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Surfing the Web

Spicoli It's a crummy afternoon in the Everglades, a perfect time to catch up on some reading as I try to figure out what's going on in Chicago.

Things are slow in the hockey world, but I think there are some things that may be of interest to those here in South Florida.

-- At PuckTheMedia.com, legendary Pittsburgh announcer Mike Lange is profiled. It's a good read. And he talks about Randy Moller.

-- The Bolts buy out the final three years of Vinny Prospal's contract, meaning he'll be getting over a million bucks from the Lightning for the next six years. And he's a restricted free agent. And Vinny Lecavalier doesn't sound happy his pal is gone.

-- Carolina buys out Frantisek Kaberle, bring back Aaron Ward. Who happened to be golfing in the Raleigh area at the time.

-- Shocking as this may sound, the Jerry Reinsdorf bid for the Coyotes was apparently approved. I cannot believe the Board of Governors turned down Jim Balsillie. Cannot believe it.

-- The Ottawa Sun says ''indications are the best offer'' Alex Tanguay has ''received has been for $1.2 million a season.'' I have heard higher. Substantially higher.

-- Nice job Indians. Being a fan of this team is like being on a crummy Merry-go-Round.

Hopefully more from Chicago in the coming hours.