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Glory Days -- Florida Panthers: 1996 Eastern Conference Champions

Barasso If you are a fan of the Florida Panthers and have the NHL Network, you might want to turn on the television.

The NHL Network has condensed the entire 1996 Eastern Conference finals into a one-hour highlight program and is currently airing it (it's 6:15 p.m. on Thursday).

But if you missed it, don't fret: They are re-airing the program tonight at midnight.

Check it out. Or set the DVR and enjoy it later.

Hard to believe, but this is the last playoff series won by the Panthers. And it came 13 years ago. Oy.

-- PS: For all its flaws, how great was Miami Arena?

-- PPS: That Stu Barnes fella was pretty good....

-- PPPS: Blockbuster Music? Actually loved that place. Their people actually knew how to work the TicketMaster machine. Man I feel old.


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13 years, can you believe it? I was the baby age of 15 when I watched that fantastic run. Good times!

Thanx for the heads-up GR!

Oh the good old days! It makes the last 8 years that much tougher to think about considering how much fun that '96 team was. Old redbeard Lowry, Skrudland, Stuuuuuuuuu, Lindsay, etc.


And to think we traded Stu Barnes for Chris Wells.

The Barnes trade was bad but not compared to Luongo.

the sad part is look at all the trades made by this organization and you need your hands and toes to count the bad trades yet can count on one hand the good trades.

Can say the same thing about draft picks.

That is how an organization can go 13 years without winning a playoff series. In fact the organization has only one year in its history where the team one a playoff series, (1996), not a good track record Mr. Cohen

Any idea when this is going to be coming on again?

I was a senior in High School when the Panthers made their playoff run. The girl I took to prom was one of the "Orkin Rat Patrol" who had to run out on the ice after goals and pick up the PILES of plastic rats.

Wow, that WAS a long time ago...

I suggest everyone enjoy this when you can. The reason is, its really going to suck this year.......

Glory days??? they got swept by Colorado.

I guess it was the most glorious thing for this franchise and organization though, its a complete joke and is falling apart now!

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