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The Billboard is Honored: BankAtlantic Center ranked No. 3 ... Another Rochester Move

Thrashboard The Billboard announced today that it was ranked third nationally by trade publication PollStar. I don't know what that means, but I guess it's a big honor.

Would like to know what these rankings are based on, and, who the top two arenas are. But that is not in the presser and it's really expensive to sign into the PollStar website so, well, I'll let the press release do the talking:

Trade Publication
PollStar announced today that the BankAtlantic Center ranked No. 3 in the United States and No. 13 in the world in the publication’s mid year arena venue rankings. The national and worldwide rankings are the highest in the history of the BankAtlantic Center.

“Quite simply, the first half of 2009 was an incredible six months of entertainment at the BankAtlantic Center,”
Sunrise Sports & Entertainment president & chief operating officer Michael Yormark said. “These record-breaking Pollstar rankings, coupled with our exciting and diverse event schedule, are further proof that the BankAtlantic Center continues to be the premier South Florida destination for entertainers and fans alike.  Moving forward we will continue to maintain an aggressive programming strategy with a number of big shows already on tap for the summer of 2009.”

 The BankAtlantic Center ranked ahead of such renowned venues as the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, the Bell Centre in Montreal, Madison Square Garden in New York, the Izod Center in New Jersey, American Airlines Center in Dallas, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, and more.

“We appreciate the continued support from all the promoters, agents and entertainers who played an important role in helping us achieve this record-breaking ranking,” said SSE vice president of event programming Sid Greenfeig. “We look forward to welcoming them back for future concerts at our venue.”

Upcoming shows at the BankAtlantic Center include Metallica, the Jonas Brothers, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Monster Jam Summer Heat and more.

-- The Panthers also announced a minor move today as the team signed AHLer Graham Mink. A University of Vermont grad, Mink should turn out to be a strong addition to the Americans. He has played in Portland, Hersey and Worchester the past few seasons.

-- In case you missed it, Nick Boynton signed with the Ducks yesterday.


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Perhaps you should cover the Amerks rather than the Cats this coming season George. They'll probably be more exciting to write and read about.

Could it be that the circus comes to town in early October and always and I mean always finishes by the 10th of April

Maybe you missed Ted Nolan being hired by Rochester as their director of hockey operations. Normally a job that I have seen, is filled by somoene from the parent club. Not someone the minor league affiliate hires.

Also Brendan Morrison signed a 1 year deal with the Caps FOR 1.5 MIL. Are you kidding me? 1.5 mil is absolutely a steal for Morrison even if he's not better than a 2-way, 3rd line center. He's still 2nd line scoring potential and gives the Caps depth.

Though Mink did indeed attend UVM for two years, George, I think you might want to double check - I'm 99% sure he was the player that got kicked out for breaking team rules getting into a fight off campus before his junior season started (the semester had already started).

I'll double check on that for ya;)

Well, didn't get a date, and he played three seasons at UVM, not two, but I was right:


Might have to scroll down a bit - it's just achived briefs. But don't worry - I also saw that other sites had described him as a grad, too.

After getting suspended, Mink turned pro, and wound up with the Caps in short order. So he landed on his feet. Though if I recall the story well, the fight (which started I think when someone jumped one of his teammates after a late night party) resulted in someone being hospitalized after Mink hit him, hence the severe disciplinary action.

George Richards,

It's funny how your articles have never ripped into this organization. When will you or anyone else covering this team actually write the truth about it and have some balls?

I mean isn't it obvious how bad management has been? It's funny to know that the Islanders will have rebuilt their team faster than the Panthers. 1 year rather than 10 years of 3 rebuilding periods and not 1 playoff game.

Zeke, you clearly haven't been reading George's articles lately - why don't you go back a few.

Now, on the Mink thing, I've found a link with a more detailed article. Seems my memory's a little more reliable than I thought;)


Scroll down near the bottom of the page - it's one of the last articles.

no they didn't sign Tanguay gotta be false, they don't sign anyone lol.

Please tell me that is actually the real George Richards who posted about Tanguay??? I'm guessing strongly it is not.

I'm also guessing it's not! woulda seem something on TSN or NHL.com by now.

I agree with George, I would love to know what these rankings are based on, for example the top 10 steak houses is based on advertising dollars. Could it be that these rankings are based on the number of advertisers in the arena, that would explain Yormark's marketing all the way to the stall.

I decided to do some research on Pollstar and have found the following:

The Pollstar Awards are voted by representatives of the music industry from all over the world

this from nhl.com


Pollstar Magazine focuses primarily on the concert industry and also reports on news regarding sports and entertainment. The nominating committee is made up of industry leaders in all facets of the entertainment business; arena managers, artists, artist managers, agents and promoters from across the country and abroad. Winner of the award is determined by the international readership of Pollstar

they also have arena manager of the year, guess Yormark hasn't made this one yet

I loooove the BAC, BUT I would rather watch a cup condender play in an abandoned warehouse!!

I think its time to find a way to watch Rochester Hockey. They are going to be very exciting this year - that's what I will do with the money that I was giong to use to watch the panthers at the arena. Why would I want to see the Panthers lose this season? Panthers have no enforcer, sniper, or quality center. They need to drop the season tickets a lot lower. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really don't want to buy season tickets to the Panthers, if I'm going to have to wear a paper bag over my head (memories of the Dolphins 2007-2008 season, are coming to mind). Panthers are going to be last in their division if they don't start signing some real NHL players!!!!!!!!

wondering if the panthers had a developmental camp with all these young NHL caliber players we have.

Tampa had their developmental camp at their arena and had 5,000 show up.

I am assuming that Cohen/Yormark are not paying for a develomental camp and are not going to market this type of camp and have it in South Florida

Cohen and Yorkman - hahahahahahahahahahaha what a joke.

Jason Williams, Mike Comrie, or Manny Malhotra. Sign one. PLease?

Season ticket holder - the Panthers held their developmental camp in early June. You're right - you wouldn't be able to see it - they held it in Canada.

way to market the team and your future players

I guess it is alright for the team to have their developmental camp and their pre season camp in Canada but not alright for Denis Potvin to go to Canada during the summer as they need to market the team

At least Drew Rosenhaus is in South Florida

Right on STH since Day OnE!!

How can this organization live with themselves when Tanguay, Comrie and williams are still out there. I guess our wingers are good enough lol. Can't wait to see Olesz's break out season (35 pts, over 40 games played?) ahahahaha what a joke.

Hello Panthers Fans.

I would like to extend to you on behalf of the Florida Panthers Franchise a supidee duper deal on season tickets! We are comming off our best season in 10 years while just missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs by a tie braker with the New York Rangers. This season poses to be "The Year" we get back into contention as we build on last year's success by losing another Franchise Player in Jay Bouwmeester and effectivly adding nobody to replace him at all! Isn't that awesome? GO PANTHERS! But don't you worry because we are signing a ton of AHL Players to add to our minor league afiiliate: the Rochester Americans roster to help bring along our young guns that we'll get rid of in a couple of years for absolutly nothing to remain a stagnant franchise for years to come! You might be thinking "How can this get any better" right? Well, I'll tell you! Not only will you have the ability as a total i diot to puchase Florida Panthers Season Tickets at a measly $35.00 per game (lower bowl!) but you will aslo get 10% off any music event held here at the Bank Atlantic Center! Yes, that includes Bette Midler and Neil Diamond to name a few. Well, I hope to see you at the games this year and GO PANTHERS!


Alan Cohen SSE Owner and CEO.

Zeke the only thing about being an islander fan that gives me some solace is how pathetic th islanders are, the worst arena in the nhl, the worst franchise, the most pathetic fans.

Thank you Zeke for reminding me how woeful the islander franchise is....

Mr. Cohen,

Wasn't that tie breaker with the Habs, not the Rags?

here is a quote from espn:


"12. Florida Panthers

Martin left as GM to go back behind the bench at Montreal. The Panthers did a terrific job to just miss the playoffs last season, especially with Tomas Vokoun missing so much time, and Peter DeBoer and assistant Mike Kitchen deserved more credit than they got. But if they get this group in the postseason, DeBoer should get the Jack Adams Award by acclamation. At least the Panthers got something -- Jordan Leopold and a draft choice -- from Calgary for Jay Bouwmeester's rights, but it's hard to conclude anything other than that the Panthers have taken steps backward."

They only have Tampa, NY Islanders and Atlanta behind us, and the only reason would be Peter DeBoer, I think we will finish 15th in the east unless something drastic happens which I don't see happening

I hope, then we can draft Taylor Hall 1st overall. This organization will find a way to blow that on draft day obviously.

Dale Tallon is now available we should jump at the opportunity to sign him as GM

just read that also....that has got to be a guy we target immediately! he should jump to the top of the list. Mr. Torrey, i hope you already have an interview scheduled.

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