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Surfing the Web

Spicoli It's a crummy afternoon in the Everglades, a perfect time to catch up on some reading as I try to figure out what's going on in Chicago.

Things are slow in the hockey world, but I think there are some things that may be of interest to those here in South Florida.

-- At PuckTheMedia.com, legendary Pittsburgh announcer Mike Lange is profiled. It's a good read. And he talks about Randy Moller.

-- The Bolts buy out the final three years of Vinny Prospal's contract, meaning he'll be getting over a million bucks from the Lightning for the next six years. And he's a restricted free agent. And Vinny Lecavalier doesn't sound happy his pal is gone.

-- Carolina buys out Frantisek Kaberle, bring back Aaron Ward. Who happened to be golfing in the Raleigh area at the time.

-- Shocking as this may sound, the Jerry Reinsdorf bid for the Coyotes was apparently approved. I cannot believe the Board of Governors turned down Jim Balsillie. Cannot believe it.

-- The Ottawa Sun says ''indications are the best offer'' Alex Tanguay has ''received has been for $1.2 million a season.'' I have heard higher. Substantially higher.

-- Nice job Indians. Being a fan of this team is like being on a crummy Merry-go-Round.

Hopefully more from Chicago in the coming hours.


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Way to chop down Garrioch, GR. He's almost as bad as Fakelund.

Come on, I like Bruce...I mean, if that is all that's being offered, it would explain why he is still out there...I've been told Florida's offer is much higher than that...Phoenix too...

Liking someone and their credibility are 2 separate things! I mean really, GR, 1.2 million for Tanguay??? That's just ridiculous.

Another Tanguay article:


I'm thinking the Vinny Prospal move by TAmpa was to get their man Tanguay or someone else they want badly. Seems like an awkward move to blow 6+ mil over six years in this economy, but time will tell.

You really need to pay the BIG bucks to have someone play for a loser.

And George, if you're gettin your contract info from ANYONE inside the Panther organization, you should know by now they speak out both sides of their mouths. Just so happens that on the one side (which seemingly changes sides), the breathe smells so bad, you could confuse it with their backside.

Tampa is also talking to Sykora, not just Tanguay, so it could very well be for him too.

Hmmmmm...Lemme seeeeeee....On one side you have Cohen & Co. and on the other you have a "Borad of Govenors" made up of NOBODY that would lead you to believe that they know SQUAT about hockey. Fabulous....were doomed...I mean, MORE doomed than usual.

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