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It's About Time: Alex Tanguay Signs (with Tampa Bay)

Backtofuture Montreal's RDS is reporting that Alex Tanguay has signed a one-year deal with the Lightning.

At least he didn't wait until September to make up his mind.

Of course this is just a report. It seems like just yesterday (OK, it was July) that there was a report saying Tanguay had signed with the Panthers.

The Lightning and Tanguay's agent have confirmed it as a one-year deal contingent on Tanguay passing his physical this week in Tampa so says the St. Pete Times.


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Well, that just sucks, if it's true.

looks legit... he just needs to pass the physical

Screw Alan Cohen

god we are going to be bad this year. :(

this team made no moves. meaning they didn't add anything they replaced pieces but didn't replace certain ones (bouw) and they didn't add.

this team didn't make the playoffs and the rest of the east improved. i'd say we be picking top 5 in the draft next year but deboer is too good of a coach.

The wallet is closed again pending new ownership. And who knows, it may just stay closed when they take over. It's no surprise at all that glaring needs werent filled through free agency, namely, on offense. That a very valuable player in Skrastins wasnt re-signed. Or, that the Panthers dont have a GM yet. Everything is pending sale of the team. When they gave Potvin the axe to save a relatively trivial amount of money, it was clearly evident that holes would not be addressed through free agency and that player payroll would be closer to the cap floor rather than the ceiling. I guess it could have been worse, they could have NOT gotten Booth signed ...

If you were a well regarded GM candidate, would you take the job with the Panthers at this point? ... it very well could end up being the kiss of death.
I wouldnt be surprised if Deboer decides to get out of the litter box after this season. I certainly wouldnt hold it against him. Even JM was smart enough to jump the sinking ship that he never did his part in getting to float again. And after clearly failing in Florida he ends up landing a premium NHL coaching job !!!
I guess being French Canadien alone can sometimes make up up for actual lack of talent/ability in the NHL.

Certainly DeBoer's ability to make the most of what he has to work with wont go unnoticed, especially if he can get more than expected out of this team again, this upcoming season. I mean, DeBoer showed actual coaching ability in one, rookie NHL head coaching season and without having enough to work with. Thats not an easy thing to do, especially, when your team misses the playoffs (again). JM never showed that ability his entire tenure with Florida. The job that Deboer did, despite just missing the playoffs, didnt go unnoticed around the league. If he can do it for a second season ... Well, if it were me, I would bail the litter box before my name became too far associated with and engrained in the continually growing futility that is the Florida Panthers.

DeBoer has to get even more out of the guys this year given the losses on the blueline and the lack of additions on the forward lines.

This really pisses me off. Tampa? A team that finished 2nd worst in the league last year signs Tanguay to a 1 year deal? Come on Panther, you are just pathetic. I am so glad I don't live down there anymore b/c there's no chance I would have re-upped my season tickets that I used to have. Build me a competitive product, then come calling.

I think of the options a guy like Tanguay would have brought and it just makes my stomach turn right now. Oh well, it's back to the everyone needs to step up and improve plan.

Hope the Sunrise Express and the Stillman-Rhino-Frolik line clicks. We're gonna need them to. Then I think about the defense having to step it up as well for the loss of Bouwmeester and to a lesser extent, Skrastins. Ugh. We're in for an uphill battle.

This is very upsetting. We need a GM and the sale of the team needs to go through already. This is embarraasing.

Do we know how much the Tanguay deal was worth? If he signed for under $3M, the Panthers really dropped the puck AGAIN. But hey, what else is new, right? Pathetic franchise.

The offense is the same as it was last year and the defense has gotten worse...and we'll probably need to sign another D-man before the season starts. This is not looking so good.

Uh Sexton should be sooo fired. HE is unable to convince NHL players to come to Sunrise. We need someone who is going to draw players to Sunrise not to other teams.

Its alright, there will be plenty of elbow room by the 8th home game

Marc, I think you're being generous. If there's more than 15,000 at the home opener, let alone the 8th game, I'll be surprised.

The Fourth Period is saying the deal is somewhere betwween 2 and 3 mil. The Wild apparently offered a $2.5 mil deal, so you'd have to think Tampa offered more than that. With the way the Panthers are so glaringly obviously lacking offense, and so much freed up money from guys leaving, you'd think the Cats could have offered $3+ mil, but at the same time, I don't know if Tanguay is worth that much. He only played 50 games last year, 16 goals. Who knows what kind of player he'll be this year? And if he craps out, we're paying over 3 mil for half a season and a handful of goals.

Basically it looks like we'll be hoping for career years from Horton and Weiss, for Booth to pick up where he left off and challenge 40 goals, for Frolik to have a stellar sophomore year, for Reinprecht, Stillman, and Dvorak to play the old man line and lead while chipping in 15-20. Oh yea, don't forget the defense with possibly 2 rookies in the top 6...

Hey... it could happen...

I dont think it is all Sextons fault. Dont get me wrong, I dont want him as the GM. But I believe he was mandated to keeping the payroll near the cap floor. I think the fact that Skrastins wasnt resigned, especially after losing Bo, and that the offense was all but ignored again illustrates that Sextons hands were tied financially. He cant be that stupid in letting Skrastins, a shot blocking machine with as blue collar a work ethic as there is, leave if the money was there to sign him. But maybe I am giving Sexton too much credit there. Still, no GM is going to NOT spend to near the cap ceiling IF he is given the money to do so. Sexton will make a good scapegoat but not adding players if he wasnt given the funds to do so is not his fault.
That said, the defense wont be the weakest link this season. Lack of consistent scoring will be once again. You gotta feel for DeBoer, he knows what is needed and he didnt get anywhere near it to work with, again. He is in hockey hell. Well, Phoenix is actually hockey hell but Florida looks like it will be pretty close next season.

I think Sexton needs to learn how to pick up the phone. Reports are coming in that Leclair and St Louis called Tanguay two weeks ago to lure him into Tampa. Who goes to Tampa? Come on! We were closer to making the playoffs than they were.

I'm ready for this ownership and GM change to take place already. What a laughing stock of the NHL, PHoenix at least SIGNED SOMEONE!

Honestly, without grossly overpaying for his services, do you think Tanguay wanted to play in Sunrise and lose?

Tampa may have had one of the worst records in the league last season, but they were also a lot closer to being a winning team the the Cats. They have the offense with a premier top line, and a decent second line. They have gotten much better on the backend, if they can stay healthy. Signing Ohlund, draftin Hedman, and a healthy Meszaros will be solid additions to Paul Ranger. And they have a slew of third pairing guys who are not that bad. If Mike Smith can stay healthy and Nittymaki pushes him for playing time, Tampa could be the most improved team in the league.

As for the Panthers... they never had a serious shot at signing Tanguay without overpaying, and he wasn't worth the money that would have been needed. And honestly, who wants to play for organization that festering losing attitude among ownership. That's why three seasons in a row now, the star of the team has wanted out of town. Next will probably be Horton.

Clash I agree except for the next star of the team to want out is DeBoer, he is the only star on this sinking ship and backward thinking ownership group,

until the team is the priority over advertising and concert dates this is what we will get

Boycott and don't come to any game !

Hey GR what's the status with these Dennis Seidenberg rumors to Florida? Anything worth hearing?

I'm hoping for a season like "Major League". A team that is below underdog and 'stingy' ownership. Maybe, just maybe these guys will be pissed off enough (cough, Horton, cough) and surprise us all. I will ALWAYS be faithful to the Blue, Gold and Red, but c'mon. Boston and Philly both had turn around years recently, and Pitt had the lowest attendance record until Crosby came on board. Why is it that other teams can rebound after a stinker year and we can't? Maybe the Cats need to lose royally and be the true bottom of the barrel rather than another season of "just one more point", "just one more save", "just one more shootout win", etc. Hockey gods, we deserve it!

Any ideas when the rookie camp starts or are the Panthers just starting training camp with all players?

Let the official "what would you give up for Heatley" watch begin. I'll "ante-up" with Horton, Ellerby, and a 1st round pick.

I wouldn't give a bag of pucks for Heatley, he is too concerned with the name on the back then on the logo in the front, we don't need this cancer in our locker room.

We need hard working players like David Booth that exceed their ability.

This is the year!

no updates???

Speaking of the movie Major League, whenever I think of the Panthers I think about the 2 Asian gentleman preparing the field saying "they're sh*tty...they're still sh*tty." Kind of sums up the Panthers. They are going to need a Major League type miracle season to make the playoffs and compete in the playoffs.

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