorers or guys who have put up even 40 plus points last season. Weiss led the team with 61 pts (that is not going to cut it). They did well on scoring by committee then get some more pieces. We all know the Olesz is not the replacement for Pelts on the third line. Tarnasky should be the 13th or 14th forward on this team, not slotted into the 4th line. I miss Pelts and wish he would sign but it looks like the CPR line will be over with.

Defense, I think the 6th defenseman needs to be a Vet guy. There are plenty available and would probably come for cheap.

Goaltending, we should be just fine. Clemm is a great replacement for Anderson. He is a fellow alum, so I may be biased but he should do great after having a breakout year in NJ.

Hey George - what's the latest on the Evgeny Dadonov situation? It's being reported on various blogs that his Russian (KHL) club is suing the Panthers for his return or for compensation. Also curious if this will have any effect on them getting Kulikov signed to a contract. Dadonov is considered to be a really good prospect who has been largely under the radar. Can you get an update on the Panthers Russian kids?


Their email addresses are yormarkm@sselive.com and cohena@sselive.com Have fun!

the organization is a joke, they won't get it done. I love how ESPN and every other sports media is picking the cats to finish dead last. I agree, this team is full of the same core of losers. They won't mature and we will see the same old Panthers.

Here's to 10 years of no playoffs.

whle we're awaiting Tanguay's signing with another team, and reading Panther bashing posts, here's a little different Panther talk:
third uniforms.


All the south east teams keep improving but us. The rookies are not going to help. Sorry to say.

according to the link that AC provided the Panthers are taking the legs off of the Panther in the logo.

I guess that is becasue this team is going nowhere fast.


middle leg goes off too this season

Good way to save on shoe money...

I'm finding it hard to get excited about Tanguay, I really hope we don't get too desperate and sign him to a ridiculous contract.
This franchise is pathetic, I wish we would show some ambition rather than just aiming for being "a little closer toward the playoffs" than last year.
We need to get at least one all-star scorer down here or this playoff drought will go on for another 10 years. We can't wait for Frolik to reach his prime or hope Booth can do it all on his own. Heatley looks like a great target imo, a rare occasion that a 50 goal guy becomes available that's not getting ready for retirement. Save the Tanguay cash and give Heatley whatever he wants! Trade Horton if thats what it takes while other teams still think he has potential (prove me wrong Horton!)

We would have to shed salary (Olesz) in order to get Heatley and give up probably too much. No one is taking Olesz's deal right now when his value is at an all-time low.

If I'm Ottawa, I want Frolik PLUS another top prospect and a 1st for Heatley. The thing is, other organizations have more talented players to trade for Heatley than we do, and I don't see us giving up next year's 1st, which could be a high pick, when we're so dependent on developing our prospects as cheap talent.

Mike Comrie STINKS

Comrie has been to how many teams now? He only scored 10 goals last year too. We don't need another locker room cancer. Forget Comrie.

"We still have quite some time until training camp opens kids."

Time is running out, kiddo. What's your excuse now?

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