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Diamond Vision: Colorado Rockies @ Florida Marlins ... Hockey Talk Returns this Week

Jrs Covering a little baseball this fine Sunday afternoon, and if you have any interest in it, come visit me down the street at Fish Bytes.

It's fun, especially since the Marlins are playing so well right now. They are playing a double header, so I'll be over there all day.

-- For those of you who love you some hockey, don't fret. I'll be updating the site throughout this week with plenty of Florida Panthers information as well as other stuff from around the league.

I like to call it Daily Lynx.

And it's back.

Summer vacation is officially over. Tell the kids it's time to go back to school.


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Time to get back to work!

What a fun doubleheader, eh Georgie???

Too bad people won't show up to the games unless they make the playoffs. Show some support!

JBouw gave an interview yesterday. Pretty much sums up why he left:

"I was looking to be in a place where hockey was more of a focus," Bouwmeester said.

Bouwmeester has never played in an NHL playoff game.

"It's different, only because hockey is more of a focus here," he said. "In Florida it's sometimes a battle to get people out to the games and it's something that's not really natural down there."

Careful what you wish for, Mr. J-Bo!

I hope the media destroys j-blow up there... break a leg, j...

I understand the frustration on Bouw's part, really I do, but what would be MORE of a challenge? Bringing success to an already successful franchise, or being one of the central figures in bringing The Panthers(annual losers for the past 9 years) back into respectability? I myself would think that being the "Chris Chelios" or "Phil Housley" of a franchise(the face of the franchise on defense) would be more appealing....but that's just me. I wish him much success with The Flames.

what Jay Bo forgets is that it wasn't that long ago that the Flames had trouble drawing people.

It comes down to winning and losing in over 90% of the markets and sports, put a respectful competitive product that has a chance at the championship and you will draw people. put on a product that doesn't and the place is empty.

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