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The Canadian Panthers: Another Wacky Panthers Preseason ... Ville Peltonen Gone to Europe

Bobdoug2 If the Panthers get off to another crummy start this season, well there's another excuse already built in: Another crazy preseason schedule.

As Randy Sexton pointed out, it's not a loony as the preseason Mike Keenan set up in 2006 where the team went to Puerto Rico and Detroit on back-to-back nights, but it's close.

Florida will open training camp by holding physicals in Sunrise/Coral Springs on Sept. 12; then they board a plane bound for Nova Scotia. The team opens workouts on the 13th, then plays Ottawa in Halifax, N.S., on the 15th.

From there, Florida will visit Ottawa (Sept. 16), the Montreal Martins (Sept. 17), Edmonton (Sept. 18), the Calgary Bouwjokinens (Sept. 20) and the Dallas Nieuwys (Sept. 22) before finally returning to South Florida for a game against Dallas at The Billboard on Sept. 23.

After all that, the team leaves for Europe a few days after getting back to South Florida to play a pair of exhibition games in Finland. The probably wore out Panthers open the regular season in Helsinki on Oct. 2-3 against Chicago.

Sexton said the team wanted to play seven preseason games, and the Edmonton/Calgary games had already been agreed to before the Europe trip ''popped up.'' So, they added the trip to Dallas so the west coast swing at least brought a game on the way home.

Should be a fun trip.

For whom, I have no idea.

-- Randy Sexton says he spoke to the agent for Ville Peltonen on Thursday and that it looks like Ville is not only not coming back to the Panthers next season, but probably will not play in the NHL either. As had been long rumored, it appears Ville Peltonen will play in Europe next season, probably in Switzerland.

Panthers Preseason 2009

Tues., Sept. 15   vs. Ottawa Senators                            Halifax Metro Centre                                           6 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 16   @Ottawa Senators                              Scotiabank Place                                                7 p.m.

Thur., Sept 17     @Montreal Canadiens                       Bell Centre                                                            7:30 p.m.

Fri., Sept. 18       @ Edmonton Oilers                            Rexall Place                                                         9 p.m.

Sun., Sept. 20    @ Calgary Flames                              Pengrowth Saddledome                                     9 p.m.

Tue., Sept. 22     @ Dallas Stars                                    American Airlines Center                                   8:30 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 23    vs. Dallas Stars                                   BankAtlantic Center                                          7:30 p.m.

Mon. Sept 28      @ Tappara                                            Hakametsän Arena                                              Noon

Wed. Sept. 30     @ Jokerit                                               Hartwall Areena                                                   Noon


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...and the hits keep on coming!

These people are amazing!

We get to see all of our old friends... Bouwmeester, Jokinen, Martin, Skrastins... YAY! How exciting (not!).

Why don't they add Vancouver too? Luongo can kick our butts with the rest of them. =(

I thought you were supposed to learn from past mistakes... looks like we'll be entering November in the cellar... again. I really don't understand any of this, unless the money is really THAT good.

If we sign Tanguay I think that would be an adequate replacement for Peltonen... ;-)

Besides, I'm sure they have firetrucks in Switzerland.

Ville leaving for Europe is no big thang! But letting Boynton go so he plays for the Ducks for $1.5M is pretty lame. Sexton hasn't done anything worthwhile to address the offense yet.....still waiting. Maybe Tanguay?

How about Comrie? Or are we going to take 4 kids from the WORST AHL team and put them in the NHL?

OFF-ENSE!! (clap clap) OFF-ENSE!! (clap clap) OFF-ENSE!!

Keep dreaming guys. What you currently see(in the form of "meaningful" players..wink, wink) is what your '09/'10 Panthers are gonna be. While I will say that the longer guys like Tanguay and Comrie remain on the open market, the better it is for The Cats(considering the price will go down for they're services), but I still don't believe that Sexton has the green light by ownership(whomever THAT may be) to do much of ANYTHING that would bring us the goal-scorer we need. Best case scenario, Weiss, Booth, and Horton have their best seasons ever, Vokoun stands on his head pretty much every night.....and we still miss the playoffs by a point or two!!!*Goes to find his Pepto*

way to market your team to the local fans have your complete preseason except for a brief stay on the road.

Cohen/Yormark should just come out and say that we make more money playing on this trip then having training camp in our brand new training facility.

If you don't think this organization is about money first then you have another thing coming, this is proof in the pudding remember they fired Denis because he doesn't spend enough time in South Florida promoting the team, this is what they mean because the team is out of sight they needed Denis to remind people we do have a hockey team (note not an NHL caliber hockey team) just a hockey team

Comrie, are you kidding, he had 22 points last year. Kids from the AHL would do better.

Kids in the AHL are barely cutting it in the AHL.

Panthers lacked offense last season, and so far they have less going into next season and less grit while all the teams in their division got better. Outlook is not good.

HEY GEORGE still waiting on some real articles (or blog post for that matter)!! Why don't you start asking some real questions to management? Maybe, address some of the questions you see on here everyday?? Just an idea.

Let's face it, the panthers are not committed to providing a winning hockey team let alone a Stanley Cup Contender.

We have too many players here that are playing for a paycheck instead of playing to win led by Nathan Horton.

Most of the players with a desire to win (Luongo, Bouwmeester among others) get out of here at the first opportunity.

In a way, I agree with Zpantertyme. Where is the pressure from the media to make this a better team than what it has been? Fan pressure is one thing, but media pressure is something else.

I don't think Luongo fits that category considering he said he was going to sign a 4-year deal. I guess it depends on who you believe though.

I miss the 90s - really do. I love the grittiness of the Skrudland-led team that was all heart and soul. I even loved the excitement of the Bure-led team. The only guy that really reminds me of the Skrudlands, Mellanbys, etc. is David Booth. He's that heart and soul type player that we need more of.

I would add Gregory Campbell to that mix as well

Word is now out that JM the GM drew up the preseason schedule and that they believe we have enough players to field 2 hockey teams.

The best part of this organization was when it was in the Miami Arena, since then this organiation has lost its soul, it was a family

now it is show up skate pay me leave

and the organization is how do we make money instead of how do we become an elite organization

Someone in the media needs the chutzpah to write an article asking wtf is going on. Start with the false entrapment in January of hooking sth to resign before they sniffed how pathetic a product they would put on next year.

This is a new low in what has been 10 years of low.....

What I don't understand is why the team has stayed idle in addressing the obvious needs of last season and in the meantime letting the focal point of last season, a hard hitting and scoring defensive core, fall one by one to other teams who are looking to get better. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Washington, and Carolina have all made significant additions and resignings for the up coming season. Outside of signing Clemmenson and signing Leopold, we have watched significant pieces leave our team outside of obviously Bouwmester. Key players Boyton, Skratskin, Peltonen, Zednik, and Anderson (who would never have resigned due to his stellar play last season) for reletively cheap price tags. The management promised a significant push to sign players that will help our team get back into the playoffs when my wife and I were thinking of purchasing season tickets and after last years finish we were convinced that we would be making a difference this upcoming season. Now I am left feeling like a Cubs fan watching my team fall out of contention as I hold my breath hoping not to be disappointed for another season. I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

BIG NEWS!!!!!!

Florida Panthers Sign........


This organization will definitely use this as an excuse. They use everything as an excuse.

I think it's time to change ownership like right now.

Dumbest ppl in the world: Panthers season ticket holders!!!! why waste your hard earned money on a busted product that never wants to get better?????

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