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To Florida With Love: KHL Reacts to Evgeni Dadonov, Jiri Hudler

DadonovThe Continental Hockey League (KHL) today announced that it registered the contract of Detroit's Jiri Hudler (a restricted free agent) with Moscow Dynamo in part because the NHL won't step in and cancel Florida prospect Evgeni Dadonov's contract with the Panthers.

The KHL was going to allow the Hudler signing anyway, but I guess they figured this was a good way of getting the Dadonov situation out in the open.

Acting general manager Randy Sexton told me the other day that Dadonov's contract expired and that the slick Russian winger will be in the Florida organization this season. He's expected to start the season in Rochester and Dadonov has told friends and other media outlets that he plans on helping Rochester.

He also feels with a good camp that he is in the mix to make the Panthers out of training camp.

Stranger things have happened.

Of course, the Russian league doesn't see things the way Sexton, Dadonov and the NHL does. According to a story linked to by the New York Times, Dadonov's KHL team is contemplating suing the Panthers for $500,000. The team says Dadonov has two more years on his contract.

Says the KHL: ''All contractual and sports rights for the player belong to HC Tractor Chelyabinsk''

Tractor Pay up and Dadonov belongs to the Panthers. We'll see how this plays out.

The 20-year-old right winger scored 11 goals with four assists in 40 games for the Tractor Traylors last season.

-- The KHL also says it will allow the Hudler deal to go through because there is no agreement between the KHL and NHL regarding RFAs. The NHL doesn't agree with that, but, Hudler is getting a nice paycheck and is fine playing in Europe.

Again, from the KHL: "Hudler has the right to make his own choice in which league he will play.''

I can live with that.

This is America after all. Or Russia. Whatever.


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So, is he under contract with the KHL, or isn't he? And if the KHL is so strapped for cash(which this scenario makes them out to be) that they have to hold Dadonov hostage, then how the hell are they able to hand out these big bucks to former NHL players? Sounds like nothing more than tit-for-tat, to me. George, do you honestly think that Dadonov could actually help us(and yes, I know that just about ANYTHING would help us at this point)? And if so...and if it actually comes to that...would you agree with paying the KHL the half a mil they're asking for?

Listen, I don't know enough about the KHL to know if this is legit or not. The Panthers seem to think it is not. Depends what the contract says and I haven't seen one. Dadonov isn't training in Russia though, so we will see.

The KHL is far from being financially troubled, as most teams are either "financially supported" by billionaires or entirely owned by them. And their laws change to suit the purpose. I have a feeling the only way Dadonov is coming out of Russia right now, is the same way Malkin did.

BTW, the Russian mafia still runs a lot of the country. And a lot of the mafia is former KGB, just like the Prime Minister. Their President is nothing more than his puppet/protege'.

THE KHL is basically controlled by Gazprom, the largest natural gas company in the world, and the preseident of the KHL is looking to buy an NHL team presently.

Wow, that ownership bid would either be a MASSIVE conflict of interest(which I personally think the NHL "powers that be" would NEVER let happen), or a bridge to an eventual transfer agreement.....only time will tell. Just looks like, as with most things in life and business, it's a situation where the gains must FAR outweigh the costs. Don't know enough about Dadonov to give an educated opinion about that. I will say this, considering the comment I read in the Hudler article from the KHL representative, I agree that this will continue to happen every year with greater frequency until a suitable, and mutually beneficial, transfer agreement is reached.

The KHL does not have an agreement with the AHL. There is no payment due the KHL unless Dadonov makes the Panthers and then that is if there is a contract. Dadonov is free to play for Rochester. He should really help the Amerks.

Dadonov "provided evidence at the time he signed and registered his NHL contract that his contract had expired," Daly said.


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