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Will Ed Play in Peoria?: Ed Belfour to be Goalie Consultant

Belfour2 Just got a Twitter update from good pal Jeremy Rutherford in St. Louis alerting the world that Ed Belfour is joining Peoria of the AHL as its new goalie consultant.

"Ed is one of the winningest goaltenders in National Hockey League history and we're thrilled to have him on our staff," Blues president John Davidson said in a news release.

"His knowledge of the position will be invaluable for our goaltenders in Peoria and the young goalies in our organization."

Belfour was definitely a different cat, Peoria but by most reports was a pretty respected teammate when he was with the Panthers. The guys on the team loved him, not only for his strong work ethic but for his off the ice personality (it was a jovial personality many of us never got to see).

When the Panthers traded for Tomas Vokoun in 2007, Belfour was deemed expendable as JM the GM turned to Craig Anderson to be Vokoun's backup.

Belfour didn't find work in the NHL and instead spent the 2007-08 season playing in Sweden. He didn't play last year although word was he wanted to. I had heard he was trying to get an invitation to someone's camp this year as well.

I really don't see Ed Belfour as a coach, but he definitely has the knowledge and if he has the passion for it, well, I bet he does just fine.

-- And no Ed Belfour story regarding the Panthers would be complete without this clip. A nice little trip down memory lane.

And yes, I know there are other stories I could bring up but I'm not going to do that. Not today.


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I hate the Hurricanes. They have diving down to a science.

They do indeed. Since the lockout they've been #3, #2, and #1 (twice running) in the league in power plays awarded. Two years ago they had 73 more power plays than penalty kills. For comparison, the next highest differential was San Jose with 56.

They dive like Louganis and it's a shame since they're a skilled team otherwise. I wish the refs would start calling dives more often. It'll open up the game even more.

thanks for the updates george.

i know off topic - but it is what is on the frontburner on most fans minds - alex tanguay reportedly hired a new agent. do you think this changes anything in regards to the panthers?

This was one of the funniest moments in Panthers' history. I love it! You've got to love what Belfour brought, including the off-the-ice incidents (i.e. Firetruck-Gate with Peltonen). Good luck to Eddie in his new position. I hope he doesn't teach the kids how to hold their liquor...\

George, someone brought it up yesterday and I'm curious as to what's your take on a Panther pursuit of Zherdev?

I was at that game and it was so funny when Belfour did his thing. The Hurricanes piss me off. Also, we're going to miss Denis Potvin this year!

Gotta admit, The Canes kinda irritate me, as well. Guess that makes it more than a trend, eh? I'm curious about Zherdev, as well. I don't see how it could hurt, if the price tag is right, that is.

Ed was the Cat's Pajamas...

What do the NJ Nets and the Fl Panthers have in common:

Owners interested in real estate instead of the product. You have Alan Cohen and Oz and Bruce Ratner and the Brooklyn project

Yormark running business side: both have one of the Yormark brothers running the sport product into the ground

Lousy teams: both teams have gone down hill as far as the product is on the ice

Both have become an after thought in their markets.

Please Mr. Cohen sell the team already so we can get an NHL caliber team again with an interest in producing a product that can win the cup

Craig Anderson learned a lot from ED...what a waste....FIRE SEXTON !!!

Looks like Zherdev is signing in the KHL.

Who's next up for the Panthers?

Tanguay or bust. There isn't anyone out there that's a UFA worth signing. There are still some interesting RFAs, however we've already heard Sexton talk about DeBoer not wanting to change the chemistry of this team much and recommending nixing some potential deals. I would love to know some names in those potential deals but I doubt we ever will.

Anything else newsworthy out there?

I like Dominic Moore a bit. He's not flashy, but he's probably reasonably priced... He's probably a third line center on most teams, but he'd probably be a second line center for the Cats, and push Reinprecht to a 3rd line center. Either way, it would add depth and hope to a talent-deprived line-up....Gradually we should phase out Kreps, whose probably very fortunate to be collecting an NHL check....I doubt it will happen, but that's probably a longshot...

It seems there's no movement until the ownership thing is resolved. Not that there's a whole lot out there left to excite us, but it would be nice if they could resolve this ownership thing ASAP... Also it would be nice to hear that we are trying to make some moves. I understand a lot of players wouldn't want to come here because we're a messed-up bunch, but at least tease us a bit and tell us you're trying to pick up some people, rather than count on all your players to put up better numbers than last year, including guys that already put up career highs(Campbell)...I mean I think most everyone likes PDB, but I don't think he can look you in the eye and seriously believe some of those comments...

For fun, Eklund had a Horton rumor to Buffalo for Stafford(probably plus a little more), but I doubt it and as a Sabre fan--I hope not unless they could flip him to his hometown Leafs for Kaberle....I'd like to tempt Boston with a Horton for the unrestricted Kessel... I'd do that straight up and run to the bank...

That Eklund rumor is dumb as are most of his rumors. Why would we trade a 24-year old 2x 30 goal scorer signed to a long-term cap-friendly deal for Stafford, an RFA, who's maybe a 2nd liner with 1st line potential?

Can't believe that Comrie and Tanguay are still out there. That fact alone tells me one of two things: Either both are asking for money that NOBODY is willing to pay for they're services, or there are mitigating circumstances that those "outside the loop" (translated: Us), aren't privy to. If Comrie or Tanguay doesn't happen for this team....which I firmly believe they won't...then you can attribute it to the unsettled ownership situation. I mean, let's face it, nobody in they're right mind would make a major addition to an asset(metaphorically speaking) without knowing who's going to own that asset at the end of the day, are they?

Yes I agree a lot of Eklund's stuff doesn't come through, but at least he gives us something to ramble about in this treacherous summer stretch of MLB and preseason NFL... I seriously think the NBA should stagger some of their schedule later, so it goes into the summer...Not that I'm a big fan, but it seems it would help them out, and also help the NHL out a bit, as there would be less games to schedule against each other...

As far as the Horton/Stafford thing goes, I'm sure it would only go through contingent on us signing Stafford first, unless they wanted to throw another quality prospect or player in there too...Buffalo does have some interesting young guys(Gerbe, Kennedy, Myers..), which is something we are seriously lacking compared to other teams. I think the guys we look to as depth(Repik, Garrison) are more guys that we hope will be NHLers, but never seem to make it...

As far as Comrie and Tanguay, I wouldn't throw money at Comrie at all...Maybe a mid-range short term deal to Tanguay, but he probably doesnt want to come here anyways. If I were him, I'd rather play with Vinny and Marty over our cast of misfits...Even Minnesota and Mikko Koivu is more promising than here. They may have lost a bit, but who'd want to sign here with this mismanagement...

I think we are officially now the worst in our division. Tampa clearly wasn't as bad as their record last year, and Atlanta has made some admirable moves that puts them over us as far as I'm concerned... Even the Isles are making better strides, so as far as team management goes, I think we're either #29 or #30...And the other would be Phoenix. It looks like they're starting to resolve their problems. I'd take the talent of any of Atlanta, Phoenix, or the Isles over ours. We should've gotten at least 2 players and a pick or prospect for J-BO, and that decision is going to hurt for a while...

How many teams has Comrie been on in the past few years? That should be an indication the guy is not wanted long wherever he goes. He only scored what, 10 goals last year too? PASS on Comrie. Sign Tanguay and give this team some scoring depth and more cup winning experience in Tangs and Stillman.

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